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Social Media Manager Resume Example

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How to write a social media manager resume

The social media manager is the digital voice of your firm. You determine what to say, how, where, and when to speak. When it relates to crafting your social media manager curriculum vitae, your interpersonal abilities must be flawless. If you can't express your value on your CV, it'll be tough to persuade a prospective employer that you can write a brief post or a persuasive Facebook status. HipCV guide for valuable professional transitions will assist you in creating a job-winning resume that represents your expert grasp of words.

How to construct a CV that highlights all facets of the multidimensional position? We're about to demonstrate how to create a successful social media manager curriculum vitae to get you the interview. You'll discover how to illustrate your expertise, both data-driven and imaginative, and how to employ role-relevant terminology to promote your combination of hard and soft talents. We will assist you in captivating the hiring manager while also ensuring that you pass the online resume screening software first. This resume writing tutorial will discuss in detail, along with the relevant social media manager CV example;

  • The function of social media managers and the employment market prospects.
  • The most effective format for organizing your resume.
  • Tips on resume sections: header, professional summary, employment record, education, and skills.
  • Pointer for designing resume

What does a social media manager do?

Image for part: What does a social media manager do?

Social media marketing necessitates a tailored approach to a specific demographic. Optimizing the message and functionality of your CV works similarly. Remember how large the industry is, and social media visitors in 2020 reached more than 3.6 billion. With the typical individual investing three hours online, it may appear challenging to approach your target audience. Social media managers create networks by connecting, educating, and motivating their followers. They lead their business on a social media trip by enlisting the support of internal stakeholders and building a culture of staff involvement within their organization.

Creativity is essential in content development, but it must be accompanied by an insightful perspective and an emphasis on revenue or branding strategy if your firm does not utilize social media marketing for online advertising. Organizational efficiency and the capacity to prioritize strategic choices are crucial to success. It's no surprise that social media management is one of the most prominent jobs in the new internet economy.

Before going into the specifics of how to write a social media resume, here are some common points to keep in mind.

When it comes to gaining exposure on social media, everyone is a competition. Social media manager must tailor their message to unique channels and audiences. There are some comparable aspects to make while creating your resume;

  • Knowing the complexities of your market.
  • In a keyword-driven sector, pass the ATS software.
  • Convey the appropriate mix of skills and actions.
  • With interaction taking preference above statistics, including views and shares, speaking in a tone is valuable for converting consumers into dedicated followers. Your CV will be a prospective employer's first encounter with that voice. However, what aspects of the function should you include?

Job prospects for social media managers

Prospects for experienced social media managers are expanding in line with the sector's above-average yearly growth rate. Given that many businesses are keeping up with development, this job will be in-demand in the upcoming years. Organizations want to know if candidates can embody their brand's voice and are a suitable match for their culture.

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Applicant tracking system

You are used to conquering social algorithms. It is now necessary to fine-tune your resume to outperform the job hunting technology. By evaluating job applications for keywords, ATS serves as an online screening method. Each area of your resume has a specific amount of phrases related to the recruiter and job application. Candidates who grasp how an ATS works have a chance of having their CV reach the human recruiter. The keywords for a social media manager curriculum vitae will differ based on the role's requirements. One organization may concentrate on specific channels and media, and another may take a completely different strategy. It will be vital to clear the first step if you discover how they approach their audience and sprinkle your CV with the keywords specified by the recruiter.

Selecting the ideal resume format

Image for part: Selecting the ideal resume format

The most popular and reliable reverse-chronological order resume format is suitable for constructing many resumes. By offering a concise outline of your professional achievements in the job history section, it will most probably work successfully for most social media managers too. However, if the social media role you are interested in is an extreme departure from your previous experience, or if your career history has not followed a straight line of worker jobs, you may have to try a different resume style. The functional resume format is suitable for people who work autonomously in contract or consulting roles and have to showcase unique skills, projects, or clients. In other cases, a combination resume layout that combines chronological and functional features is the best option.

Tips for writing social media manager resume

Professional summary

The number of lines allocated to communicate your message on social media is very few characters. The description of your social media manager curriculum vitae, also known as the profile or professional summary, illustrates your ability to construct your own sales pitch. It is, without a doubt, the most crucial aspect of your CV. However, an ATS will check every word from beginning to end, and a recruiter will study it in-depth. It is not uncommon for resume viewers to skip over the work history and skills sections. Your resume summary is mainly a narrative about your knowledge and personality. Because of its free-form structure, it allows for maximum creative expression. Every company understands this is the section where job applicants may only pitch their additional value, and every ATS program will give the keywords you mention greater weight. As a result, select your words wisely.

