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Cybersecurity Resume Example

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How to write a cybersecurity resume

A cybersecurity analyst's job experience, educational background, and skills are listed in a resume. Resumes highlight a job applicant's qualifications and highlight what makes a particular cybersecurity expert unique. Several cybersecurity employers use ATS to sort through resume files and narrow down the top applicants depending on significant cybersecurity-relevant keywords. To understand how to build a cybersecurity resume that will grab prospective employers' attention, follow the instructions mentioned in this guide. Your resume, along with the cybersecurity cover letter, is the greatest approach to showing the hiring manager why your qualifications and experience would make you a fantastic choice for a cybersecurity analyst position.

What is a cybersecurity resume

A cybersecurity specialist's resume serves as a marketing tool for prospective employers, showcasing their education, training, and experience. A cybersecurity resume must demonstrate to recruiters that the applicant is knowledgeable about data protection, the installation and upkeep of security tools, data recovery, training staff members regarding security risks, and collaboration with other IT experts. A cybersecurity resume's purpose is to illustrate to potential employers that the applicant possesses the technical capability, coding knowledge, precision, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities necessary to succeed in a particular role. Jobs that need a cybersecurity resume may involve the following;

  • Security analyst
  • Cybersecurity analyst/ Information security analyst
  • Security systems engineer
  • IT security specialist
  • Network security engineer
  • Penetration testers

Tips for writing a cybersecurity resume

Contact information, a career objective, employment history, educational background, applicable abilities, and experience are all important components of a cybersecurity resume. Take into account drafting your information security resume in chronological order. This style represents the structure and arrangement of a successful security system and is simple for recruiters to assess and follow. Here are the suggestions for writing a cybersecurity analyst or information security analyst resume;

Resume header

Use a legible typeface, white space, and a distinct header at the top of the document to contain your entire name and phone details. You can either just give your state or your complete home address. Underneath your location, include adding your mobile number and email address. A URL to your professional website or social media account may also be included so that hiring managers can know more about your background and skill set.

Professional Summary/resume objective

Ensure your resume objective or summary captures the employer's attention and indicates why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Resume objectives and summaries are one- to two-sentence outlines of your qualifications, goals, and work history. A resume objective is more suitable for entry-level applicants or cybersecurity specialists with little work experience. Your career objectives highlight the reason for applying for a role and your professional aspirations.

Work experience

Include your most essential job tasks and any noteworthy outcomes or accomplishments from your prior employment in your resume. Place this information below the job title, firm name, and dates of employment in a list of three to five bullet points. To make your writing bold and easily readable, utilize compelling verbs and keywords. Since the initial individual to see your resume may not be a tech specialist, an ATS application that scans resumes will not look for acronyms. Instead of duplicating duties if you held many jobs with comparable obligations, identify distinct abilities or tasks to highlight in each position.

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Mention the university you studied, graduation date, and academic degree. Specify relevant courses you took in IT or cybersecurity, such as security design concepts or cyber defense. These details will be helpful if you are looking for an entry-level position and have more course hours than professional experience.


Employers are interested in learning if you have the hard and soft skills you'll need to excel in a cybersecurity position. Make a bullet point description of your technical talents, such as the programming languages, operating systems, and software you are familiar with. Entry-level cybersecurity experts with fewer hard skills might stand out from the competition with the support of soft skills. If you are a seasoned cybersecurity specialist with a wide range of abilities and credentials, pick only those that are crucial to the position you're looking for to minimize constructing lengthy sections and text blocks. Here are the hard and soft skills to include in a cybersecurity resume and cover letter;

  • Python scripting
  • Programming
  • Data Analytics
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Risk mitigation
  • Encryption
  • Cloud Security
  • Automation
  • Secure software development


Find and include additional qualifications, certificates, and security clearances in the resume section to provide yourself an edge over competing applicants. For instance, credentials like a Facility Security Clearance are typically necessary for higher-level and government cybersecurity roles. Businesses also prefer to see that you have an interest in learning and have updated your education because the cybersecurity industry is continuously changing. List all of your professional certificates, which some employers may consider more valuable than a college education. Highlighting business conferences or corporate workshops you have joined can show that you are passionate about learning if you are looking for an entry-level position while still acquiring credentials. These could consist of the following;

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)
  • CompTIA Penetration Tester (PenTest+)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Things to include in a cybersecurity resume

You should highlight the following areas in the information security resume;

  • Professional summary. Describe yourself, list your accomplishments in cybersecurity, and briefly describe your expertise. Be detailed in this part and concentrate on your greatest successes.
  • Experience. In reverse chronological order, mention any essential working qualifications. Add the working title, organization, start and finish dates, and place for every previous information security experience. Provide two to three bullet points outlining the outcomes you got. Instead of focusing on your obligations, construct your experience around your achievements.
  • Education. Include the university's name, the diploma or qualification obtained, and the start and end dates of enrollment.
  • Skills. Show your technical expertise, such as the programs and technologies you are familiar with.
  • Awards and career advancement. Incorporate accolades, volunteer work, seminars, or other activities and participation to set yourself apart from other job applicants.

