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Elementary School Teacher Resume Example

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Elementary Teacher Resume Examples

An elementary teacher primarily educates students in primary school. These are the following tasks are mentioned on the Elementary Teacher Resume: discussion with learners and parents to analyze schooling-related issues; constructing a proper learning atmosphere favorable to learning, progressing productive relationships with learners and colleagues, incorporating established syllabus, getting ready for designated courses, incorporating effective technology usage, conducting examinations, identifying and assisting students, organizing and overseeing tasks and projects, and monitoring children in the classroom.

The most in-demand qualifications for the position involve, an expert in specific tutoring techniques and tactics; expertise of applicable legislation, regulations, and processes; top-notch people abilities, exceptional organizational skills, dedication, resourcefulness, and in-depth understanding of relevant learning styles of students. Elementary teachers should be well-versed in a wide range of disciplines, especially reading comprehension, mathematics, and social studies.

Elementary Teacher Resume Example

Elementary Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Competent primary school teacher with strong interpersonal abilities. Capable of creating lesson modules that highlight key principles while being flexible to diverse learning methods. Ability to utilize conflict-resolution strategies to reduce pupil disputes. Accountable for facilitating the education plan includes asynchronous video conferencing meetings and synchronous training and timely completion of all grading, creation of report cards, and parent meetings.

Elementary Teacher Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Smart Board/Educational-based Technology
  • Children’s educational software
  • Curriculum design
  • Special education certification
  • Creative and adaptable

Elementary Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Created and managed unique teaching materials for a classroom of 30 kids of various abilities; devised hands-on projects to capture students' interest and attention.
  • Regularly interacted with parents to keep them up to date on their children's development; offered remedies for difficult pupils.
  • Pupils were well-prepared for standardized tests, with the most students scoring in the 95th percentile.
  • Skilled 3rd-grade teacher with strong classroom supervision and organizational abilities.
  • Math, reading, and writing tasks were carried out in groups and individually
  • Planned and delivered third-grade unit teaching materials, conducted testing, and monitored and assessed academic performances everyday.
  • Promoted a learning-friendly classroom atmosphere and great pupil/teacher communication.
  • Applied educational technology to enhance student success and enthusiasm.
  • Improved student success via a planned expedited course compatible with Core Curriculum and a greater emphasis on student involvement.

Multi-Grade Elementary Teacher Resume Example

Multi-Grade Elementary Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Experienced multi-grade elementary school teacher with over 12 years of experience. Capable of employing imagination to create enjoyable learning techniques that ensure information retention. Proactive and willing to work with parents and management to enhance children's learning environments.

Multi-Grade Elementary Teacher Resume Skills

  • Microsoft office
  • Classroom Management
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Curriculum and Instructional
  • Learning Differentiation
  • Modified Lesson Plans
  • Project Management

Multi-Grade Elementary Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Established and managed educational materials and curriculum for a variety of subjects and activities in the context of educational assistance for schoolwide projects.
  • Made new education courses and resources, and adapted existing ones to satisfy the requirements of students and faculty.
  • Determined priorities, targets, and prerequisites for training.
  • Organized training curricula that made use of educational strategies to improve the instruction.
  • Delivered training in a range of relevant subject material topics to a diverse audience utilizing a number of methodologies.
  • Conducted long-term and short-term strategies to make sure that students had the best chance to achieve their objectives.
  • Ensured compliance with state and school-level curriculum guidelines.
  • Monitored student grade reports in compliance with school rules.
  • Established excellent relations with pupils and family members to provide the best possible assistance for students.
  • Tutored pupils on their academic progress.

Elementary Teacher - Grade 1 Resume Example

Elementary Teacher - Grade 1 Resume Professional Summary

Trained and knowledgeable Primary School Teacher- Grade 1 with more than 7 years of education expertise in various elementary school environments. Excellent communicator with experience designing appropriate teaching material that highlights Common Core Practices and guidelines. Capable of implementing customized courses to accommodate kids' diverse learning styles and requirements while guaranteeing knowledge retention. Providing outstanding classroom management skills that lead to the formation of an atmosphere that is suitable for learning and improvement. A friendly staff member that works effectively with all aspects of school employees and pupil families.