It is not easy to produce an exceptional resume summary without discussing your talents, in addition to allowing them to shine in the distinct resume portion designated to that goal. However, it is equally crucial to provide your potential employer with this information. Don't be afraid to illustrate your industry knowledge. There is no way anyone will study more if your synopsis does not portray an image of a social media professional. If you impress recruiters, they will want to set up an interview to discover more, and your curriculum vitae will have completed its first vital task. Take your hints from the job requirements. Start with searching keywords, and the more parallel phrases and relations there are between the job specification and your professional summary, the more feasible it is that you will clear the ATS check.  

Make use of the professional summary to convey your true character. Your resume summary must elicit an emotional response from the hiring manager. If you cannot convince employers of your capacity to create social media substance that catches the eye in the initial few sentences of your resume, how will you inspire them later? The finest social media managers are not reluctant to prove their businesses' empathy and sincerity. Ensure you include this in the overview part of your resume. 

Social media manager Professional summary

I am a customer-focused social media manager with a background in the restaurant sector. Across multiple clients, increased conversions by 150 percent, CTR by 53 percent, and social networking recommendations by 44 percent. With Rapido Wrap Company and Roadside Deli Express, I established an initial social media unit and incorporated social advocacy initiatives within both firms. I am a skilled content producer, energetic organizer, astute thinker, and aware of the valves I have to pull to optimize the revenue effect of my social marketing.


Display your thoughts, initiatives, and achievements in the job experience portion of your social media manager resume. However, it must also contextualize your effort, giving data and results. Though your employment record may not be entirely relevant to the post you are seeking, it is essential to connect components of your expertise with the specifications of each role you interview. When recruiters learn about the organization's initiatives and issues, they will be confident that you can achieve the same for them. While starting with your most recent employment experiences demonstrates that you are current with the newest social marketing tactics, it is also vital for a manager to know that you were doing what succeeded at the time. Nobody will believe you if you say you ran organic video promotions four years ago.

Use figures and statistics to describe your experiences when feasible, position them in the perspective of what has come before. Because the average social media influence within a specific business may differ from your potential employer, you cannot presume that they are familiar. It is also necessary to discuss how you collaborated with stakeholders, impacting their decisions and promoting their participation.

Social media manager Job description

  • For new customers, I created social profiles and content schedules.
  • Coordinated with web groups to raise brand and product recognition.
  • Aided in the administration of the customer's profile on various social media sites.
  • Collected statistics on website visits and user input.


Because many social media managers have a bachelor's degree, this should likely feature at the top of your CV's education segment. Work-specific marketing certifications are more prevalent as the job market expands, but most academic requisites are on the job. You will not have enough room to add every program you have taken. But, it is critical to display a self-improvement perspective so that recruiters can detect your abilities and expertise have not stuck. Provide a bulleted list of qualifications or programs customized explicitly to each employment profile. 


It is necessary to tailor your social media manager resume to every possible position and organization. Ensure that you highlight the relevant capabilities for each unique quality in each scenario. All social media initiative is unique, as is any social media managerial post. Your CV should include a solid balance of hard and soft talents and some real-world examples when feasible. There is not enough room in your professional summary and career history to showcase each talent more than once, so distribute them across the positions and achievements stated in order of significance and relevance. In that perspective, below are some of the talents that are often mandatory for a social media manager;

  • Manage the digital brand strategy and be the company's voice on social media.
  • Determine where to focus your resources across numerous campaigns and channels.
  • Learn where your target audience spends their time and how they act online.
  • Utilize the appropriate tools and applications for your organizational requirements.
  • Improve consumer-relevant content and collaborate with adequate service providers.
  • Interact with clients and coworkers to ensure that promotions run smoothly.
  • Monitor, build and interact with your internet community.
  • Examine outcomes, modify plans, and respond to adjustments in the marketing landscape.
  • Tracked and assessed productivity to ensure that engagement progressed to conversion.

Resume Format

Choosing how to organize your social media manager resume might be tricky for individuals who are used to working with an imaginative clean slate. There are no hard and fast rules for selecting a format, but we can offer some guidelines.

  • Make sure that it is aesthetically tidy, easily readable, and proportional. You have to describe your accomplishments in detail so a crowded CV can distract the employer, and they can miss the highlights.
  • Next, avoid becoming overly technical. A recruiter does not have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter will not read it and skip to more understandable sections. 
  • The aesthetic indicators of your resume design will provide clarity into your abilities to capture the readers’ attention, and a sectioned framework and graphical elements like bullet point sections and progress bars will perform successfully.

