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Project Manager Resume Example

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How to write a Project Manager resume

Project managers are the bridge that connects any project team-a project's progress goes up and down with you. There seems to be a rising need for multi-talented individuals to plan and handle the multicultural team in innovative cross-company ventures as companies become ever more integrated. They may not have every respective team member's unique abilities and expertise, but what it is they are exceptional at is understanding the broader perspective of how the puzzle fits together and trying to move the pieces in place at the right moment. The role of a project manager is to get a team to perform collectively as one.

The organizational wizards of the 21st century are project managers; they always seek to determine that the output of a project is higher than the total of its components. There is a unique skill set for project managers, and it is a level of expertise that applies to almost every task. Some sectors recruit several project managers but having a project manager that only works in one industry are uncommon. Thus the project manager's resume would be a broad set of various experiences, but you never realize which aspect of the career background may also be valuable for the next task. With HipCV's resume examples, templates, and tips for CV writing, when you compose your project manager resume, we seek to support you to reflect on your extensive and useful experience. This project manager sample resume will demonstrate to you the following:

  • Encompass all aspects of the duties of the project manager effectively.
  • Generate your main projects and indicate how you make them possible.
  • Make sure that you include role-related terminology on your resume to succeed in the ATS evaluation.
  • Pick a resume template or structure that takes full advantage of your background in project management.

We will enable you to obtain many exciting project management opportunities together with our example resume, templates, and resume maker, thereby checking that your resume also goes beyond the ATS application.

It doesn't take too long for successful project managers to evaluate strategies or carefully consider their choices. They depend on their expertise, individual abilities, and intuition to take appropriate action after the right call. Well, there are sure lots of things that a project manager can do differently, but when you're juggling so many plates, some are likely to hit the ground. You have to manage them and move on. With years of professional experience, plate turning becomes smoother, but that isn't always possible for a project manager to decompose how they can do what they're doing and why they make that call with so much of it being natural. When it comes to designing a resume and thinking about themselves in an interview, this self-reflection is essential. If a project manager doesn't provide a convincing curriculum vitae, then they won't be offered an interview. And so an impressive resume from the project manager is very straightforward about the asset you propose at the table.

Role of a project manager

Image for part: Role of a project manager

Based on the sector in which you perform and the operational field, the essence of a project manager role can differ significantly, but there is a range of common characteristics. The way you handle your tasks and the mindset you have in accomplishing those tasks and will have a profound influence on everyone around you. So, what features of the job should you integrate? Okay, first of all, based on the structure you are given, you have to be sure that you are handling your assignments. For a viable project, there is no set formula, so versatility and ability to adapt are crucial. A project manager must be able to take guidance and give instructions in equal proportion, channeling the views and suggestions of the professionals in the group, Instead of enforcing your non-expert viewpoint.

Listening abilities are essential so that you can remain on account of the current scenario and ward off any potential problems that are wafting down your lane. This versatile mentality is necessary as you never understand when a project's performance is susceptible to too many uncertainties. Analyzing the impact of proposals and the efficacy of contributions is fundamental to the project manager's achievements, and they should not be afraid to confront others to get everything clearly on the main track. They also must be critical thinkers who can predict the results and are not influenced by sentiment. It is crucial that project managers get along well with a variety of individuals and can persuade teammates to stick to intricate timeframes and get on track with unusual ideas. Many projects include collaborating with third-party service suppliers and subcontractors, and their successful leadership depends on the project manager. A project manager resume sample must highlight all the above-stated components of the job, but first of all, you must ensure that the recruiter checks the resume. The project manager's CV has to beat the Applicant tracking program. So how can you do that?

Applicant Tracking Software

While every assignment will have unique specifications, the project description will include the terminology that they will search for in every project manager's resume. The nature of the project is often not fully clear, and so these criteria may be a bit broad, but the more thorough you can be with your keywords and phrases, the more the ATS can rank your resume. Applicants who know how an ATS operates have a real opportunity to provide their CV to the hiring manager, and the hiring process will begin soon.


To fully understand the work application, it is necessary to examine the company's website. It's crucial for a project manager as every organization will have different rules and a specific framework for how they handle their tasks.

