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HVAC Technician Resume Sample

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John E. Hearn

HVAC Technician

HVAC Technician with over ten years of expertise fixing, rebuilding and managing HVAC systems. Expertise in debugging failures and restoring faulty HVAC units and parts. Possess a thorough understanding of hand devices and electronic diagnostics equipment, and solid technical, customer service, and interpersonal skills.


HVAC Technician
Sears Home Services, Kosciusko, MS
  • Control the everyday tasks of 18 service technicians who perform maintenance work and screening procedures on HVAC components and machinery.
  • Recognize and debug issues that are impeding the proper operation of HVAC systems, and provide high-quality setup and repair assistance.
  • Establish relationships with clients by responding quickly to crisis maintenance requests and achieving a 99.9 percent quality service rating in customer evaluations.
  • Organize and execute standard HVAC hardware upkeep, decreasing general life-cycle and upkeep costs by 15%.
  • Over a five-year period, I deployed 350+ home and industrial processes, managed 1500+ service requests, and devised strong customer relationships, increasing yearly sales by 25%.
  • Troubleshoot, repaired and monitored 180 plus HVAC control systems to increase efficiency by modifying filters, washing vents, and stocking non-toxic coolants.
  • Implemented advancement and release valves, air vents, pipelines, dampers, and stokers in heating and cooling systems.
  • Automatic, configurable, and wireless heating systems were designed and assembled in residential or commercial facilities to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling.
HVAC Technician
McDonald’s, West Point, MS
  • Configure compressors, motors, vents, pipework, and electrical controls; review and comprehend schematics.
  • Perform corrective and preventative upkeep on bearings, pumps, and shaft alignments record all upkeep actions; and keep hardware archives.
  • Debug and fix HVAC systems and parts that are not working properly; use monitoring and checking equipment.
  • As the central point of contact for project requests, I provided exceptional customer service and received a perfect score on arbitrary client assessments.
  • To make sure excellent service to clients, I regularly operated extra shifts, weekends, and holidays.
  • System testing, troubleshooting, and fixing included recognizing errors and substituting parts and materials. Interpret requirements, illustrations, diagrams, and schematics.
  • Engaged in a variety of professional advancement operations to keep the information updated and to improve service and repair skills.
  • Exhibited outstanding time management abilities; coordinated and identified a massive number of project tasks to maximize performance and customer service.


Associate of Applied Science in Electromechanical Technology
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, MS


HVAC Master Specialist
Air Conditioning Installation Technician
Electrical Technician Certification
Forklift Safety and Inspector
OSHA Safety Certificate

John E. Hearn

1177 Walnut Street

Jackson, MS 39201                                 

Microsoft Office
Electrical & Mechanical Repairs
Project Management
Safety & Compliance
Preventive Maintenance
Blueprint Interpretation