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Joshua M


Proficient Recruiter in talent acquisition and hiring with expertise creating and carrying out recruiting process in both firm and in-house environments. Supervise the whole hiring process, from preliminary hiring and assessment to offer discussions, placement, and onboarding. Utilize recruiting technology, social networking, cold calling, and personnel recommendations to proactively find qualified applicants.


Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI
  • Devised the first university recruitment campaign and plan yearly trips to all of the state's institutions.
  • Work together with the management team to recruit, find, and hire competent people for specific positions that are essential to the success of operations.
  • Establish and execute a strategic hiring strategy for a company with more than 2,000 workers.
  • Thorough job position definitions, criteria, and credentials lead to higher hiring quality.
  • Work together with recruiting managers to identify workforce requirements, specify job requirements, list required credentials, and screen, interview, and choose the top applicants for open jobs in management and administrative staff.
  • Approached and evaluated prospective candidates using straightforward questions and interviews.
  • Collaborated with potential students throughout their whole lifespan, staying in touch and offering support up until they finished their training course.
  • Recruiting indicators like everyday call volume, new applications, and other factors were tracked and assessed.
PayPal, Michigan
  • Examined and revised key performance indicators for recruiting to better connect HR targets with corporate goals.
  • Took the initiative to improve the hiring process, increasing completion rates by 38%.
  • To attract qualified applicants for a $1 billion medical firm, increase hiring practices by making links with organizations, institutions, and professional groups.
  • Built long-lasting connections with prospective workers by delivering weekly job vacancy notifications and monthly newsletters with specialized content.
  • Boolean search strategy was used to streamline recruiting processes and focus searches on specific prospects.
  • Applicant tracking technology was recommended, which would automate publishing open vacancies to job websites and social media, cutting the time it takes to fill applications by 5%.
  • By looking at the organization's goals and strategies, the hiring needs were determined and manager was then consulted to analyze the company's objectives.


BBA in Human Resource Management
Baker College, MI


Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
Certified Professional - Human Resource (IPMA-CP)

3185 Kimberly Way

Grand Rapids, MI 49508                     

Problem Solving
Detailed Job Descriptions
Reference Checks
Contract Negotiations
Candidate Pre-Screening
Pre-Employment Testing