Social Media Manager Resume Example

Social Media Manager Resume Professional Summary

I am an innovative, competent social media specialist with seven years of expertise operating business social media sites.

Social Media Manager Resume Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Problem Solving
  • Content Creation
  • Organization
  • Audience Identification
  • Detail Oriented

Social Media Manager Resume Job Description

  • Generated an engaging group of followers for clients.
  • Inbound visitors to customers' internet sites improved by up to 35%.
  • Formed material for my clients' websites.
  • Used analytics tools to increase the visibility of websites.
  • Collaborated with the web development team.
  • Built must-follow social media streams with efficiency.
  • Define and track standards for assessing the performance of social media campaigns.
  • Construct and lead a cross-departmental social media staff in coordination with department leaders.

Community Manager/Social Media Manager Resume Example

Community Manager/Social Media Manager Resume Professional Summary

Handled projects and performed as the primary interface between customers and numerous corporate organizations to guarantee goal clarity and schedule compliance. Vista Enterprise Solutions entrusted me with the implementation of several web marketing activities. Digital Business Solutions' internet material was supervised, edited, and reviewed. Integrated with marketing divisions to design a master schedule for material over a year.

Community Manager/Social Media Manager Resume Skills

  • Strategy planning
  • Community management
  • Optimizing content and technology
  • Writing skills
  • Analytical skills
  • SEO Knowledge

Community Manager/Social Media Manager Resume Job Description

  • Developed and planned more than 60 social media content every week on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • In 3 months, increased audience interaction by 35%.
  • Articles were optimized by trying different materials at various periods.
  • Coordinated social media initiatives that resulted in a 25% boost in social likes and a 40% rise in total post involvement.
  • Coordinated a cross-platform marketing plan that included Twitter, Snapchat, and radio advertisements to generate enthusiasm for a product release, and sales surpassed forecasts by 33%.
  • Using Buffer and Trello, I automated over 65% of my daily social media activity while maintaining quality.
  • Learned Photoshop to make unique posters and other visuals for use in marketing, which resulted in a 25% increase in participation.

Social Media Manager/Marketing Associate Resume Example

Social Media Manager/Marketing Associate Resume Professional Summary

Solid track record of addressing and lowering customer concerns and satisfying customer care standard agreements. Accountable for the effective implementation of strategic activities to promote team effectiveness and worker retention. A decisive, action-oriented manager who effectively assumes whole responsibility for the customer service department.

Social Media Manager/Marketing Associate Resume Skills

  • Google analytics
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Email marketing
  • Photoshop
  • Buffer

Social Media Manager/Marketing Associate Resume Job Description

  • Organized vital corporate material on Facebook and Twitter, posting up to 12 relevant updates every day.
  • Utilized a comprehensive three-month promotional effort to build brand awareness.
  • Statistical results and an SEO methodology were employed to foster prospective leads and sales.
  • Establish marketing and promotion strategies that resulted in a 35% upsurge in overall social media views and a 29% rise in website visitors from social media postings.
  • Designed internet marketing strategies that resulted in an increase of 1800+ followers and increased company exposure.

Social Media Manager/Online Sales Representative Resume Example

Social Media Manager/Online Sales Representative Resume Professional Summary

Discovering and securing high-quality service contracts. Organizing the delivery crew to carry out the agreed-upon SOW. Putting in place excellent regulatory practices. Constructed marketing collateral for inter-media platforms, such as sales decks and go-to-market decks. Building search engine optimized web content, such as meta-data.

Social Media Manager/Online Sales Representative Resume Skills

  • Persuasive writing
  • SEO strategy
  • Hootsuite
  • Social Media
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing

Social Media Manager/Online Sales Representative Resume Job Description

  • Coordinated with the customer and account professionals to understand the customer's needs and preferences
  • Investigated target market, television viewing patterns, reading patterns, and lifestyles.
  • Achieved clients' budgets by presenting the optimal plans.
  • Interacted with a media buyer to negotiate a price and reserve advertising space.
  • Developed excellent ties with regional and national media, artistic groups, researchers, and other marketing teammates.
  • Guided and supported new adverts media coordinators to improve their effectiveness.
  • For the firm, prepared a training handbook for advertising media schedulers.

Sr. Social Media Manager Resume Example

Sr. Social Media Manager Resume Professional Summary

Competence in the planning and execution of multi-platform digital marketing initiatives such as SEO, web marketing, social advertising, email, social networks like eCommerce direct reply, software update, loyalty scheme enrolment, public outreach together with user formulated content brand recognition, promotional events, and driving foot traffic into shops in various languages and across 25 countries.

