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Programmer Analyst Resume Example

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How to write a programmer analyst resume

Programmer analysts can utilize their computer science expertise to build, evaluate, integrate, and resolve software tools, websites, and applications in various industries. When writing a resume for a programmer analyst role, you should emphasize this expertise and its relation to your chosen career. In this guide, we will outline what a programmer analyst is and how to write a programmer analyst resume to assist you in creating your own.

What is the role of a programmer analyst?

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A programmer analyst is a technical specialist who works as both systems and a programmer analyst to devise and implement software and code developments. Programmer analysts might collaborate for a single corporation, a consultancy firm, or as a freelancer. In some cases, they could work internally in an enterprise, externally with customers, or a mixture of the two. Programmer analysts can perform in a workplace context, remotely, or commute to meet clients. A programmer analyst's job duties may involve the following;

  • Writing code in various computer languages
  • Working with project supervisors
  • Client consultation
  • Database and software installation structure, development, and maintenance
  • Creating systems to satisfy the requirements of the corporation
  • Organizing cost evaluations
  • Collaborate with software developers to encrypt, troubleshoot, file, and verify new software.

Tips for writing programmer analyst resume

Here are the tips for writing a programmer analyst resume;

Resume Header

The header of a resume contains the name, contact details, and location. It consists of the professional summary a one-three-line synopsis of who you are competently or what types of occupations you're seeking. The header can also contain relevant ties, like an online presence or expert social networking profiles.

Professional summary or resume objective

A resume objective and professional summary both establish a more comprehensive but still concise overview of your professional experience. When applying for higher roles within an organization, you can use an overview. If you're a fresh graduate, have mostly self-taught or part-time experience, or are considering entry jobs, you can employ an objective.

An objective can include an applicant's goals, like the sector in which they would like to collaborate or the capabilities they seek to achieve from a specific job. A synopsis may highlight how your history, like accomplishments, schooling, experience, and skills, helps the business ’ needs. Consider your most eye-catching specialist qualities and how they can add value to the organization and enterprise for which you wish to join.

Work experience

Provide a collection of your past job experiences for recruiters to review. List the following for each position;

  • Job title
  • Name of the organization
  • Beginning and ending dates
  • Location of the corporation

3-5 instances of professional experience relevant to the role

If you mention your existing role, include the phrase 'to present'. The design you pick may influence the sequence in which you outline your experience. Consider commencing with your latest role and functioning your way down in descending chronologically. State the most appropriate experience at the top. You may use the STAR method when constructing every job description, which indicates the situation, task, action, and results. This metaphor can help you write complete, actionable sentences that provide significant facts without unnecessary words.


Provide your academic background with a full picture of your training background. A bachelor's degree in computer science or a relevant discipline is necessary for many programmer analysts. A few might hold masters or doctoral degrees. Begin by detailing your highest degree level, then add the following parts if space is available. Also, include for every entry;

  • Degree title
  • School name
  • University location
  • Dates attended/graduation date
  • GPA 

A few job advertisements may request that you provide your GPA. If it is not requested, add your GPA to reflect your expertise in the profession when applying for entry jobs or those where you have little appropriate job experience. You may leave your GPA for roles where you have extensive prior experience. New grads may prefer to include one to three suitable programs or accomplishments on their resume to support the job record.


State particular hard and soft skills that are relevant to the job listing or that distinguish you. For instance, in technology roles, you will want to leave out the fact that you are skilled in word processors and excel applications, like many specialists, have these skills. Here is a list of hard and soft skills;

  • JCL
  • HR
  • Ajax
  • Software Development
  • Jquery
  • C++
  • Web Services
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Problem-solving 
  • Time-management
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team management
  • Analytical ability


Provide certifications relevant to the role or organization to which you're applying. It is an additional section that highlights certifications like; the Web Programming Certificate or another computer language, hardware, or systems certifications. 

Membership institutions

Describe a list of member institutions to which you relate. This segment may enable you to illustrate your involvement in the industry community. For programmer analysts, this could include organizations like the CompTIA or the Association of Information Technology Professionals. You may list active or lifetime memberships.

Accomplishments or projects

This section highlights other notable coding projects that aren't directly related to your work records like volunteer, or school projects. It could also entail details about journal papers, guest posting possibilities, honors, or conference seminars. Based on available space, choose between three and four achievements.

Additional tips for programmer analyst resume

Use the following suggestions for writing your programmer analyst resume;

Include a portfolio

Consider making a portfolio to showcase instead of telling about your abilities. Building and implementing a workable digital portfolio in computer science and technology is another way to illustrate your strengths to a prospective hiring manager. If you have the space, provide as many projects and instances as you would like and post the link in the resume's header. To optimally present your work, you could add working projects, links, pictures, videos, or other types of media.

Select an impactful layout

Pick the best design for your details. Those with more job expertise may advantage of a simple, typical line format in which each fresh bit of data occurs on its own line. A customizable, style-related resume with boxes or sidebars may be appropriate for those with more qualifications, accreditations, accomplishments, or other information.

Optimize the resume

Examine the job advertisement and fit your credentials to the duties when deciding which knowledge and competencies to include. This could improve your chances of landing an interview.

Resume Length

The standard resume is one page in length. Provide additional information in other papers, such as a cover letter, or mention a URL to your blog or portfolio in the header to inspire the recruiter to look over your other credentials.

