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Enrique B. Bromberg


Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience performing complete psychiatric exams, establishing personalized treatment strategies, and offering professional single and collective psychotherapy. Provides superior psychological understanding, a professional mindset, well-structured communication, public speaking capabilities, and exceptional time management talents.


LifeStance Health, Garden City, NY
  • Offered solo and family counseling to individuals of all ages suffering from various emotional and behavioral issues.
  • Treatment regimens were designed and executed, and complete psychological examinations were performed.
  • Supervised patients' performance and collaborated with other specialists to improve treatment effectiveness and quality.
  • Patients and their families were instructed on mental illnesses and treatment choices.
  • Organized and participated in a number of professional and non-academic seminars, including the British Psychological Society's National Convention and the Clinical College Conference.
  • Maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction of 98 percent.
  • Committed to hospital staff who required psychological assistance.
  • Counseled family of patients experiencing emotional difficulties.
  • Patients were assigned to Psychiatrists and other doctors as necessary.
  • Applicants and staff were subjected to mental examinations and assessments.
Northwell Health, Great Neck, NY
  • Patients and clinical personnel were trained about the treatment and cure from their ailments.
  • Supported healthy measures for quick recovery.
  • Questioned children and families to determine their psychological needs and deliver an accurate assessment.
  • Advised individuals on how to resolve emotional issues such as low self-esteem and compulsive eating.
  • Informed parents how to use therapeutic tactics at home and at school.
  • Worked with psychiatrists to verify drug adherence.
  • On-call disaster response services were delivered to high-risk customers to stabilize them.
  • Instructed in cognitive-behavioral treatment and short therapeutic options.
  • Cooperated with caseworkers, occupational clinicians, speech counselors, and psychiatrists as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • In charge of teaching in-home workers to execute behavior plans.


BS in Psychology
Cornell University Ithaca, NY


Board Certified Specialist in Clinical Health Psychology
Certified in Hospital Psychology (CHP)
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
Board Certified Specialist in School Psychology

3976 Fieldcrest Road

Lindenhurst, NY 11757                     

Numeracy skills
Research Skills
Interpersonal skills
Evidence-focused Therapy
Report Writing