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Security and Protective Services Resume Examples

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Security Guard
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Pointers for Security and Protective Services Resumes

1. Enlist substantial and powerful references

Working in the security and protective services sector ensures you are responsible for contributing and keeping people safe. Your sources are likely to be called, so make sure you have mentioned the right ones. Without getting in contact with the people you have specified, do not let too much time pass. Inform your references so that they can be prepared and able to give constructive testimony to your character.

2. Resume optimization for security and protective services

One of the wise things you can do when it comes to your resume is to take the time to change your resume to suit a specific work. It shows that you are committed to the role you are in and will make you stand out as a candidate. In this service sector, tailor-made resumes express your experience and skill. Focus on successes most closely connected to the current job. You want to persuade the hiring manager by describing what it takes to excel in this position, just as you have been doing in a previous job position.

3. Skills for security and protective services

Add the skill proficiency in your resume as it is crucial in bringing your Security and protective services job application to the top of the pile of applicants. Here is a list of skills for you to add in the resume;

  • Surveillance
  • Excellent communication skills
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Firearms training
  • Crime Prevention
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