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Legal Assistant Resume Sample

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Mackenzie Skuthorp

Legal Assistant

Client-driven and a tech-savvy legal assistant with a track record of an impressive performance at a top Sachs & Rogers Law Group general practice law firm. Qualified assistant with an extensive understanding of legal, workplace, operational, and clerical support activities, and legal papers, court records, and legal proceedings.


Legal Assistant
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Established a color-coded approach that improved the effectiveness and use of the docket schedule.
  • Managed a 6-month accounting backlog, keeping all accounts receivable updated.
  • During legal actions like litigation, payment discussions, depositions, and criminal issues, I maintained a variety of secret data, protocols, and documents.
  • For court sessions and hearings, I organized scheduling and paperwork collection. Handled heavy workloads of word processing projects and court documents successfully.
  • Enhanced the organization and safety of both paper and electronic information. New processes and protections were put in place to secure private customer details and firm files.
  • Ensured timely replies to phone/email questions and competence in all client contacts.
Legal Assistant
Cooper Grace Ward, Brisbane, Queensland
  • On lawyer direct contacts, I responded to 55+ calls every week. Received consumer questions and resolved small issues, reducing the attorney time.
  • Keeping track of workplace documents. Decided to integrate a storage mechanism that reduced the business 7+ clerical hours each week.
  • Submitted invoicing records for attorneys, resulting in 8% more billable hours than the previous year. Enabled a 15% revenue boost.
  • Clio and MS Excel were used to maintain papers for 600+ clients.
  • Acquire case-related affidavits to assist attorneys. Identify relevant laws, legal publications, and other information for specific circumstances.
  • Generate tax records, capture and save expenditure paperwork. In planning for court procedures and prosecutions, give briefings on legal reasoning and facts.
  • Evidence and other official documents were gathered and organized for evaluation by attorneys.
  • Conferences, trial deadlines, and depositions have all been booked.
  • For clients, I constructed a more protected database.


Associate's degree in paralegal studies
Southern Cross University - Gold Coast


Advanced Paralegal Certification (APC)
Certified Paralegal/Certified Legal Assistant (CP/CLA)
075684 6923

22 Shirley Street

GUANABA QLD 4210    

Calendaring and Scheduling
Legal Terminology
State and Federal E-Filing Processes
Legal Research
Spreadsheet and Database Management
Records Management