Project manager job description duties and responsibilites

  1. Creation of long-term and short-term strategies, like setting target goals, adherence to schedules, and allocation of resources. 
  2. Delegating assignments to workers who are ideally qualified to accomplish them on the venture. 
  3. Classifying and handling various activities' possible risks and liabilities.
  4. Supporting in determining the extent and priorities of the project.
  5. Make informed decisions as several choices arise on how to execute the project.
  6. To carry out quality assurance on the venture during construction to retain the required standard.
  7. Adapting project timetables and priorities as necessary.
  8. Empowering individuals working on the project to deliver assignments on time.

Profile summary

Image for part: Profile summary

Your potential employer would want to acknowledge that you are a project manager who can contribute to making the unimaginable real. A language of competence and trust must be present in your profile summary. You can manage everything that would be thrown at you by your future ventures. Don't just define what you're doing and, also, illustrate how you're doing it. Make the reader envision what it's like to have you guiding their project team. Project managers play a vital role that will influence so many of their coworkers, so the few moments spent reviewing your profile statement must inculcate a sense of trust in the reader.

One of the few sections on a project manager's CV is where you can openly articulate the intricacies of your experience in freeform writing is the resume overview. In a few statements, it is difficult to describe a project work if you use the most severe and aggressive ones along with some concrete figures to back up your points, the resume outline of the project manager can make a significant first impression. If there is a strong link between the job description and the synopsis, the more possible it is that your project manager resume cab beat the ATS evaluation. Word clouds are a powerful application to figure out the text's secret indications and to tell you how to introduce yourself. 

Project Manager with in-depth technical and functional experience in production and maintenance operations and managing ventures that minimize costs, boost productivity, protection, and consistency. A successful leader who is proficient in cultivating positive morale, creating resources for career growth, and recognizing comprehensive approaches. A versatile framework for project management ensures the optimization of team efficiency and cooperation. A team that is satisfied and active is successful. Technically inclined and always striving to make the most of any potential by using the newest technology.


Image for part: Employment

If relevant, it is essential to incorporate the more appropriate projects to the future position in the most recent job history of your organization. Projects undertook a decade earlier can have some significance, but if you are willing to highlight more current knowledge, the expertise may appear more valid. Provide as many illustrations of data and evidence as you can, as bringing a significant business profit is the main reason for most ventures. 

Not that many prospective employers will consider your resume sincerely if you do not determine and can not evaluate your performance. In your project manager resume, you have to comprehend and express your involvement. Ensure there's a 'people' connection that extends through your history of jobs. No project manager accomplishes something on his own, so explain how you encouraged those around you to collaborate for a shared purpose.

It is not sufficient to compose what to achieve in a PowerPoint presentation, and you have to involve people together to accomplish it. For instance, if you are creating a comprehensive project outline, you can indicate it by using the STAR method; S - work-related situation; T- work-task, A - actions-taken; R- results accomplished. Implementing this style of technique on your project manager resume enables you to keep your professional experience practical and precise.

  • Handling the financial-flow of the project by precise and timely payments and collections of amounts due.
  • The analysis and forecasting of monthly expenditures and liable for the presentation of detailed and prompt monthly and weekly selective billings.
  • Evaluating and authorizing receipts and obtaining weekly tickets for compensation.
  • Construction and retention of specific project budget obligations for field operations:
  • Establishing data on job performance and monitoring regular or weekly output.


Image for part: Skills

Project management skills apply to the core competencies required to complete a task. A project manager, for instance, needs to be structured, competent, and willing to multitask. They have to be a proficient communicator, a capable leader, and a successful problem-solver. It is always better to ask someone to provide details of your core competencies in the environment of performance reviews. It is a fascinating method, and it also encourages you to stay faithful to yourself as you write your resume and also to get the positions that seem to be the right match for how you work. Firstly, here are some illustrations of how a project manager can enhance their abilities.

  • Organized and supervised multi-purpose project teams of 20-250 people
  • Directed strategic goals and tactical steps regularly with multi-functional meetings.
  • Making sure of quality assurance and evaluating project threats at any stage.
  • Managed to add extra value to existing partners and suppliers of services.
  • Helped facilitate cost management by being accountable for budgeting and financing.
  • Hired team members from within the organization and assisted the junior employees to progress.

