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Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

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Ernesto S. Schalk

Maintenance Technician

Qualified Maintenance Technician with over eight-plus years of industry experience. I participated in various different production centers, fixing and repairing a wide range of industrial equipment. Reduce equipment downtime to achieve high production efficiency, with a 99 percent functionality rate all through working time in the current role.


Maintenance Technician
EATON, Richmond, VA
  • Design and build more than 19 manufacturing machines that are optimized for security and outcome.
  • Prevention upkeep repairs should be performed on a routine criterion to decrease the chances of part malfunction and the intensity of comprehensive servicing and overhauls.
  • Schedule maintenance during off-hours to avoid or confine manufacturing leisure time to 1% of working time.
  • Examine the reasons and effects of glitches to see if the repair work is intricate enough to necessitate the services of a highly specialized machinist.
  • Restored a wide range of electrical, and mechanical machinery and ensured that all hardware was in good working order.
  • Run normal troubleshooting and maintenance schedules to hold the production plant running at peak efficiency.
  • Improvements to established manufacturing equipment were intended, constructed, and implemented.
Maintenance Technician
The Franklin Johnston Group, Richmond, VA
  • Translated machinery frameworks and specifications to recognize parts that needed to be replaced and to decide whether maintenance required the services of an assigned machinist.
  • Aided in general facility upkeep, such as electric cables, lighting setup or replacement, and deployment and debugging of the production floor and workplace safety and protection structures.
  • Assisting a servicing technician in keeping devices running and defining and substituting damaged or malfunctioning components.
  • Everyday rounds on the production floor were finalized, verifying the condition of machinery and handle equipment and describing cases that required prevention strategies upkeep, fixing, or repair work.
  • In preparation of atypical repairs, evaluated machine blueprints and analyzed the specifications, such as tools and machinery, to accomplish repair work within the timeframe defined.
  • As needed, I conducted building upkeep duties such as substituting or rebuilding fittings and implementing office equipment.
  • Safety checks of electrical, pipework, and painting were executed on a consistent basis.


High School Diploma
Richmond Community High School, VA


Facilities Maintenance Technician Certificate
Certified Technical Professional (CTP)
Electrical Technician Certification
Certified Maintenance Technician (CMT)

4592 Melody Lane

Richmond, VA 23225                     

Attention to detail
Installing machinery
Mechanical diagnostics
Ordering components
Safety protocols
Machinery calibration
Maintenance record