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Programmer Analyst Resume Sample

With the advancement of computer systems in education and industry, the position of Programmer Analyst has significantly increased as well. These experts may have different job titles based on the organization, but the position requirements of the program analyst stay the same and contain the following – evaluating the necessities of a precise component or system, implementing requirement assessment tasks, collecting and interpreting program criteria, formulating program from given details, establishing visual view of workflow, code testing, determining software glitches and troubleshooting. A great programmer analyst must have solid information collection and data analysis abilities, competency in writing code, insight of Java, C, and C++, mastery of diverse coding languages, data incorporation, and compelling debugging skills. College education in computer science or information technology is present on a well-written programmer analyst resume.

Programmer Analyst Resume Example

Programmer Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Skilled and competent Program Analyst with eight years of experience. Qualified Program Analyst Specialist with analytical skills to offer exceptional data understanding and customized learning approaches to efficaciously formalize and optimize. Enhanced a leading online social platform and social networking provider corporation's profit margins by 15 percent.

Programmer Analyst Resume Skills

  • Quickbooks
  • ProWorkFlow
  • Scoro
  • XML
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team management 
  • Presentation skills
  • Javascript
  • Excel VBA

Programmer Analyst Resume Job Description

  • Investigate and rectify user complaints, and conduct operational functions as necessary.
  • Work with the performance analysis staff to enhance the software's efficiency.
  • In financial institutions data storage processes, retrieve and clean statistical approaches for different needs.
  • Maintaining the authenticity of a system facilitates coding alterations throughout quality management, user recognition screening, and post-execution.
  • Server-side relaxing web systems were enforced to allow outside suppliers to obtain our software.
  • Performed multidimensional analytical projects involving the use of revenue, item, and marketing information to gain insight into software trends and remedies.
  • Maintained relational databases and operation systems, as well as provided briefings on necessary changes for improved operational excellence. The necessary modifications maximized operational performance by 49 percent.

Sr. Programmer Analyst Resume Example

Sr. Programmer Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Senior Programmer Analyst who gathers statistics solves problems and offers preventative solutions depending on a thorough knowledge of clinical information criteria. Excellent team player with technical knowledge in Oracle, SQL, and MS.Net development. Outstanding multitasker with a talent for cooperating within financial restraints.

Sr. Programmer Analyst Resume Skills

  • Product management
  • Software installation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Hardware configuration

Sr. Programmer Analyst Resume Job Description

  • Obtain knowledge of application adjustments, and conducts basic assessment and structure for software upgrades.
  • Standardization was used to build and make relational database tables, organize grouped and non-grouped indexes, and enforce connections between tables.
  • Aided the data architect in the layout by performing source information assessment, revising required documents, and generating source to target charts.
  • The software allows the creation of numerous polls and the development of a user interface for getting and browsing surveys.
  • Directs and counsels subordinate coders and analysts on high-level coding strategies and computer languages.
  • Engaged in collecting, recognizing, and interpreting business needs into high-level criteria files for system integration.

Project Manager/Programmer Analyst Resume Example

Project Manager/Programmer Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Project Manager and Programmer Analyst with over nine years of expertise in developing, retaining, and recording computer software, and system configuration and growth. Outstanding communication skills, problem-solving, coding, and time-management skills, and competence in diagnostics, troubleshooting, and adjusting system programs.

Project Manager/Programmer Analyst Resume Skills

  • SQL
  • XML
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Software Development

Project Manager/Programmer Analyst Resume Job Description

  • Performed organized analysis in accordance with project life cycle systematic protocols, and set up comprehensive analysis files to serve as input for the introduction of software requirements, testing process, and user and system records.
  • Accomplished assessment, statistics, and review of business processes rule planning, business workflow modeling management, and specifications documentation.
  • Guiding, coaching, and training new program analysts, assisting with complicated coding, and responding to technical and procedural queries for junior or entry-level coders.
  • Collaborated as part of a team to revise cost analyses and calculate the economic viability of a system to be constructed and formed, and wrote and modified initiatives and processes to ensure system and coding requirements.
  • Examining and organizing the project's goals in the coding sequence, creating workflow charts or diagrams, and investigating possible approaches.

Programmer Analyst/Developer Resume Example

Programmer Analyst/Developer Resume Professional Summary

A dynamic and skilled programmer analyst with a history of success in a fast-paced atmosphere looking for a position where I can aspire to satisfy the requirements of the corporation's expanding business. Outstanding time management and project management skills, and the willingness to operate in a team setting.

Programmer Analyst/Developer Resume Skills

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • CSS
  • JSP
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills

Programmer Analyst/Developer Resume Job Description

  • Conducted extensive system review, which involved an examination of input and output specifications, data flows, hardware and software prerequisites, and validity attributes.
  • To fix coding issues, used suitable debugging methods and made significant changes.
  • Generated logical data designs related to the functional regulations and wrote and modified software and system guidelines.
  • Offer suggestions to project managers on client demands and system requisites to ascertain design practicability within time and cost restrictions, and sustained user documentation.
  • Conversing with clients to ensure that the month-to-month new functionality release criteria, and the development, testing, and assistance code modifications go online.
  • Created new software relying on data gathered from customers about the desired outcome, then tested and debugged them.

Key Points

  • Develop a header and professional summary that reflects you as an expert in analysis.
  • Create a job experience that is results-oriented and data-driven.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of budgeting and program management applications.
  • Make use of your soft skills. Demonstrate your abilities as a team leader and talker.
  • Add job-related keywords to the resume.
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