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Nathaniel E. Schroyer


Competent and Skilled Paralegal with a solid understanding of family law. Manage cases involving divorce, custody, adoption, and other family law issues. Detail oriented and insightful when undertaking legal analysis and case studies; dependable when dealing with private information, and convey when formulating compelling legal reasoning, motions, and negotiations. Understanding of family law regulations, compulsory disclosure standards, pleading arrangement, documents, and e-filing.


Alaska Immigration Law Center Anchorage, AK
  • Offered legal, court hearing, and administrative assistance to a group of 15 attorneys and three senior employees. Maintain paralegal operations along with office/human resources processes like planning and accounting.
  • Acquired in-demand standing between many paralegal workmates, frequently asked individually by senior staff to address complex, time-sensitive issues.
  • Facilitate attorneys with the prompt planning and submitting of court papers and communications in assistance of case readiness for court dates, proceedings, testimony, trials, and discussions.
  • Operated with the office administrator to simplify billing procedures. Recognized for initiatives that resulted in a 18% profit boost.
  • Accounts receivable processes were remodeled, worksheets were created to streamline monitoring of amounts owed, and unlocked records were updated on.
Hozubin, Moberly & Associates Anchorage, AK
  • Reviewed pleadings, showcases, motions, verdicts, court rulings, stocks, and exploration for a renowned Law Pursuit & Syndicate firm. Communicated and conversed with customers, legal staff, defense counsel, and court officers..
  • Succeeded in a dynamic law firm, evaluated and maximized multiple priorities to offer customers with the best value of legal assistance.
  • Redesigned the file system, formed the reception area more welcoming and child-friendly, and developed report templates. Optimized record management, improved productivity, and higher service levels.
  • Integrated with case lawyers and verifiers to rectify 50+ legal claims per month.
  • Managed the lawyer schedule to keep track of the company's current events and checked court proceedings.
  • Performed both online and offline concrete proof research to end legal court actions.
  • Prepared and send each week 22 email correspondence, legal documents, and judicial hearings.


Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
University of Alaska Fairbanks, AL


Board Certification in Criminal Trial Law
Professional Paralegal (PP)
Advanced Paralegal Certification (APC)
Certified Paralegal (CP)

3683 Blackwell Street

Anchorage, AK 99515                     

MS Office
Records Management
Legal Document Preparation
Client Interviews
Billing & Collections
Office & Court Procedures
Trial Preparation
Legal Research