Elementary Teacher - Grade 1 Resume Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Classroom Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • SMART Board Interactive
  • Displays Creativity & Innovation
  • Learner Assessment

Elementary Teacher - Grade 1 Resume Job Description

  • Conducted assessment to evaluate DRA score and TPRI findings at the start, midpoint, and end of the school session.
  • Coursework progress was evaluated and measured to indicate an understanding of the information provided.
  • Introduced intensive instruction on word recognition and writing.
  • Developed a working and educational classroom atmosphere.
  • Weekly genuine inspections yielded verified outcomes.
  • Each day, scheduled journaling for children to help them improve their writing abilities and practice sight letters they studied the week before.
  • Organize courses for classroom instruction by creating written course and assignment schedules.
  • Prepare the students, measure their success, and support initiatives to improve student accomplishment.
  • Create an interactive atmosphere in the classroom that keeps kids engaged and focused.
  • Adapt classes to accommodate the concerns of special needs kids and people of other cultures.
  • Create teaching materials that adhere to the syllabus criteria for every class and cognitive level.

ESE Elementary Teacher Resume Example

ESE Elementary Teacher Resume Professional Summary

A diligent and trustworthy teacher who seeks to engage with all students and teachers to satisfy the requirements of kids and represent the institution's vision. The ability to stay adaptable, assuring that each student's educational approach and skills are recognized.

ESE Elementary Teacher Resume Skills

  • Teaching
  • Management
  • Microsoft Office
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Technological skills
  • Conflict resolution

ESE Elementary Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Coached pupils at diverse degrees of intellectual, verbal, social, and emotional functioning.
  • Training is modified based on student competence and talent level.
  • Operated outside of usual school hours to be accessible to address inquiries from parents and students.
  • Teaching plans were developed in line with the national syllabus and school-wide program requirements.
  • To maintain student attention and enhance learning, I used a variety of teaching approaches.
  • Colluded with other employees of the faculty to design and organize classes that promote knowledge and student involvement.
  • Interpersonal associations were formed with children, parents, colleagues, and school authorities.
  • Track growth depending on inspection and accomplishment.
  • Facilitate administrative tasks.
  • Independently teach students in weaker areas.

Lead Elementary Teacher Resume Example

Lead Elementary Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Elementary School Teacher with a minimum of 9 years of expertise handling classes of 20 to 40 children. Effective in using optimistic feedback instructional strategies to promote student conduct and progress. Certified teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Cross-disciplinary Studies with a Special Ed credential. Attempting to employ innovation and educational expertise to involve at-risk children. Acquire a teaching job that makes use of innovative teaching approaches such as cooperative learning and e-learning.

Lead Elementary Teacher Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Communication
  • Administrative
  • Management
  • Classroom management
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Positive attitude
  • Lesson planning

Lead Elementary Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Compile and deliver regular course examinations to 30 students, and provide parents with thorough quarterly report cards.
  • Construct and modify teaching programs to meet the educational needs of the students, both individually and group training.
  • Establish a weekly three-day open-door policy for parent and teacher meetings.
  • Create TEKS-compliant health and wellbeing activities to encourage appropriate eating and activity patterns.
  • Administrative work included recording and arranging student evaluation results.
  • Academic Standards were applied for all English/Language Arts and Math courses and Social Studies, and Science class.
  • Used small group lessons and customized tutoring and evaluations to teach regular education children and children with developmental disabilities and special needs in an integrated school environment.
  • Interpersonal associations were formed with students, parents, and workmates through frequent digital and in-person contact about student achievement and coursework.
  • Commitment to the teacher's learning activities, as well as the ability to add in courses with other resources as necessary.

Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Resume Example

Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Cooperative, results-oriented individual with over 11 years of expertise planning and evaluating academic activities, and supervising policies and procedures that ensure optimum, advanced teaching environment. Demonstrated history of competence managing licensed and non-employees and developing creative courses. An enthusiastic leader committed to encouraging individual accomplishment and building and strengthening strong relationships within the school setting.

Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Resume Skills

  • Learning strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Instructing

Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Resume Job description

  • To facilitate social, psychological, physiological, and intellectual growth in children, a secure and caring atmosphere was maintained.
  • Conducted throughout many subjects, employing the capacity to swiftly build student interactions.
  • To account for inactivity, applied creative thinking, and other classroom learning management approaches.
  • Communicate effectively and discipline to guarantee that the classroom operates well.
  • Educate and assist kids to accomplish numerous educational goals; frequently acknowledged by thankful parents.
  • Established and maintained excellent working connections with faculty and students to generate authentic learning opportunities.
  • Tutor students one-on-one and in-groups, utilizing a variety of teaching techniques like lessons, conversations, and exhibits.

