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Cement Mason Resume Sample

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Fernando L. Jones

Cement Mason

Cement mason with over eight years of expertise in the construction sector. Capability to review schematics, work with a crew, and fulfill deadlines. Specialist at initiating information and processes to keep protection and complete work precisely. Seeking to apply qualifications and experience in a current construction setting.


Cement Mason
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC, Alys Beach, FL
  • Used a concrete mixer and other machinery to blend, insert, and complete solid brickwork units as directed.
  • Form walls, sections, and other structures as per sketches and criteria.
  • Before pouring, concrete was installed bolstering steel in the locations indicated by the engineer's designs and double-checked the spot of all reinforcement.
  • Eliminated surplus components from surfaces after forming panels or walls and fixed the surface as necessary with trowels or drifts.
  • Prior to commencing job tasks, scrutinized the workplace for dangers like tripping pitfalls, greasy surfaces, and any errors identified by my manager.
  • Wash the chipped area with a wire brush, know and inspect the surface to see if it is harsh or irregular.
  • Instruct the casting of the cement and monitor workers who expanded it with trowels or particular tools.
  • In newly spilled concrete, configure anchor bolts, steel panel door sills, and other fittings, or structure or mark the exterior to offer a finishing touch.
Cement Mason
Lightning lawn services, New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Implement solidifying and securing substances to the concrete surface to resolve it and water-resistant or reinstate it.
  • Collaborated with a group of 15+ staff members to finish tasks on time and on price range.
  • Accompanied safety precautions, such as wearing the best equipment for each project, such as headgear, goggles, and gloves.
  • Basic upkeep inspections before using retained equipment and tools in perfect condition.
  • Adherence to quality assurance ensured that all work was completed in accordance with corporation specifications.
  • Conveyed with management on a frequent basis about any challenges or problems that emerged all through construction.
  • The weather was supervised for optimized situations for tangible pouring.
  • Completing work like simplifying out and straightening poured material for residential and industrial development has been accomplished.


High School
North Marion High School, FL


Masonry Field Testing Technician
Masonry Certification
Certified Concrete Surface Repair Technician

1938 Spirit Drive

Lake City, FL 32055                     

Manual dexterity
Drill Holes
Steel Plates
Construction Projects
Structural Steel
Heavy Equipment
Expansion Joints