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Video resume/ TikTok resume: Make it or not?

A video CV is an incredibly familiar method of applying for a position or enhancing a standard application form. It's the video counterpart of a traditional CV, but with the bonus of including elements of a live conversation, an engaging portfolio, and even a cover letter.

Simple! Just take out your smartphone, position yourself in the limelight, either metaphorically or physically, switch on your charm, and impress your potential hiring manager what a fantastic recruit you will be. What might turn out badly?

Your video may become famous for all the wrong factors. Video resumes/ Tiktok resumes are simple to create - in a terrible way! The challenging part is executing them successfully.

Video resumes, generally known as visumes, are similar to a wardrobe redesign in that you must first evaluate if you truly need them. However, if you want to go forward with it, this is not a job you want to mess up.

What is a video resume or a Tiktok resume?

Image for part: What is a video resume or a Tiktok resume?

A video CV or Tiktok resume is a graphical approach to introduce yourself, discover a position you want, and describe your professional history, qualifications, and abilities on video. In video resumes or TikTok resumes, job applicants present themselves as conversing into the camera, or occasionally considerably off-camera as if being questioned. They often display footage of them working in a video.

When they talk about their university, they may display a photograph of the campus. When they name the firms for which they have worked, corporate symbols may appear on the screen.

Many video resumes or Tiktok resumes are highly imaginative and even laugh funny, with quick editing, animated clips, and so forth.

However, in essence, all of the components of a traditional resume must be present: your name, profession, contact information, the position you're looking for, work experience, qualifications, and expertise. There are many exceptions to this principle, i.e., a video resume or a Tiktok resume focuses on a particular specialty. 

You can describe yourself using a standard CV, and there is one distinctive accomplishment or ability you can showcase in your video. A visual designer, for instance, may be able to demonstrate a fast-motion video of themselves producing a complete image. A German-English translator, for example, might exhibit their unaccented proficiency in both languages in ways that a paper CV could not.

Alternatively, an actor might broadcast snippets from a live act on stage. Whatever skill or achievement you want to illustrate, it's better to pick one to showcase on video, which can be challenging to present on paper.

What should be the length of a video resume or a Tiktok resume?

Image for part: What should be the length of a video resume or a Tiktok resume?

If you're thinking about how long your video CV must be, the solution is simple: shorter! One minute is ideal; two minutes is excessive. Hiring managers receive thousands of paper resumes. Even a one-minute video will require more time to watch than a single-page résumé.

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Whether you must make a video resume or a TikTok resume?

Image for part: Whether you must make a video resume or a TikTok resume?

Video resumes or TikTok resumes have a few advantages, but they also have some flaws. Even before you begin studying how to do one, you must first determine if you want to do one at all. If you are a quiet, gentle, behind-the-scenes professional who dislikes more recognition, a video résumé may be an unusual option for you.

However, if you intend to be a news presenter but are a TV journalist, it may be necessary. People that require huge personalities to accomplish their professions, such as those in marketing, media, entertainment, or video, might benefit from video CVs. If you're an excellent videographer wanting to join a filmmaking firm, why not submit a movie showing your abilities?

It is a situation in which you demonstrate your qualifications as well as a sample of your portfolio.

Even so, there are several drawbacks and possible hazards. A terrible video CV might establish a negative meaning. And an excellent one may be seen as an inadequate method based on the sector, company, and context.

For a job vacancy, big businesses may get hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes. They utilize the ATS system to handle these submissions, examining resumes for keywords indicating relevant job qualities. As per one study, ATS computers refuse around 75% of all applications before reaching the hiring manager.

These algorithms reduce the recruiter's time by weeding out applications that only mention a few essential terms.

Although applicant scanners can interpret information, they cannot interpret videos. Without this safeguard, many companies will not even evaluate a video resume if it is the only one you provide.

It is one of the reasons why a video resume/Tiktok resume can be an addition rather than a substitute for a traditional resume. 

Another explanation a video resume may be unappealing is the time it requires to view it. Employers generally read textual CVs in a couple of moments, and most video resumes take probably a minute to review – and, sadly, often more.

Even 60 seconds with recruiters is enough time than they give to many applications in their initial attempt, i.e., applicants that catch their attention, of course, analyzed for hours. Many people will not engage with extensive films that, by definition, lack a synopsis. If there will be an option to pick a 3 hr movie or 1.5 hr video, almost everyone would likely choose the shorter film, even if it isn't as excellent. We exist in a world where people have short attention spans.

How to create a video resume or a Tiktok resume?

Image for part: How to create a video resume or a Tiktok resume?

When you are sure to create a video CV or TikTok resume, and it is relevant to your job application, here's how to develop one.

  • Construct a video narrative for your resume

One of the essential considerations in producing a video CV is what to include and not add. Without a script, you may say about anything, and you might wind up babbling about trivial things and neglecting to discuss crucial concerns.