Cyber Security Analyst Resume Sample

The networking system of the company is continuously monitored by an information security analyst, who also ensures data confidentiality and security. These experts are in charge of guarding against cybercriminals' valuable private data and information. Information security analysts evaluate the company's safety needs and develop a proactive security infrastructure on top of protecting data, systems, and platforms from different cybercrime such as viruses, breaches, and denial-of-service. Since information synchronization and safety are essential to every firm, the necessity for these individuals is always on the rise. To fill this position, hiring managers seek candidates with a bachelor's degree in computer science or programming. Also, an information security analyst resume displays how candidates with sector certifications, specialized training, and relevant work experience can easily land jobs as cyber security analysts in government agencies, the military, and diverse public organizations.

Cyber Security Analyst Resume Example

Cyber Security Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Diligent and dedicated cyber security analyst looking for a chance to assist ABC Technologies and Solutions meet new security measures and fulfill operational objectives with an enthusiasm for security infrastructure and over seven years of expertise in IT methods and procedures.

Cyber Security Analyst Resume Skills

  • Python scripting
  • Programming
  • Data Analytics
  • Risk mitigation
  • Encryption
  • Cloud Security
  • Automation

Cyber Security Analyst Resume Job Description

  • As a well-known local app developer supervised the cloud platform and developed the security systems.
  • 75 bugs and pieces of malware were found and removed during the past two years thanks to the creation of safety parameters for threat analysis.
  • Gave senior-level safety committee suggestions focused on research and with a strategic approach.
  • Offering risk-based monitoring of corporate information verification procedures to maintain regulatory compliance and data security.
  • Before using hardware or software on any certified data system or channel, analyze, verify, and validate the items.
  • Establishing normal operating methods for dealing with incidents and operating networking security devices.
  • Identified and addressed situations, risks, breaches, and flaws.
  • Tracking and Assessment Program document preparation, revision, and approval for submission to the military division.
  • Analysis of the safety technical assistance instructions and verification of the screening reports by the Compliance Evaluation System.
  • To secure the information on an operating device, 7 privacy measures were designed, built, and made functional.

Cyber Security Analyst/Contractor Resume Example

Cyber Security Analyst/Contractor Resume Professional Summary

Trained and experienced cyber security analyst capable of safeguarding and managing computer networks and information. Directed to offering assistance for network security, comprising detailed analysis, strategy, and preparedness.

Cyber Security Analyst/Contractor Resume Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Project Coordination
  • Cyber Security
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Linux OS
  • Data Analytics
  • Time Management
  • Data Security
  • Programming
  • Creative Thinking
  • Datacenter Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Accountability

Cyber Security Analyst/Contractor Resume Job Description

  • To offer the best possible operational assistance for a range of services, collaborating with team members and outside vendors.
  • Responded to all occurrences and requests quickly and accurately.
  • Scheduled and completed specific tasks given by the network manager.
  • simulated threats on platforms to identify susceptible flaws and put in place efficient fixes.
  • IT security-relevant initiatives for network deployments were effectively handled, and server system updates and repairs were put into place.
  • Responsible for risk assessment and hardware preparation for a range of projects.
  • Scheduling, financing, monitoring, and recording of all parts of tasks given were handled tasks.
  • Consistently produced outcomes of excellent quality for both internal and external clients by anticipating and defining customer requirements.
  • Remained in touch and had a good relationship with the business team.
  • 200 end users were given security process training.
  • aided in setting up an internal assistance desk and educating technical employees to handle more than 15,000 users.
  • Reviewed cloud architecture safety projects and tried to identify and fix any associated issues.
  • Arranged and inspired teammates while overseeing all stages of challenging projects.

Entry-Level Cyber Security Analyst Resume Example

Entry-Level Cyber Security Resume Analyst Professional Summary

Recent graduate in information security engineering from Ohio State University with extensive training in cloud computing, IT analysis, and vulnerability analysis. Looking for a job at ABC Network & Systems to create safety structural strategies and reduce business cyber threats.

Entry-Level Cyber Security Analyst Resume Skills

  • Information Security
  • Network Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Incident Response
  • Penetration Testing

Entry-Level Cyber Security Analyst Resume Job Description

  • Maintain acceptability to paperwork, branding, asset tracking, and quality control cyber security standards and processes.
  • Checking the security of systems like SIEM, firewalls, and web interface encryptions, and avoiding data loss.
  • Participate in more than 60 information security maintenance tasks, such as account management, media safety, hardware and software change management, and user interaction assessment.
  • By attending division conferences and writing notes for the IT Department Lead, highlight obstacles and difficulties that limit the firm’s capability to provide customers with appropriate assistance in the short- and long-term.
  • Managed regular protection of the firm information and competed for other tasks as specified by the internship supervisor.
  • Ascertained that all confidential networks met with information security by conducting 18+ incident management assessments per month for categorized issues.
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