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Entry-Level HR Resume Sample

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Deborah J. Byers

Entry-Level HR

Performance-oriented Entry-level HR with outstanding office management abilities and skills to offer top-notch support services for HR needs. Possess an exceptional understanding of organizational processes and the aptitude to optimize employee productivity.


Entry-Level HR
Pink Label in Bradenton, FL
  • Directed the hiring process with organization and enthusiasm.
  • Educated workers about their rewards and oversaw security and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Collaborated and launched initiatives that had a favorable influence on the corporation.
  • Worker problems, issues, and personal matters were managed with discretion and professional competence.
  • Focused on encouraging a motivating corporate culture in which workers are pleased and fulfilled.
  • Address and rectify customer concerns, refer complicated concerns to the suitable contact individual, and record incidents.
  • Oversee a five-person staff, keep classified documents, enter the data into database archives, and write correspondence.
  • Faxed worker verifications, named new recruits for responses, and forwarded rejection letters to candidates.
  • Pre-screened candidates checked references and conducted in-person interviews as part of the recruiting process.
  • Examined job applications to determine credentials and qualifications for the candidate pool.
  • Handled highly classified employee interactions, organizational modifications, and data security concerns.
Entry-Level HR
Massey Services, Inc. Orlando, FL
  • Workers were notified about perks, wellbeing parcels, and organizational policies.
  • Instructed on corporation regulations and restrictions to ensure uniformity among specialists.
  • Through text version, increased the response rate between applicants from 12 to 24 percent.
  • Discussed with applicants throughout the application process and maintained all relevant paperwork.
  • Liable for benefits administration and other workplace perks, employee satisfaction, new worker orientation, exit interviews, organization travel booking, and dealing with global parent corporations concerning staff and other business challenges.
  • Answered questions, communicated decisions, and assisted in resolving work-relevant issues as a liaison between management and employees.
  • Responsible for maintaining worker and contract documents, ensuring that the company follows existing rules, organizing workplace occasions and activities, and sustaining supplier relations.


Bachelor of Science in Management and Human Resource Management
Florida State University, FL


Certified Professional - Human Resource (IPMA-CP)
Human Resources Business Professional (HRBP)

744 Village View Drive

Fort Myers, FL 33905                     

Problem Solving
Strategic Planning
Personnel management
Compensation and benefits
Termination procedures
HR Policies
Employee Relations
Performance Management
New Hire Orientations