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Social Worker Resume Sample

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Brittany J. Lentz

Social Worker

Committed social worker and program manager who is passionate about working with deprived youth and juveniles, such as homeless and special-requirement individuals. Proven t ack record in overcoming adversity such as confined assets and monetary restrictions to create top-quality, cost-effective, and enhanced service options. Capable of establishing community assistance, key alliances, and proactive multiagency collaborations. Supported by strong points in program, professionals, and case management.


Social Worker
BluePearl Specialty, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Worked on a multidisciplinary teams that provided case management for customers in three community group residences. To meet financing needs, I created once a week initiatives and retained paperwork.
  • Developed and executed novel initiatives that benefited customers (aged 18 to 75) by improving their social competencies and self-esteem.
  • Arranged supportive systems and coaching for relatives throughout holiday house visits to identify special issues and make the transition easier.
  • Identified and assessed patients' psychological and emotional states, indicated to the lead case supervisor, and assisted in preventing possible relapses until they happened.
  • Executed psychosocial evaluation interviews with new customers, and follow-up reviews with ten customers every six months.
Social Worker
Allegheny County Pennsylvania, PA
  • Offered visible, considerate customer service, which contributed in all allocated customers remaining qualified for housing throughout their tenure.
  • Attendees were encouraged to complete their high school diplomas/GEDs, get admission in college, or find work.
  • Obtained a permit that permitted the organization to house disengaged youth with kids. The center was reconstructed with childproof security attributes, and a child-care system was initiated.
  • Guarantee kids safety, consistency, and consistency by performing interviews to assist determine suitable courses of action, referring families to necessary services, undertaking monitored family appointments, and getting ready for and participating court proceedings.
  • Confirm that all stages are completed within the timelines specified, and that all paperwork and official reports are exact and submitted as per the regulations.
  • Patients were given the self-administration skills and academic details they required to take part in their therapies.
  • Working actively with students to recognize causal matters, behavioral feedback and their influence, and future decisions in reply to stressful circumstances.
  • In forming behavioral strategies, contacted with applicable lecturers and administration employees.


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
University of Pittsburgh, PA


Child Development Associate (CDA)
Certified in Family and Consumer Sciences (CFCS-HDFS)
Certified School Social Work Specialist (C-SSWS)

4027 Spring Avenue

Plymouth, PA 19462                     

Critical thinking
Active listening
Cultural competence