Elementary Teacher/Substitute Resume Example

Elementary Teacher/Substitute Resume Professional Summary

A motivated, creative, and goal-oriented primary school teacher with over 15 + years of expertise. A highly active professional who has demonstrated and quantifiable performance in delivering resources and experiences that interest and stimulate students' intelligence, critical thinking skills, and talents. Demonstrated natural talent to respect and encourage others, and concentrating on fundamental teaching methodologies, and enforcing regulation by strongly establishing educational norms and successfully addressing disagreement.

Elementary Teacher/Substitute Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Inclusive Education
  • Classroom Management
  • Student Assessment
  • Curriculum Consultant
  • Admissions Testing and Evaluation
  • Creative Lesson Planning
  • Cooperative Learning

Elementary Teacher/Substitute Resume Job Description

  • Create engaging course designs that suit students' educational, intellectual, and cultural requirements.
  • Organizing, creating, administering, and teaching courses like corrective reading, math, language skills, and others.
  • Accountable for developing and implementing comprehension strategy initiatives to suit the educational needs of children with exceptional learning needs.
  • Committed to teaching specialized programs that give materials to integrate academic skills with societal adaptations.
  • Developing, implementing, programming, and assessing school systems that indicate efficacy in meeting predefined student criteria and aspirations.
  • Examinations were designed, delivered, and graded on schedule.
  • Analyze and measure academic achievement, and keep detailed records of achievements.
  • In the absence of appointed instructors, supervised classes of 10 to 32 pupils.

Elementary Teacher Head Resume Example

Elementary Teacher Head Resume Professional Summary

Competent Head Teacher dedicated to understanding students' requirements and providing thorough instructional strategies to attain goals. Active engagement is an effective method of keeping pupils engaged in the education process. Excel in communicating directly with children, families, and authorities.

Elementary Teacher Head Resume Skills

  • Teaching methods and strategies
  • Microsoft Office
  • Supervise students to ensure safety
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Time management

Elementary Teacher Head Resume Job Description

  • When required, planned house visitation to coordinate discussions with parents.
  • Records on attendance, contact details, and performance were kept up to date.
  • In-class and outside exercises were introduced to keep students interested.
  • Evaluated the safety of all students while they were at preschool.
  • Participated in in-service faculty sessions to establish instructional objectives.
  • Guaranteed that explicit emergency protocols were in place.
  • Collaborated with the associate educator to verify that courses were constantly observed.
  • Discovered kids who may have learning disabilities and notified management.
  • Ensured certain that the school and recreation areas were spotless and uncrowded.
  • Created teaching material and schedules in accordance with curricular standards.
  • Checked and provided feedback on the work of teaching staff.
  • Children's age-relevant learning courses were created.

Sr. Elementary Teacher Resume Example

Sr. Elementary Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Senior elementary school teacher with 8+ years of experience assisting kids with developmental impairments to keep up with the class and pass on schedule. 30+ children in science, math, social, and language skills were helped to get back on course based on their age and academic abilities. In order to become a fourth-grade teacher, I wish to use effective teaching approaches and learning tactics.

Sr. Elementary Teacher Resume Skills

  • Computer-Based Instruction
  • Integrated Learning Systems
  • First Aid, CPR, and AEDs
  • Classroom Management
  • Educational Growth and Development
  • Verbal & Written Communication Skills
  • Teaching & Instructional Skills

Sr. Elementary Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Designed and executed learning activities, instructional techniques, and classroom practices in accordance with the methodology of the State educational process.
  • Communicated with students and their parents on a frequent basis regarding their development and any possible difficulties or barriers.
  • Enabled the growth and enhancement of school curricula to provide the optimum teaching atmosphere.
  • Provided difficult assignments and evaluated them for understanding and correctness.
  • Over two school years, coursework and teaching techniques were tweaked to improve language and comprehension grades by 15%.
  • A government grant of $200,000 was awarded to acquire new instructional equipment and materials.
  • MS Excel was employed for the rating system and marking results.
  • Private lessons were conducted for students who required one-on-one assistance.
  • In and out of the classroom, organized recreational events and gave lessons on language development strategies.
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