So you'll have to compose a screenplay or at least an overview of what you'd like to convey and in what sequence you wish to present it. In addition to what you intend to speak, prepare a list of the graphics you want to show to support each point. 

If you wish to incorporate motion scenes, such as a video clip of you working tirelessly, explain them in your narrative. When you're prepared to shoot, though, you might not want to recite from your screenplay, continually staring down to see what you're going to speak next. You want to remember your narrative or your core speaking topics, so it appears as if you're devising it, even if you're not.

  • Acquire appropriate tools

However, a video resume or TikTok resume may be filmed with a standard phone, as it is better to utilize a high-quality recording device. You'll require a tripod to keep the phone or camera stable at the proper position, and unless you're great at recording videos, you may have to ask someone to record your video resume or TikTok resume. For top-quality sound, a decent microphone is also essential. And lighting is crucial – you want your profile to be lit well, neither black and gloomy, nor over-lit and faded out.

Lastly, you'll require specialized software and abilities to trim your video so that it contains all of the basics while being short and having seamless transitions from one shot to another.

  • Select the proper backdrop and setting

Consider the surroundings that audiences will observe behind you and stage it accordingly. You don't want your dirty room and favorite band picture to serve as the backdrop for your high-quality video CV or Tiktok resume. Since a blank white wall behind you is a better option, it may appear excessively clean and lifeless.

Be wary of intense light from behind you, such as a sunlight window, which can cause shine and wipe out your face. However, be mindful about recording in poor lighting, as it may appear as though you're recording in a cave. Make sure that proper etiquette in a genuine face-to-face discussion would demand the person you're speaking to glance you in the eyes. Though in a video, such restrictions do not apply, as the audience may focus on the bookcase behind you. So make sure it's appealing and not too disturbing if you have a background with a shelf or a bookcase.

Outdoor sceneries may also be an excellent choice, as long as they are in a beautiful location. But, you must be cautious of background noises such as traffic noise, police sirens, etc. You must also be mindful of individuals moving behind you. The eye tracks activity, so if someone moves behind your back, you can be sure that the observer will focus on that individual rather than on you. 

  • Take multiple shots.

It would be fantastic and uncommon if you could capture flawless footage in one shot. You must d record many takes so that you may select the finest ones throughout the final edit. You may also have to trim spaces between phrases throughout the cutting process to make enough content to work. 

But, if you capture your movie over 2 or 3 days, be careful of variations in lighting and undesired shifts in noise level. If you begin shooting in the brilliant morning sunshine, but later it becomes cloudy, and you complete the next day amid a rainstorm, the space may get considerably darker, and the weather may bring the sound of rain flowing.

When putting together all the video shots, it might appear strange. So take your time and record as many versions as you require, but give attention to lighting and noise level to avoid startling shifts in either.

  • Find visual components to jazz up your video.

If you take a full video speaking into the recorder without other graphics, it may get monotonous. Try adding photographs or video clips to enhance it. For instance, when you discuss your schooling and job experience, you may display photos of the institution and firm logos on the screen.

If you prefer to highlight 3 or 4 exceptional abilities, you may construct a checklist in which the qualifications are present in the text on the screen, and a tick comes next to each one when you specify it. Or you could think it's too trendy, or you want to try something and throw it away if it did not work.

One method is to videotape oneself working. Even if your profession isn't very filmic (for instance, all of your work includes coding on a pc), you may demonstrate that you're quick, competent, and have a smooth-running workstation.

  • Make the video tweaks and modifications.

Unless you filmed a one-take masterpiece with no extra graphics, and you will require video editing programs and some expertise to modify your video — or you will have to locate an expert in video editing.

You must go over all of your materials and determine what to retain and what to discard. One video shot may have an opening intro, a second may have a middle content, and a third may have an excellent finish. You must make these decisions before merging the movie so that everything appears and sounds seamless and genuine. You should also provide any extra graphics you've gathered.

When you have edited it, shorten it. It's simple to create a lengthy, wordy video in which you say whatever you wish, but it's not a sensible move. You have to construct your movie as compact as possible, which frequently involves eliminating some stuff that you'd rather have.

  • Demonstrate your video resume/ TikTok resume to friends and coworkers

Present your video resume to colleagues and workmates whose opinions you value, ask them for feedback. As the writer, editor, filmmaker, and presenter of your movie, there may be issues you cannot detect, but others can see them.

For instance, you might speak a word normally to yourself, but others may not comprehend what you want to say. Similarly, when analyzing your video, you may become engaged by seeing yourself talk, although others may see interruptions in the scene. Pay close attention to any comments you get and make any adjustments that seem reasonable to you.

Tips for Making a Video Resume/ TikTok resume

Image for part: Tips for Making a Video Resume/ TikTok resume

When recording your video résumé or Tiktok resume, you would like to talk clearly with no mumbling, no hesitation. If English is not your first language and you speak with a heavy accent, make sure you deliver the content that the audience can comprehend. Ask your colleagues to review your video to verify that every sentence is understood.

