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Legal Resume Examples

It has never been simpler to create an effective Legal resume. You can select from one of our professionally designed examples that are crafted to align with the 'Resume Rules' that employers are looking for. Our software will also assist you in organizing and managing all of your resumes to reduce the burden from your job search process. Save your time, get noticed among the sea of other applicants, and get hired today.

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Legal Assistant
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Tips for Writing Legal Resumes

1. Simple Layout

When preparing a resume for the legal job position, do not add any unusual colors, design style, or graphics. It is best to choose fonts or resume formats that are simple and adequate according to industry standards for a judicial role to attract the attention of the employer. Some job roles do require colored layout and design, but a legal position is not one of them. It is better to play safe when it comes to selecting a resume layout for this job position.

2. Reiterate your professional skills

Every job role demands some level of proficiency when taking on any responsibility and duty. Law firms and legal departments are looking for particular professional skills when it comes to paralegal jobs. Here is a list of them that you can include, as well as speak about in your resume and cover letter.

  • Specialized and litigation skills - A specialized skill is if you are proficient in any niche area like knowledge about compliance and regulatory work. Litigation talent focuses on the coherent formulation of efficient contracts, well-versed in the legal research and review of databases by Westlaw and LexisNexis, and the preparation of trial presentations.
  • Soft skills - To relate with the legal clients, a paralegal should have the ability to be an empathetic, sensitive listener who can put themselves in other’s shoes. One of the soft skills is to be loyal, dependable, and can kick-start projects and get things done. .
  • Technical skills - Now, every job has tech skills in case of a paralegal job position competent in MS office, case management programs such as summation, and trial director. If you have any knowledge and familiarity with eDiscovery software like concordance, then this can be an added advantage.

3. Feature your publications

If you have written a lot of law papers, then mention them in your resume. If you have a comprehensive list of your journals, then compile them in a separate document and write, published articles list is available upon request. It can give you a high profile and versatile candidate for an open legal job position.

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