Sr. Social Media Manager Resume Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • WordPress
  • Social Media Marketing

Sr. Social Media Manager Resume Job Description

  • To assess advertising efficiency, we employed Instagram insights.
  • Twitter followers climbed by 45%, while Facebook likes enhanced by 45%.
  • New employees were instructed on Facebook protocols and best practices.
  • Generated social media articles for Twitter, Facebook, and other websites.
  • SEO/SEM tactics were performed and encouraged to boost website presence.
  • Utilizing SEO, SEM efforts, online marketing, virtual tool metrics, and social media tracking, you can ensure the effectiveness of all your digital marketing initiatives.
  • Connection management and relationship development with internal company stakeholders, media purchasing, and electronic creative firms.
  • In charge of upholding workflow, finance, and scheduling norms in the digital arena.
  • Cooperating with relevant people to carry out digital marketing initiatives that promote the business's new and current goods or solutions throughout all media channels.

Jr. Social Media Manager Resume Example

Jr. Social Media Manager Resume Professional Summary

Junior Social Media Manager capable of handling several tasks. Employ competence and outstanding communication skills to suit the demands of the customer and the firm.

Jr. Social Media Manager Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge of trends
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Project management

Jr. Social Media Manager Resume Job Description

  • Generated content, replied to comments, addressed inquiries, and did many other things.
  • Supervised the receptionist area involving welcoming guests and attending to call and face-to-face information concerns.
  • Kept a nice and orderly front desk and reception area.
  • Arranged documents, generated spreadsheets, emailed reports and scanned papers.
  • Provided weekly and monthly evaluations and briefings.
  • Engaged in strategic and creative brainstorming meetings and offered suggestions.
  • Designed, organized, and published an official monthly magazine.
  • Reviewed print and internet text and verified for proper grammar.

Social Media Manager Lead Resume Example

Social Media Manager Lead Resume Professional Summary

I have over eight years of know-how in project management, advertising, sales, and customer relations. As a dependable team member and energetic collaborator, I will soon establish myself as an essential element of your team. I am excited about the prospect of combining my interest, inspiration, and technical competence in a new opportunity.

Social Media Manager Lead Resume Skills

  • Program Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Creative mindset
  • Strategy planning
  • Writing skills

Social Media Manager Lead Resume Job Description

  • Established, administered, and optimized customer presence on social media platforms, and engaged with appropriate bloggers, and insert material into social apps as necessary.
  • Coordinated blogger outreach campaigns and established an active network of brand ambassadors.
  • Developed criteria for assessing the influence of social media initiatives, and monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on campaign success to optimize outcomes.
  • Delivered the customer with frequent reports highlighting the progress of social networks and review websites, statistics, and tactical suggestions.
  • Coordinated with website building and data science staff to ensure that social networking features and layouts were correctly upgraded, optimized, and visible on different customer pages.
  • Directed and instructed peers on social media initiatives and strategy, in addition to contributing to the corporate blog and cross-departmental thought leadership.

Content And Social Media Manager Resume Example

Content And Social Media Manager Resume Professional Summary

Qualified Social Media Content Manager with over nine years of experience assisting companies in improving their internet presence and achieving their advertising goals. Google Analytics accredited and SEO tool expertise with outstanding verbal and written language talents. Proficient in social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Powerpoint, and Spreadsheet. Impressive problem-solving abilities, specifically under time constraints and heavy stress. Effective at learning new analytical applications.

Content And Social Media Manager Resume Skills

  • Data analysis
  • Time Management
  • Writing
  • Content Curation
  • Design
  • Customer Service

Content And Social Media Manager Resume Job Description

  • Maintains and oversees the efficacy of the social media advertising campaign, executes required modifications, and provides detailed information for client review.
  • Acquainted and discussed with clients the social media promotion campaign approach.
  • Performed market research and the viability of the planned marketing strategy was integrated with the budget.
  • Collaborate with the CEO and other professionals to create social media and inbound marketing initiatives for our firm and clients.
  • Investigate innovative methods of engagement and find new social platforms to approach our target consumers.

Key Takeaways

  • Use emotional terminology and striking examples to summarize your sales pitch.
  • Share your significant employment record to indicate familiarity with the business's brand.
  • Explain your combination of hard and soft abilities and particular accomplishments in perspective.
  • Discuss what, how, when, and why specific activities resulted in the intended outcome.
  • Make sure the formatting of your resume is a good mix of professionalism and creativity.
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