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What are the things to consider when making TikTok Video Resume

The internet has made it quicker and simpler to locate job vacancies and more challenging to acquire the positions since you are generally competing with several other candidates. It's no surprise that recruiters invest an average of 6 seconds reviewing each CV or resume. If you'd like to obtain many interviews, you need to distinguish yourself, and a video CV can help you accomplish just that.

Even the finest résumé lacks the "spark" of character that video provides. A video resume includes your facial expressions, mannerisms, and speaking style, whereas a written CV does not. It's worth noting that your video may not have to be complex to be outstanding. 

Video resumes are especially beneficial if you work in a field that demands excellent communication abilities. Job seekers in artistic fields can benefit significantly from a solid video CV since it allows them to exhibit their creative skills. A poorly done video resume, on the other hand, might damage by exposing your level of creative abilities.

Things to consider when making TikTok Video Resume

Image for part:  Things to consider when making TikTok Video Resume

Here are some things to take into consideration when recording a Tiktok video resume;

  • Attempt to approach it like a presentation and demonstrate your competence in the video. A strong video resume will increase the viewers' favorability. The most crucial aspect of the video is that the speaker talks clearly and that the information is identifiable, neither too quick nor too sluggish. Create a note of the video resume script and remember it ahead of time. Try not to neglect the narrative or gaze off-lens because even slight movements will make you appear visible in front of the recording device. Ensure to talk to the camera, not the display! It's okay to capture a couple of extra photos as long as they appear normal.
  • Talk carefully and check that the microphone is working when recording the video resume. To record your video, you'll need to select a quiet location with adequate lighting and simple color background. If you don't have a professional audio recording device, then here is a list of microphones for recording video resume;
  1. SE Electronics sE2200a II C Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  2. Zoom H4N Multitrack Recorder
  3. Audio-Technica AT875R Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone
  4. Blue Snowball – USB
  5. Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A omni-directional EW System
  6. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver
  • Be innovative 

In the video resume, describe your creative and editing talents. Strive for a mix of originality and efficiency. If you are uncertain, it is best to make it moderate for your audience.

Why should you make a video resume?

Image for part: Why should you make a video resume?

While evaluating a prospective applicant, the typical employer takes around 6 seconds to scan through resumes. So, your CV must do all of the speaking and make a significant impact in those essential 6 seconds to advance to the next stage.

You may be the top in the company, with deep expertise and applicable talents to offer, but how can you express that to an employer in only 6 seconds on the document?

It's why a video résumé might come in handy. Still not persuaded? Here are the top five advantages of making a video resume.

  • Increases credibility

A video CV boosts the validity of your profile by making you and your abilities more personable. The hiring manager gets to know the person behind the video résumé, enabling them to assess your skills and knowledge. Another effective method to add authenticity is to include testimonials from former coworkers or supervisors that reinforce your talents and capabilities.

  • Exhibits communicative abilities

Communication skills are an advantage to every individual, regardless of the type of their work. What better method to exhibit your communication abilities than with a video resume? If your video CV is graphics-oriented or talking-head video style, it will convey to prospective hiring managers what you want to communicate.

  • Emphasizes creativity

Developing a video CV allows you to highlight your uniqueness, which is highly valued if you want a job in the creative industry. Assume you're looking for the position of an animator and provide an animated video résumé. Even if the job role does not require design, a video CV may be a valuable tool. Submitting a video CV, for instance, displays your capacity to explore artistically and showcase yourself if you're seeking a marketing job.

  • Demonstrate dedication an determination

The fact that you went the additional mile and sent in a video resume indicates how enthusiastic you are about the position. Your eagerness and proactiveness shine through and are essential traits for any job role.

  • Designing interactive video resume

Visual effects connect easily than words, as is generally recognized. So a well-scripted video CV can capture the employer's attention and keep them interested in contrast to reviewing pieces of text.

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How to Create a Video Resume to get your dream job

Image for part: How to Create a Video Resume to get your dream job

Video resumes are growing increasingly common among job searchers and are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Although there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for making your initial video CV, here are a few video resume suggestions to assist you in getting the job you want;

  • Check that it is appropriate for the position.

Though video resumes are a high-profile method to get attention, the first thing you should consider is if it is acceptable for the position you want. It is not a great idea to submit a video CV for every career or employment.

For example, submitting a video CV for the position of financial analyst might be a dangerous approach. But, if you are applying in the creative, sales, or public relations fields, a video CV is unquestionably preferable. As a result, it is very dependent on your position and the sector to which you are applying because you don't want your video CV to receive a negative response.

  • Make it brief and to-the-point.

Your video resume is a promo for yourself. Employers do not view your video CV as the last interview. They evaluate it in the same way that any other job application is - to examine and select applicants.

