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Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

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George M. Roberts

Maintenance Worker

Proficient Maintenance Worker with more than eight years of experience in regular and preventative repairs. Repair and maintenance of HVAC, electrical, piping, safety, alarm, and monitoring equipment. Specialist in the use of a wide range of hand and power tools and manufacturing tools. Capable of addressing issues and managing various goals and duties in high-pressure, workload contexts.


Maintenance Worker
CBS Television Stations, Denver, CO
  • Reorganized and replaced plumbing fixtures, doors, window frames, and floorings, such as tile, wood flooring, and carpeting.
  • Performed all responsibilities pertaining to overall facility upkeep and repair, like painting, garbage pickup, and lighting repairs.
  • Developed and executed an efficient scheduling framework that reduced total upkeep time for myself and our group by 45%.
  • Addressed and analyzed HVAC equipment faults, resulting in a 2.8% reduction in annual overhead.
  • In containers, combine water, cleaning products, or acids to make cleaning agents as per the manufacturer's instructions.
  • To avoid harm to floors and fittings, obeyed the protocols for using chemical cleaners and heavy equipment.
  • Detecting cleaning issues and recommending a suitable solution.
  • Arranging the warehouse and storage room, ensuring that orders and consignments are correctly packed and that warehouse containers and devices are in excellent working condition.
Maintenance Worker
Marriott International, Inc, Denver, CO
  • Accomplished repetitive and specific maintenance duties such as electrical, piping, and HVAC upkeep.
  • Use a variety of hand and power equipment, like hammers, drills, wrenches, and electronic test equipment to demonstrate a wide variety of technical skills.
  • Finish the setup, overhaul, and restoration of wiring, piping, and HVAC system parts.
  • Maintained and checked all health & security procedures are being followed to the letter.
  • 35 newly recruited technicians were instructed on the organization's guidelines and procedures.
  • Frequent debugging and upkeep decreased machinery downtime by 18%.
  • In urgent circumstances, I saved the public by constructing obstacles and alarm systems and acting as a flagman to initiate traffic.
  • Janitorial functions like sweeping, mopping, putting tools aside, and washing the restroom were conducted at rest areas and upkeep staff facilities.


High School Diploma
Bear Creek High School, CO


Certified Maintenance Technician (CMT)
Facilities Maintenance Technician Certificate
Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician

200 Scheuvront Drive

Lakewood, CO 80214                     

Communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Physical stamina
Facility maintenance
Drywall repair
Operating machinery