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Restaurant Manager Resume Example

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How to Write a Restaurant Manager Resume

The restaurant manager role can be a dynamic, fast-moving, and satisfying career. If you are interested in upholding the quality of customer service, having a team with good leadership, and performing administrative duties? If you replied yes to the statements above, then excellent news: you have a viable future in front of you as a restaurant manager!

Your job as a manager of a restaurant is calling you. The hospitality business is flourishing, and you will be supported by a decent resume to satisfy your ambition to be part of it. If you are willing to work hard, you have picked a profession with tons of growth opportunities.Management of restaurants often involves long hours, weekend and night work, and a rotating set of tasks, but restaurant managers are satisfied with their jobs on average.

Your initial step is to build a resume that will inspire, whether you are either operating a restaurant or want to move higher from other food service jobs. You will obtain a stellar job with a proactive approach to your job quest. Our design tool and perfect templates give you the advantage you need to distinguish yourself among the pool of applicants. The emphasis of this post will be on the following:

  • Focus on the qualities required by recruitment managers
  • Comprehend the market outlook
  • Pass the candidate monitoring program intended to sort and delete resumes
  • Develop a stylish and awe-inspiring design

Job Market Outlook

Image for part: Job Market Outlook

The rapid growth of the hospitality industry means that eligible applicants have many jobs. The manager of the restaurant is a general term that describes many various positions. Every restaurant functions a little differently, and day-to-day duties can change, so consider that when adjusting your resume.

Based on the business, the tasks of a restaurant manager may vary but, few responsibilities involve supervising the preparation of food, reviewing the quality and volume of the servings, arranging the stock, arranging food and beverage supplies, maintaining equipment, complying with health and safety regulations. Also, ensuring that the kitchen and dining facilities are kept clean as per the standard rule of conduct.

Perhaps, the duty of a restaurant manager will go as far as, for instance, organizing flowers for the tables and coordinating it till the final detail. Restaurant managers are in charge of conducting interviews, recruiting and assisting new employee training, and scheduling shifts, encouraging teamwork, paying employees, and splitting the tips. The one incredibly valuable ability restaurant managers ought to be exceptional at customer service. The goal of the organization at the end of the day is to have an outstanding customer experience.

Being the operator, a restaurant manager would also need to be effective at handling and preparing the budget, confirming that all is in order, and maintaining the accounts. They also devise marketing strategies and techniques that help satisfy the profits of larger companies. You have to be competent in different aspects of business management as well as the hospitality and innovative skills frequently associated with restaurant work for the role of a bar, restaurant, kitchen, or general manager.

Specific keywords and phrases exist in each of these discussed job roles. Use these to demonstrate that you have what it takes to function in a restaurant's increased stress setting, and include precise information rather than abstract concepts. And now, you have to know how to get your resume into the recruiting staff's hands. Let's take a glance at how you can succeed in this growing industry, now that you recognize the restaurant manager's job market outlook.

Applicant Monitoring Software

Image for part: Applicant Monitoring Software

The majority of organizations use services known as Candidate Monitoring Systems. Although, the small local restaurants are the exceptions. ATS systems are structured to ease the employment of hiring managers by restricting the number of applications received. By excluding unrelated application, or which do not have the target keywords that the recruiter is seeking. If it does not inspect them, the software can also delete resumes with defective formatting.

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The initial step is to get your resume through the program and into an employer's hands. Since there are a lot of ATS systems, there is no simple formula to do this, but many are digging for terms that occur in the job advertisements. Note that you emphasize the talents that hiring managers have requested. Ensure to focus on the description to match the exact language and terms to include it in your resume.


Image for part: Profile

Restaurant staff operates in close quarters and under pressure. Here is an opportunity to describe how you're going to blend in and the type of professional style you're going to bring to the restaurant. A compilation of accomplishments, milestones, and progress is the majority of your resume. The profile overview is the place to whip up your personality. This segment is at the top of your resume, showcasing your main professional contributions, yet enabling you to identify yourself as well.

The candidate enhances their status as a highly competent and responsible manager by emphasizing unique organizations with rules and regulations that impact the restaurant industry. If you are acquainted with labor, food standards, and serving alcohol licensing requirements, then discuss it in your resume.

To differentiate yourself from the applicants, you have to write in two to four statements. Develop a master version of your skills, traits, qualities, and professional contribution to the prior job roles. Refer to this list when writing your resume, and as your experience expands, you can add it for future job positions. The portfolio offers an opportunity for potential employers to get to know the character, however, keep it relevant and as per the current job role requirements.


Image for part: Employment

You could have begun at the base and made your way up; many restaurant employees do. This segment illustrates your progress and your career achievements by sharing about your career trajectory. Demonstrate what you can do in a bit more depth.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job demand for restaurant managers is will rise by 9 percent between 2016 and 2026.

