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Human Resource Manager Resume Sample

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Sandra Harell

Human Resource Manager


1030 Reynolds Alley, LA

Labor Relations And HRIS
Microsoft Office

Manager of Human Resources with multi-area expertise. Competence in recruiting methods, process enhancements, employee development, and alignment with company policies In-depth knowledge of strategic goals and execution of company guidelines. Constantly improving operational performance, helping to enforce, incorporate, and verify modern business processes. Specializing in the start-up of new projects and improvement of current systems


Lead Human Resource Manager
ABC Technologies, LA
2016 - current
  • Encouraged to conduct a wide variety of hr tasks, including the recruitment and training of workers, the administration of benefits, the oversight of disciplinary action, and the maintenance of hr documents.
  • Disagreements between workers and insurance carriers were managed, wellness fairs were arranged to encourage employee well-being and exit interviews were conducted.
  • The 35-member management team was trained in interviewing methods and best practices, attending seminars, and one-on-one mentoring programs that led to effective employment decisions.
  • The company's first structured performance appraisal program was implemented, providing a versatile and well-received method that was later embraced throughout the company.
Human Resource Manager
Initech Corp, LA
2013 - 2016
  • Build efficient hiring and retention systems to promote store staffing; manages the transition from one store to another of employees.
  • Helps facilitate the recruitment process and can engage in the interview process and allocate designated positions.
  • Activates revenues, hours, changes, and accounts receivable on a regular basis to the head office.
  • Organize wages and job confirmations for workers, as well as applications for disability, demands for leave of absence, and extensions.


Masters in Human Resource Management
Los Angeles City College
2011 - 2013
GPA: 3.8