So think beyond the box and describe yourself clearly and concisely. As per specialists, the optimal length for a video resume is between 1-2 minutes.

  • Begin with a strategy.

An excellent video resume begins with a well-thought-out plan.

Determine how you'd like to film your video resume: would you be confident speaking on camera, or you prefer someone to interview you? Would you prefer to create slideshows rather than speak on camera? What do you want the tone to be - funny or serious?

It is crucial to understand these questions since they will establish the context for the CV, allowing you to perform with comfort and efficiency.

  • Use your imagination.

It is not enough to repeat your CV; you must be enthusiastic about what to communicate. Try using tales to convey your talents and experiences. For example, if the position you're looking for demands extensive remote working experience, ensure you include anecdotes that demonstrate your abilities.

Aside from the material, it is also vital to analyze when displaying or shooting it. You may not have to speak in each video resume; you may instead make animated video resumes with a narration, a montage with graphics, or someone can interview you. In reality, you can make an appealing video résumé in PowerPoint, complete with a speech or background soundtrack.

  • Create a strong script.

Now you understand the purpose of the video resume and how you want to display it. It's essential to write a thorough video resume content.

It will assist you with organizing your ideas, providing structure to the movie, and ensuring that it flows logically. Not only that, but when you are well-prepared, you seem to be a lot more proactive when filming the movie.

In relation to a storyline, it's a great idea to construct a storyboard that depicts each scenario with images and language. It may appear time-consuming, but it is worthwhile.

  • Focus on technical aspects

Nothing is more aggravating than viewing a video resume and being unable to understand what the applicant is speaking. As a result, pay close attention to details like the backdrop, music, and lighting. Ensure you utilize the right tools and don't compromise for anything less than the best.

Find an appropriate environment, make sure there is adequate light, and choose a microphone that can catch your speech clearly and loudly. Your employer must be able to view and listen to you.

  • Finish with a powerful call to action.

It is an excellent idea to conclude your video resume with a concise, unambiguous, and easy call-to-action to entice the employer to take the next step.

You may end it by giving your contact information or an URL to your gallery where the hiring manager can check your projects. Or by referring to your LinkedIn page to connect to your professional history and job experience.

  • Get feedback on your video resume.

Requesting comments on your video CV allows you to gain another individual's viewpoint, which may be both helpful and eye-opening. Therefore, before sending your CV to job vacancies, present it to a few individuals to see any changes you must make.

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How to use video resume to get interviews

Image for part: How to use video resume to get interviews

After you've finished creating your video resume and double-checked for errors, the following strategy is to ensure the recruiter receives it. However, before you can provide an URL to your video resume to anyone, you must first upload it somewhere. YouTube is a good alternative, although it may not be an ideal choice for video resumes due to advertisements and recommended videos that you cannot control.

Wistia and Vimeo are professional-looking alternatives that are ideal for corporate use. Vimeo allows you to post your video resume for free and modify its style and look. Such tools provide you flexibility over the design of your video and statistics on your video resume, allowing you to know exactly how people respond to your video resume. Also, incorporating a video introduction about yourself on your LinkedIn page is an excellent idea.

LinkedIn is the most renowned professional networking site, and integrating your video into your LinkedIn account can help you appear in front of prospective employees. You may even email the video CV straight to the recruiter, but only if you've previously begun a conversation with that individual. Therefore, the employer will likely reject your video without ever looking at it or reading the email.

Here is our video resume guide on what are the steps to make an impressive video resume.

Things to Avoid when Making a Video resume

Image for part: Things to Avoid when Making a Video resume
  • Don't combine your work and home life. If you have material on your Facebook or Twitter profile that you don't want recruiters to view, don't connect your video résumé there.
  • Don't anticipate your video CV to be a replacement for your regular resume. It's not like all companies are keen on video resumes. Some businesses are apprehensive about the implications of prejudice, like hiring individuals based on how they appear and speak instead of their skills. A well-crafted film, on the other hand, can help you land a job.
  • The weak video resume production quality, such as low lighting and unsteady camera operation.
  • There is minimal or no eye connection or interaction with the camera.
  • The extreme motion of the hands or the body
  • Garments or odd objects are scattered over the background.

Key Takeaways

  • When you create a video resume, think about your industry, desired position, and organization.
  • If you construct a video résumé, make sure everything about it is professional, including your attire to the production quality. Ensure it's brief and will eventually assist your job application rather than hinder it.
  • Discuss your video resume with trustworthy peers, advisors, and friends, and relatives. Request feedback and modify the video as appropriate.

Although a video résumé can make a great first impression, if not implemented correctly, it may backfire. We are certain that you will use the valuable advice and techniques provided in this guide to create your own excellent video CV or video resume that will captivate prospective hiring managers.

Keep in mind to include a text resume with your video resume when sending it to a company.

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