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Community Coordinator Resume Sample

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Kathleen J. Hood

Community Coordinator

Passionate and committed Community Coordinator with more than five years of expertise dealing with low-income families to provide training to assist local health projects.


Community Coordinator
ITC Holdings Corp, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Used a range of outreach techniques, including email, phone, and in-person interactions.
  •  Outreach initiatives were arranged at the same time, and as a consequence, 100% of the needed funds were raised.
  • Welcomed 12 regular contributor organizations, as a result, the funding objectives for 5 projects were fulfilled.
  • By using carefully thought-out training exercises, volunteers can become organizers within the allotted time frames.
  • Implemented the concept of social media advertising, which led to a 655% boost in the institution's exposure.
  • Proven track record of creating methodical ways to community exposure.
  • Establish and strengthen partnerships with donor companies, support outreach initiatives and programs, and monitor them.
  • Cultivate constant contact with donor agencies and offer donors with data like project statistics.
  • Develop and apply marketing and PR strategy, and carry out office work including arranging travel and mailing to different institutions and contributors.
Community Coordinator
City of Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Managed and updated a new volunteer record containing details on 2000 volunteers.
  • Conducted forums every quarter to listen from the residents our organization serves.
  • Facilitated weekly "goal" sessions with the manager of contributor partnerships, and marketing director.
  • Boosted the number of active volunteers by 45% over the initial two years, and continuing to grow by 15% every year after that.
  • Coordinate all communication process among 350 personnel and 8 divisions.
  • Formed a brand-new volunteer reward scheme that saw a 26% boost in volunteer engagement.
  • Carefully selected monthly volunteer email that featured the experiences and narratives of five different people.
  • Supervised a difficult research and trying to extort effort that uncovered and developed the best possibilities for obtaining funds.
  • Conducted outreach tasks, like making calls, sending emails, and holding in-person knowledge meetings, and informed supporters about program efforts.
  • Produced and reviewed program and event statistics, set up events including fairs and workshops, and responded to calls and provided information.


High School Diploma
Jefferson High School, IA


Human Services - Board Certified Practitioner
First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor

2227 Bailey Drive

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401                     

Data Entry
Time Management
Conflict Resolution
Event Planning
Conference Management
Project Reporting
Program Management
Recruitment Facilitation
Schedule Development
Outreach Coordination