Recruiters will see beyond the text to decide if you have the expertise to do the job, so state clearly to them that this is the scenario. Here is a list of skills for a project manager job position;

  1. Communication
  2. Leadership
  3. Organization
  4. Negotiation
  5. Team management
  6. Time management
  7. Risk management
  8. Problem-solving
  9. Budget management
  10. Motivation
  11. Technical writing
  12. Adaptability
  13. Technologically savvy
  14. Reporting skills
  15. Active listening
  16. Research skills
  17. Interpersonal skills
  18. Project management methodologies
  19. Policy knowledge
  20. Conflict management

Education and Certifications

Image for part: Education and Certifications

A business degree is also essential because you need to have a thorough knowledge of which company triggers to activate, as project managers also come from an organizational context whereby higher skills are less popular. Although a track record of experience is valuable, the balance of education and training will also be a factor if there are a lot of similar applicants. There are a variety of credentials for project management, and you can demonstrate a proven record of ongoing improvement along with a collection of the details of your programs. A project manager resume should demonstrate the aspects you expect to acquire and improve. Including a credential for project management in your resume will show your skills to thrive in several positions. A project management qualification, irrespective of industry, indicates that you have useful leadership skills. Several centers offer accreditations for project management. Well, here's a list of institutions and some of the certifications that they provide;

  • Six Sigma certifications 

Six Sigma is a strategic method that enables to enhance the productivity and product features.

  • Global Association of Quality Management (GAQM) certifications

GAQM offers leadership credentials for the branches of science and information technology. It is also an association that has Six Sigma accreditation.

  1. Professional in Project Management (PPM)
  2. Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) certifications
  • International Association of Project Managers (IAPM) certifications

IAPM is a widely renowned organization for project management

  1. Certified Project Manager (IAPM)
  2. Certified Agile Project Manager (IAPM)
  • Scrum Alliance certifications

Scrum is a method used by many software firms to improve coordination.

  1. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
  2. Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications

PMI provides eight accreditations, and you have to report a fundamental education level and total hours of experience to take exams. You can digitally log your hours, and the organization will check them to verify that you have correctly reported your time.

  1. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  2. Project Management Professional (PMP)
  3. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
  4. Program Management Professional (PgMP)

Accreditations for project management offer openings for many careers, not only as a project manager. The top positions you can discover are below:

  1. Project coordinator
  2. Program manager
  3. Project manager
  4. Project director
  5. Product owner
  6. Scrum master


Image for part: Format

Although excellent resume writing is necessary, project managers recognize that delivery is also critical. It is a question of taste to choose the right layout design for your resume, but a decent template will help you find the equilibrium between style and quality. The resume format of a project manager should be simple to read. Be clear with the use of bullet lists, and don't get into too much depth as that you can extend during an interview. Keep in mind, you add enough keywords for the applicant monitoring system, but for effects, there is no requirement to reiterate them. Ensure your CV or resume format is easily readable by humans and software applications. You can use a resume template when editing your project manager's Curriculum vitae or resume. Template samples can provide a quickly adjustable, fast, competent layout. Check out the HipCV resume template to create a project manager resume, as a perfect template will potentially take your resume format from an ordinary to an exceptional one in just a click.

Project Manager resume Do's and Don't

Image for part: Project Manager resume Do's and Don't
  • Pick the proper resume framework
  • When you apply for a position, customize your resume
  • Outline the experience that is most applicable and eliminating unnecessary facts.
  • Incorporate actual facts and statistics.
  • Don't disclose personal details
  • Do not fail to distinguish yourself
  • Don't say something questionable
  • Don't fib about disparities in jobs

Key points

  1. Show how your exclusive bonding product holds everyone in the team functioning together.
  2. Throughout every segment of your resume, provide statistics and development indicators.
  3. Emphasis on the size and also the scope and project implementation you managed.
  4. Describe yourself as successful, calm, collected, and relentlessly structured.
  5. Ensure your resume is concise and reasonable.
  6. Outline how you have profoundly influenced employees around you.
  7. Justify making yourself an invaluable asset for the company.  

We trust that this project manager sample resume has enabled you to introduce your expertise and talents to life. Try our HipCV cover letter builder tool to design a compatible cover letter. With resources and guides from HipCV, you're never alone in reaching the ideal job!

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