The job background is a memoir of your victories and career progression, not a checklist of job tasks. Via your work accomplishments, demonstrate your progress in the industry. If you have customer retention figures or milestones, outline them. A decent resume tells potential employers they have to give you an interview.

Elevated the profit margin of chosen menu products by 15 percent by moving to a lower material price local supplier.


Image for part: Skills

The skills are essential as it indicates what you're going to add to the restaurant manager role. It is necessary to ensure that you check with the master version with the abilities in the job listing. To run a restaurant, you have to be a people-person, a reasonable and stable manager, with figures and information.


To operate a restaurant, prevent expensive errors by including the following:

  • To achieve the most visibility, take the benefit of existing marketing campaigns.
  • To verify the restaurant is running optimally, track sales and expenses.
  • Focus on improving sales, such as exclusive deals, catering, menu changes.
  • Organize employee job standards to determine that they have maximum effort.
  • Address consumer concerns successfully to facilitate return visits

You may illustrate the mix of skills required to be a successful restaurant manager to make your application glow more than most. To give the employer an insight into your expertise, use descriptive but appropriate jargon and detailed explanations. Before uploading it online, you want your resume to be flawless so, make sure that someone checks your resume for any mistakes.

Make sure to indicate particular programs you have previous experience with while describing your technical skills. Besides, hard skills are measurable, so include figures that enhance your ratings where viable. If you're fresh to management, don't panic, you can acquire these skills on the job. Your resume should show your knowledge of dealing with multiple kinds of software and hardware, like:

  • Scheduling software
  • Restaurant machinery
  • POS systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Bookkeeping software

Interpersonal skills serve a crucial role in the development to handle individuals as well as provide customers with outstanding service. As a restaurant manager, you can communicate regularly with individuals, and having a set of soft skills at your fingertips is vital. While quantifying soft skills on your resume can be challenging, so try to illustrate how they can relate to your job as a restaurant manager. Here is a list of skills to include in your resume:

  • Problem Solving
  • Accountability
  • Budget Management
  • Event Planning
  • Supplies Ordering
  • Health & Safety
  • Hygiene Compliance
  • Catering
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Flexibility
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Confict Resolution
  • Creativity
  • Decision Making
n a fine dining or fast food manager profile, outstanding skills and areas of expertise are of value instead of soft skills, so concentrate on them.


Image for part: Education

The education necessary to be a restaurant manager differs. Few managers have only a high school diploma and undergo on-the-job training, and some have a restaurant management credential or associate's degree. For this management position, companies usually need restaurant work experience, yet some comprehensive programs include internships.

Hospitality Management and Related Research, held by 3 percent of restaurant managers, is the general qualification achieved by restaurant executives.

There have been no formal training standards in the past to be a restaurant manager, and many executives have earned their qualifications as a restaurant worker via professional experience. Nowadays, for many restaurant manager vacancies, college education or certification at a college and university is a desired qualification, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you've completed a training session through a job, address it here. Include any certificates for preparing food and safety tests as well.


Image for part: Format

To be part of the restaurant industry, culinary education, particularly if you are starting your career, can enhance your resume. Created a fantastic resume to pass the monitoring software full of detailed sentences and keywords. There is one thing, however, left, aesthetically clean, and readable resume. You can do this by using our resume builder tool to design the resume as per the standard guidelines.

While listing your contact information,  make it concise, and remember to include relevant social media accounts. Use simple formats and try to adjust phrases in length to enable space. Be mindful of the layout and inconsistencies that can appear when switching between applications or versions of the software.

With the design, be cautious and do not insert details into headers and footers. Use a specific service like the hipCV builder tool rather than Microsoft Word application and save your application in PDF file format. It will remove the risk that a slight variation of software would mistakenly interpret your formatting, or it will end up on the computer of an employer as graphical chaos.

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Restaurant Manager Resume do/donts

Image for part: Restaurant Manager Resume do/donts
  • When explaining your knowledge and abilities, use clear and straightforward statements in easy-to-understand words.
  • To determine any optional personal details to be included, check the job description.
  • Use the information to move in order, such as how much money or resources you saved by simplifying the order processing.
  • Do not have to mention every little information that is not relevant to the current job requirements.
  • Do not hold information incidental to the job hunt or that the employer does not expressly demand.
  • Don't use a complex template that distracts the employer.

Points to Remember

  • Analyze the real nature of the job market in which you are working, understand the demand and professional requirements
  • For each future employer, optimize your resume as this is one of the best ways to increase your prospects.
  • When explaining previous work, use keywords, factual data, and thorough explanations of accomplishments.
  • Formulate master lists to select the appropriate knowledge and talents for each particular work posting.
  • To prevent formatting glitches and technological hazards, use professionally built models and software.

You are only a few steps away from designing an inspiring resume for the Restaurant Manager job position. So, start making it now!

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