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Maintenance and Repair Resume Examples

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Maintenance Worker
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Maintenance Technician
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Cement Mason
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HVAC Technician
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Tips for Maintenance and Repair Resumes

1. Resume structure

Structure and format your resume as per your strengths. If you have work experience to show then, choose a combination of chronological and functional resume format. In case you are a fresher to the world of maintenance and repair, a functional resume can work best for you. Resume outlook should focus on an attractive looking header with a readable objective summary so the recruiter can create an impression while reading about you.

2. Maintenance and repair certifications

To be proficient as a maintenance professional, you have gathered some certifications or mastery, then write about it in your certification section. Also, add when you received the certificate and from which university or an institution. If you have more than one license, then add a separate segment dedicated to it can help in listing all about it. Mention about these in your cover letter in detail and elaborate on it if you can.

3. Maintenance and repair soft skills

As a maintenance and repair technician, you can write about industry-related and more in-demand skills like fiber-optic sensing or knowledge about weld inspection processes, aware of the standard operating protocols. Here is a list of some of the common keywords used for skills for the maintenance and repair job position.

  • Equipment installation and operation
  • Blueprint and schematic diagrams
  • HVAC systems
  • Worksite preparation
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