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Social media manager skills: Resume and cover letter

A Social Media Manager requires diverse skills to generate compelling social content that transforms followers into satisfied clients. This guide will assist you in establishing the core skills you need to become a social media manager.

What is a social media manager?

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A social media manager is tasked with tracking, implementing, sifting, and assessing a product, brand, company, or even an individual's social profile. A social media manager is known as the 'voice of an organization'.

What are the duties of social media manager?

Social Media Managers build and retain product promotions, business details, and marketing strategies across multiple social media channels for their organization. Ensure that the content material is on record and utilize a digital marketing promotional checklist. They also understand the top social media statistics to concentrate on, how to employ free or paid techniques, and how to address questions and responses by following the corporation's voice and procedures. Social media managers create new content every day to set up to move fresh concepts and layouts and evaluate how well those ideas accomplish. A social media manager has to be current on new developments and corporation and industry news. Social Media Manager positions are in high demand and generally involve a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field. As per Glassdoor, Social media managers in the United States receive an ordinary income of more than $46,000. Here are some of the tasks that a social media manager performs;

  • Keep track of social analytics
  • Construct content for several channels
  • Create a social networking strategy
  • Evaluate and demonstrate ROI
  • Plan social media posts
  • Explore appropriate curated content
  • Interact with the audience
  • Examine and fill the content posting schedule

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List of social media manager skills

Here are the skills you'll have to succeed in this position.


Social media managers write a lot, often more than a dozen articles per day. Also, every social network involves a little distinct writing style. For instance, Linkedin enables a more formal attitude, whereas Facebook is more gentle and enjoyable. SEO copy editing expertise is also very beneficial to have. They develop content that is easily grasped by the brand's target market and encourage a positive attitude.


Social media managers should keep up with the complex and dynamic environment of social and digital media. This contains new evaluation and analytics methods, industry and developments, and monitoring of what the competing companies are doing every day. To maintain pace with trending content, excellent Social Media Managers organize Google Alerts on relevant issues and utilize software like Ahrefs and BuzzSumo.

SEO expertise

Though SEO is thought of as a different division within institutions, that mindset is changing as SEO is now an intrinsic component of content marketing and social media. And SEO can have a significant influence on the content posted on social media. An excellent Social Media Manager understands this and works hard to write SEO-friendly versions for social networks. When they include SEO in their strategy to reach a broader audience that is interested in their products or services, resulting in more prospective clients.

Social media Know-how

It may appear evident, but a social media manager must be skilled in social media! And since these can be discovered over time via observation and experiments, if you want to work for a large corporation, you'll require a few years of experience. The kind of information required to outperform the competitors involves;

  • Recognizing what sort of information works best on which framework. 
  • Identify the various days, times, and days of the week that function best on every channel.
  • Discovering how to enhance material for particular platforms.
  • Understanding of social media monitoring and efficiency. 
  • Capability to interact with an audience via social posts employing the top free audience listening applications available.

Customer Support

When 47 percent of clients favor brands that provide excellent social media customer care, social media managers must ensure they have the necessary skills. Customers turn to social media profiles for assistance in getting answers about goods and services, and if no one is available to respond to these questions their impressions of that company are likely to deteriorate. A competent social media manager recognizes that the social media appearance is the company's online face and voice. As a result, everything they speak about on social media represents the brand. As the corporate face on social media and the individual who will answer at least a few of the texts the business obtains on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, social media managers must have communicative abilities and empathy to assist the clients on social media.

Visual Intelligence

Since written content is valuable, graphic content is also meaningful on social media. A suitable video or picture can be posted hundreds or thousands of times, so you should know how to generate platform-related social media content. Design expertise is useful for social media managers to develop visually appealing images to combine their posts. If applicable, Know Your Meme can assist in maintaining up with the daily advancement of new memes. Video is also a critical feature of social media marketing, so gaining expertise in that area will be exceedingly favorable.

Be Adaptable

Adaptability is necessary for any marketing position, but it is especially valuable in social media marketing. Because the social media landscape changes so rapidly, being responsive is a must. It is not sufficient to be willing to set up posts. You ought to be prepared to experiment with new features and make changes based on patterns and the ongoing testing and analytics that you'd be operating on your posts. Once you have the insights in hand, you must experiment to make the social media function for you. A/B testing can enable to quickly decide which kinds of photos and copy is best for the business – and which don't.

Business acumen

Realizing how to develop likes and shares is excellent, but understanding how social media aligns with the overall strategic planning is even better! A business-acumen social media manager notices the big picture and determines social media's contribution to the organization.

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