Dress formally, not casually, like you are going for an interview. You might be working in a sector where casual dress is acceptable, but for a video resume or Tiktok resume, you must present yourself as professionally as you can.

Steps to follow after finishing your video resume/Tiktok resume

Image for part: Steps to follow after finishing your video resume/Tiktok resume

Many individuals post their videos on YouTube, TikTok as a résumé video. The benefit is that it is immediately available to everybody online, and when approaching companies, providing a URL instead of a large and sluggish video clip.

The disadvantage of posting your CV video on Youtube is that it is freely available to anyone, and once you post something on the web, you have no control over what happens to it. If your film has the potential to make you a target of mockery, you must be ready for it. 

Some individuals are simply uncomfortable on camera; they aren't excellent presenters, they don't care about their appearance or maintenance, or their environment is badly picked.

However, some people might come out as smug or entitled. In a video resume, you have to blast your own trumpet, but there are some limits you wouldn't want to exceed.

If you chose not to put your video resume on video-sharing sites for whatever reason, you must submit the actual video CV to every company you pursue. However, keep in mind that this does not guarantee its confidentiality because the recruiters you submit it to might transmit it to whoever they choose.

If you are applying to companies like Macdonalds, Chipotle which accept Tiktok resumes, it's okay. Otherwise, before making a video resume or Tiktok resume, ensure a thorough search on the recruiting process and then submit it on that specific online platform.

Also, when transmitting through email, the file volume and file format might be an issue. It will take longer to submit and get messages, which may put off a preoccupied employer. Or they may not have the appropriate media player to see your video. Alternatively, they may have a system that prevents them from clicking on any file that is not a Word or a PDF document.

Lastly, as previously said, many large corporations use ATS programs to pre-screen all resumes for relevant keywords in the CV and cover letter. Also, if only providing a video resume, you may be immediately discarded since the ATS filters cannot interpret it. That's why it is typically best to submit a traditional paper resume and cover letter with a video resume as a supplement.

When considering a particular employer

Image for part: When considering a particular employer

The majority of video resumes act as job applicant's presentations to any employer in their sector. So, if you don't achieve it initially, you can submit the same video to another firm.

However, if you have a strong desire to work for a specific firm, tailor your video resume or Tiktok resume to that organization. In other terms, you mention the firm in the video and explain why you wish to be a part of that company. It can be a far more effective strategy than a standard film aimed at all corporations.

The recruiter will notice that you are enthusiastic about the position in question, not simply any role.

In addition, in exceptional circumstances, the hiring manager may request video resumes. If that's the situation, try directing your video just to that firm. For starters, you know the employer will not dismiss your movie without seeing it because that's what the business required.

It may not be possible to create a different edition of your video CV for each firm you contact, specifically if you anticipate a lengthy job hunt. However, for the organizations you wish to join, the proactive strategy distinguishes you from the competitors. If you've determined that a video resume is the best option for you, then go ahead. We trust that the advice offered here will assist you in succeeding in your job hunt process.

Common Video Resume/TikTok Resume Mistakes

Image for part: Common Video Resume/TikTok Resume Mistakes

The following are the three flaws that video resumes have;

Mistake 1: Reading from your résumé to the camera

Uninteresting is the most typical video résumé error. Video allows you to exhibit and illustrate who you are in a variety of ways. When an employer watches your video resume or TikTok resume, they want to feel and experience it. If you put on your outfit and start reminiscing about your past adventures, don't anticipate people to pay attention for more than 10 or 20 seconds. HR workers have a lot on their plates.


  • Create drama to grab their attention immediately. 
  • For social evidence, add video testimonials from previous managers or colleagues.
  • To graphically convey your experiences, display clips of your former office premises, websites, products, or services.
  • Don't simply explain them, be artistic and discover a method to display what you do well.

Mistake 2: Disregarding your personality

Your personality will distinguish you from the crowd. There will always be someone more experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified than you. But nobody can replace you. If you gaze at the camera and talk about your schooling, the hiring manager will remove you quickly.

Solution : 

  • Concentrate on character building
  • What is the relationship between your visual scene and your brand? While maintaining being professional and also communicating why you are unique from the pool of applicants.

Mistake 3: Isolated shot

Even though most PCs now come with a free video editor, many video CVs are one shot and single take. Video is meant to be aesthetically appealing, and even if you would not like to utilize a music track, you must include some B-Roll. It is frequently patched in with the primary video to enhance the tale, generate dramatic suspense, or better demonstrate a viewpoint.


  • Record your résumé in at least two places and alternate between them during the final result.
  • Don't be hesitant to utilize headings and captions in your video to add context and transitions.
  • Change your outfit and environment to generate the sense of time progressing.

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