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Accountant Resume Example

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How to Write an Accountant Resume

A resume offers the first impressions of you to prospective employers. Your resume needs to tell employers why you are an ideal candidate for the job position. If you are an accountant, you need to sell your honesty, precision, professional experience, and strong industry relationships. An accountant is a keeper of financial records, tax-related documents.

And those who have experience managing a corporation or have worked in a big company realize that accounting is much more. Without great accounting help, it is difficult to manage and maneuver the corporate world and government interactions.

Accounting is an on-going process that has a daily effect on companies and organizations. But the rise of labor markets and management technology is changing the employment environment for accounting professionals. Modern job searching is a more complex task than it was before. Now recruiting and hiring begin with a technical entry stage. An increase in the number of extremely qualified professionals and the intense competition in every field has resulted in businesses using applicant tracking systems.

It is an automated software that reviews, evaluates, and rank resume applications before moving them on to human employers. If you are a trained accounting professional but maybe got ignored or overlooked because an applicant tracking system bot is crudely scoring the document. As an applicant, it is necessary to understand the technical barriers before applying for a job to win the technical round. Note the three main points to remember when creating a resume for an accountant position;

  • Comprehend and grasp the functioning of the applicant tracking system
  • Be well aware of the job market requirements in your field
  • Construct, build, and design a resume that is approved and accepted by industry experts in your industry.

Winning strategy for Applicant Tracking System

Image for part: Winning strategy for Applicant Tracking System

Technology has changed everything, even the hiring processes at large organizations. It is an intimidating challenge, but it can be used to your benefit if done correctly. The applicant tracking system analyzes resumes for action words or keywords or phrases. Some keywords are relevant for the hiring manager, include it in your job application for the role of an accountant. Applicants who understand the basic principle of applicant tracking systems and their functioning have a better chance to present their resume for getting tested by the hiring manager. A natural flow resume is one with an appropriate layout and background and integrates the essential phrases or keywords listed in the job description.

Keyword ranking for applicant tracking system

Image for part: Keyword ranking for applicant tracking system

The Applicant tracking system is an algorithm that reviews the resume by analyzing text and collecting keywords or phrases or action words. It is possible to refer to certifications, hard and soft skills, and also terms specific to the work experience. Have a clear understanding of which phrases or power words to integrate into your skills segment and align your resume to the job listing description.

Every job application needs a resume and a cover letter and that's why we have a guide on cover letter examples and cover letter tips just for you.

Resume Summary

Image for part: Resume Summary

Most consider accountants as a specialized discipline. But that does not mean you cannot portray an actual and personalized image of yourself. The resume objective is a trailer about the qualities and skills that you have acquired. The resume objective is the only segment where you can use a little imaginative resume writing.

Although many people think it is excessive to show yourself, yet this gives an insight, you can be an adequate candidate to be a part of the organization. Include the relevant phrases and keywords to swiftly sail through the computerized evaluations that are achieved by making quick changes and paying attention to the specifics.


Image for part: Skills

Include accounting skills on your resume to convince the manager you have what it takes to succeed as an accountant. An accountant requires more specialized skills than any other profession. The best technique to select the appropriate skills for a particular job position is to create a list of competencies, jot it down in bullet points in a separate document. Since all the abilities will not be relevant to the job position you are applying for, make sure to match it to the current job description as it gives a laser-focused resume. Writing the exact words from the job listing can make your resume pass the applicant tracking system as it indicates your level of attentiveness in regards to the job hiring process. Below is a list of technical skills required in an accountant job position;

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Quickbooks Enterprise
  • Online Invoices
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Freshbooks

Soft Skills

The more effective way to show that you have soft skills is by giving an example rather than mentioning it. It is better to use words from the job description to describe your soft skills. Describe your skills by quantifying your achievements, showing your level of competence. If someone is browsing your resume, you have supported it with concrete facts. Then the recruiter can see that you can perform and have the skills to complete the assignment. Below is a list of soft skills for an accountant;
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Systems analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management

If the job description outlines specified skills such as time management, then use it in your ability section-managed more than 15 projects and generated new spreadsheets to establish monthly management accounts by reducing the time from seven to three days.

Certifications and their demonstration on your resume

Image for part: Certifications and their demonstration on your resume

Accountants are one of the professions where rigorous certifications can be a prerequisite or at least an added advantage. We would recommend including a certificate to your educational qualifications or add them at the end. For an accountant position, these authentications can open professional doors, so include them in your resume objective to feature them at the header of the page. Also, the job listing may require specific certifications for some higher paying job positions, and the applicant tracking system will check for those words.

Accounting certifications have an explicit correlation with your salary and bonuses, but some of them are important and are valued more than others. Below is a list of some of the certifications which are necessary for an accountant position;

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

- It is one of the well-known accounting credentials and is valid for many accounting job positions. It authenticates your competence in forensic accounting, risk management, taxes, and other skills required for the top accounting job positions. Every country, state, the region may have different requirements for this certification.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

-This certification focuses on mastering accounting and financial management skills from a managerial perspective. To earn this certification, a degree with two years in financial management is a mandatory requirement.

Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)

- This credential verifies the expertise and abilities of a financial professional concerning fund management, finance, technical and ethical principles, as well as investment research. This certification requires a degree and four years of work experience in financial services.


Image for part: Education

An accountant resume highlights formal education qualifications, as it is not a self-taught occupation. The education section for an accountant resume should be to the point and list all the necessary qualifications for the job position.

The hiring manager would not consider an accounting or financial services specialist without a degree. Do not expand your education section as the goal is to keep your resume to one page and not exceeding it to more than two.

Accountant Resume do/donts

  • Recognize the essential academic credentials as they are relevant to the accounting and financial field.
  • Write the company names that you have worked for and make sure to check any spelling mistakes.
  • Optimize your resume specifically to the requirements of the organization and specific job role.
  • Don’t lie in your job application and be clear about job experience and your ambitions.
  • Don’t add outdated and old contact information when creating an accountant resume.

Whether it is your first job or your fourth, use our hipCV accountant resumes example as a guide to craft your resume, and you will be able to land your next job successfully.

Points to Remember

  • The competition in the job market is increasing continuously, and to lead it, our resume builder is a great tool that can help in creating a great looking resume to land on your dream job.
  • To pass a keyword evaluation test, enhance and upgrade your accountant resume to the requirements of a job listing.
  • Show your accounting experience with accurate figures and cite a few examples to highlight your contributions to the organization.
  • Enlist all the relevant and appropriate skills and certifications as it makes you a potential candidate for an accountant job position.

Check our hipCV resume builder tool and develop a visually appealing Accountant resume to land on your next job.

Also, here is a complete resource on how to become an accountant.

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