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Handyman Resume Sample

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John M. Taylor


Competent Handyman with 5pus years of experience in light woodworking, fixtures, and electrical work. I'm looking for a job with ABC Property Management. While working at A&C Property Partners managed 15 constructions with ten or more rental apartments each. Managed light woodwork, electrical, and repair work, and fixed 25 resident problems each week on average. Optimistic feedback was received from 99% of occupants and supervisors.


McDonald’s, Baltimore, MD
  • Maintenance and debugging tasks were performed at the request of residents and building management.
  • Inspects fixtures, air conditioning units, electronic wiring, and piping systems on a regular basis.
  • Rectify cracks in building walls, doors, and stairwells; repaints walls where scraping is common.
  • Interacted with suppliers and contractors to perform upgrades on structures that are far above my capability providing help to vendors and contractors.
  • Handled all light woodworking, piping, and wiring issues. Larger problems were increased for contractors. Issues were resolved 20 percent faster than before.
  • Sourced contractors and saved the organization $25,000 annually selecting higher-value alternatives.
  • Monitored a 120-unit apartment complex and grounds. Accommodated occupants' timetables and needs.
  • Using problem-solving skills, I was able to handle disputes between tenants and management.
Bay Management Group, MD
  • Moving machines, updating pipes and fittings, and arranging cellars for entombments were all part of 25plus plant infrastructure upgrades.
  • On a constant basis, I kept my work environment clean, organized, and secure.
  • Coached new staff and led a team of ten handymen.
  • Monitored team activities such as pipework, completing carpentry, flooring, and brick masonry.
  • Improved workplace safety by ensuring that the entire team followed all safety rules and modeling the appropriate behaviors. At the worksite, there were no accidents.
  • Worked on different of building projects in the field with local subcontractors.
  • Participated in the preventive upkeep initiative, fixing and replacing components on underground hardware as appropriate.
  • Collaborated on industrial and residential remodeling projects. Roofs and surfaces were implemented and renovated. 
  • Remodeled and rebuilt residences in development for lease or resale.


High School Diploma
Walt Whitman High School, MD


Air Conditioning Service Certification
Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM)
Electrical Maintenance Technician Certificate
CompTIA A+ Certification

3579 Chatham Way

Reston, MD 22091                     

Time management
Communication skills
CAD software
HVAC systems
Lighting fixture