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Hair Stylist Resume Example

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How to Write a Hair Stylist Resume

Snipping technique: Create a resume to get your dream work, such as using scissors to cut the hair of the client, and a resume even needs a snipping tool. One client needs a trim, and another requires a total makeover. A hairstylist is a combination of an artist and businessman. People appreciate the skilled hairstylist who works in salon, lounges, spas, on sets, and in the homes of the client. As a new hairstylist, you may feel the job demands enthusiasm of a business person. While a hairstylist will earn a decent income from their job, with experience and using networking skills to build a great clientele. How to get the desirable work you dreamed of in the salon?

You guessed it right, Phenomenal resume. This guide will give you tips on how to craft an impressive resume by discussing the following points:

  • Promote a uniform design that links your resume with your portfolio
  • Demonstrate your soft skills to show you have non-stop entry of the clientele coming inside the door
  • State your knowledge in a way that draws the attention of the salon manager
  • Edit and shape your resume like your hairstyling skills

Knowledge of hair market

Image for part: Knowledge of hair market

Around 10 percent of the world population is estimated to be bald. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over the next decade, due to population growth, the demand for stylists will rise by 8 percent. But within the industry, there is a big controversy about the scarcity of skilled stylists. One explanation is because hairstylists, in a situation known as turnover, prefer to bounce around between salons.

Consequently, this sector thrives well by its entrepreneurial nature and a high scope of work mobility and changing employers.

Profile summary: the game's name

Image for part: Profile summary: the game's name

Quickly, the profile description gives an overview of who you are and what an employer can expect from you. Just screening through your profile description and portfolio, a salon owner can know whether or not you would be a good fit for the business. A well-formatted and crafted summary is a snapshot of your background, style, and education.

Highly skilled in a range of techniques and styles suited to people of all ages and types of hair. A creative person with a strong passion for making people feel the best they can. Knowledgeable of business trends and maintaining a high-end customer list, some of which have been customers for my career length.

Job history: progress in the industry

Image for part: Job history: progress in the industry

To land your dream job, use the previous work experience to match the quality of the salon you are applying. Your past positions illustrate that the talents are tested and polished due to the clients. Your previous experience should reflect the environment of the salon at which you are applying to make sure you get the right salon work. It provides an understanding of your career trajectory and lets a salon manager determine whether or not you are reaching the level of experience to be a part of the organization.

Your previous experience should reflect the environment of the salon at which you are applying to make sure you get the right salon role. You can do by analyzing and identifying between the prior and the current job locations. Do not be upset if you miss out on trivial information that suggests you cannot satisfy the needs of the new salon.

It is safe to keep unrelated things off your resume after two professional job experiences. Note that your target is a one-page, clutterless resume, and there is a price for space.

Achievements are a wonderful thing to include under the heading of your job history. You can measure your knowledge with numbers, including how many customers you see in a typical week or if invited to do special events or show off your talents in a magazine. Any appreciation helps to prove that you deserve to be a part of the salon.

Everyone has to start somewhere, although it can be very demanding to break into a creative industry. You can utilize your acquired life skills to hair design with a little creative thought. Working in the retail sector has taught you soft skills. If you have management skills that you learned at your high school or are well-informed on how to be a professional, include these activities in your resume.

Education: password to success

Image for part: Education: password to success

Although education is not the only factor making a stylist great, it is an essential component in demonstrating your expertise. Anyone can indeed do hairstyles at their home, but a hairstylist is a qualified professional.There is a requirement for a hairstylist to be licensed. To take the test, stylists must graduate from a cosmetology or barber school.

Then complete the number of training hours required in a salon. It will take two years to finish your schooling and training.The stylist exam consists of written, oral, and skills that will enable them to start working with their clients with no supervision. A hairstylist cannot get a job without a license or certification, as it is the key to get your dream job.

Skills: a knack for hairstyling

Image for part: Skills: a knack for hairstyling

As a hairstylist, your expertise in hair is why they care coming back. Now show them in your skills section. Here is one fact: an unpleasant haircut experience can last a long time in the mind of the client. You may have all of the expertise and qualifications, but if your skills are not up to scratch, keeping your clientele would be a tough time. It is necessary to update and improve your skills as new resources become available. To draw new customers and build a reputation as a stylist, stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Creating a Master List is a perfect way to select the right skills to highlight. A master list is bullet-points that you brainstorm to include every job experience and its associated skills. Cherry-pick from the list and choose the best abilities for each role, and add them. It is an ongoing document that evolves and is changing as your career advances

A perfect way to expand your company and be a more inclusive candidate for a future employer is to shift your focus to male clients as there is a growing trend of men's hair color.

The technical abilities allow you to put your hands on a tool. Soft skills are your personality traits and customer service skills.

Hard skills

  • Color correction and care
  • Blowouts, steam and oil treatments
  • Updos and event hair styling
  • Thinning, volumizing and curly hair cutting techniques
  • Eyebrow and beard coloring and care
  • Men and women haircuts

Soft skills

  • Tidiness
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Upselling
  • Hair relaxing
  • Salon management

Layout: establishing touch

Image for part: Layout: establishing touch

Your alternative to get an ideal job is a stylish resume to show off your fire. The formatting of your resume can give the hiring manager an impression of your taste and style. That's a perfect chance to grab this opportunity to impress with whatever you've got and not miss it. Also, match both the salon theme and your cuts when preparing your resume.It's cool to use a bit of color for a stylist resume, and add a picture of some exceptional work of your clients. Combine your online profile page or website at the top of your resume for easy access to your portfolio.

Keep your resume the same as your portfolios, as the color, font, and ambiance. To create a personal style should reflect you and always keep you consistent. Since you will print your resume or submit via e-mail, ensure the format looks well both ways. A PDF file format is best for making sure the layout and design are intact.

hipCV resume builder makes it easy for you to download a resume in PDF format.

Make sure your Instagram account is committed exclusively to hair, and refer the online account link to your resume to show your potential employer about your work and expertise.

Hair Stylist Resume do/donts

Image for part: Hair Stylist Resume do/donts
  • Ensure that your resume is on-the-point
  • Before sending it out to recruiters, take extra time to check your resume
  • Optimize your resume as per the type of work, the appropriate professional experience, or the necessary skills.
  • Do not go completely off the rails with your types of font, odd formats, or colors
  • Do not provide insignificant hairstyling-related data that would lose the attention of the employer.
  • Avoid too much vocabulary or jargon unique to the industry as well.

A successful hairstylist resume illustrates the full range of your skills when meeting the expectations of an employer. If you can do it, there'll be salons that will be asking for your haircare skills.

Key Points

  • HairStylists are now more in demand than ever before. Construct a decent resume to get an ideal job.
  • Write about the latest tools and methods in your skills section to demonstrate your dedication to fulfill customer requirements and improve your style.
  • Customize your experience to suit the salon environment to which you are applying.
  • With a consistent theme, your layout should feature your brand

What are you waiting for, then? It's time to show the world your innovative hair genius. And if you want some guidance making it right, check out our hipCV resume builder!

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