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How to ace phone interview

If you're searching for work, you're likely going to face a phone interview. Businesses choose telephone interviews to minimize the selection of prospective applicants for a one-on-one-interview.

When you're seeking employment, it's essential to be ready for a phone interview. The organizations initiate the interview procedure with a telephone call to evaluate the career prospects of the candidate. Then they decide if the applicant is eligible and measure their involvement in the role. In some contexts, the companies arrange an interview via e-mail or telephone. While with few companies, you can get a random phone conversation asking if you're willing to talk about the position.

You must crack the phone interview to maximize your likelihood of getting selected for the next interview phase. For a telephone interview, you can't rely on the graphical indications, and that is why it's not easy to bag the phone interview. You have to explain your competence for the role, thereby articulating your energy and passion for the organization. You have got a lot to discuss in a limited period. Also, ensure the voicemail is polite and formal.

Firms use phone interviews as a method of assessing and selecting job applicants. The companies employ telephone interviews to verify applicants to limit the selection of participants eligible for face-to-face interviews. A phone conversation is a reliable, low-stress way to decide if an applicant is adequate. It is useful and helpful to cut the cost of recruiting out-of-town applicants. A telephone interview could be the only choice for remote job opportunities.

Tips for preparing for a phone interview

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Like every other one-on-one interview, you have to do your study before talking to the interviewer. Know whatever you can about the business and the interviewer. An interviewer can pose a question regarding your knowledge about the venture. So, be ready to address vital data and core audience. Write a list of your successes and failures and a selection of answers to standard telephone interview questions. Also, ensure to create a series of questions to inquire about the job from the interviewer. Remember that the questions must be regarding the role and indicate that you are ideal for the job. Have the list ready to ask the interviewer.

Spend some time to suit your skills to the job requirements, so that you can explain why you are an ideal applicant for the job. Make sure to check your resume also. Pick a private place for your telephone conversation where no one can disturb you, away from all background disturbance. Have a notebook to write down essential points and to avoid using your keyboard.

Switch off all alerts and mute your device settings and so there is no disturbance during the interview. If you are on your mobile phone, ensure that you have an appropriate signal and have a charged phone ready. If you've taken details about the business, keep them available in front of you. Relax and prepare yourself to talk about your experience and expertise with confidence during a phone interview. Have a resume and cover letter in the vicinity to relate to it during the conversation. Also, keep a copy of the work advertisement and job application.

Respond to the interview call optimistically and enthusiastically. When speaking on the phone, say your name, and the interviewer recognizes that they're talking to the appropriate person. When you are at home, it is tempting to be relaxed, but you have to stay formal. Sit upright, or perhaps even stand up, because it will mirror in your voice. The interviewer will tell you the purpose of the telephone call and a bit about the job before you dive into the questioning. It is best not to interrupt the conversation going on during an interview. Let the interviewer finish their sentence, and before conveying your thoughts, it is better to take a second and construct your response.  

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How to practice for a phone interview

Communicating on the telephone is not at all simple. Training can be valuable, as in a face-to-face interview. It can enable you to rehearse responses to typical phone interview questions, but it will also indicate your strengths and weaknesses while speaking on the phone. Have a practice interview set up with a friend or colleague and tape it to check how you perform during the phone conversations. 

Later on, you can hear yourself and can improve any verbal tics from your communicative tone. It may give you an indication of whether you tend to disrupt or wander while conversing. Check all the information about the phone interview, such as the date, timeframe, and few details about the interviewer. If you miss the interview call, then you have the option to reschedule.

Suggestions about the phone interview protocol

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To make a great impression on the interviewer, here are some useful pointers about the phone interview decorum;

  1. Make sure to respond to the interview conversation yourself. After that, notify family members and roommates that you're waiting for an interview call. Reply with your full name when you talk on the phone.
  2. Most interviewers might like to indulge in a few minutes of casual conversation, while some may get straight into the interview. Allow the interviewer to initiate the discussion, but be willing to speak about any other topics.
  3. Pay attention to the interviewer and do not talk until the interviewer has completed the question. Write everything in your notebook and discuss all the queries when the interviewer has done speaking.
  4. If you require a few seconds to formulate your response before saying it to the interviewer, then take it but try not to leave dead air for a long time. 

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Do's and Don't of the phone interview

  • While talking on the phone, ensure to smile, as it can change your voice and give a positive impression. 
  • Address the interviewer by the Mr or Ms with their surname.
  • Be alert and attentive when the interviewer is speaking.
  • Take time to respond to the interviewer's questions.
  • Write down the points and information, to, later on, talk about it if you have any queries.
  • Have a glass of water nearby.
  • It is vital to stick to the relevant responses to the questions.
  • Do ensure to end the interview on a positive note.
  • Do not have anything while talking on the phone.
  • Do not interfere in between when the interviewer is speaking.
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How to finish a phone interview

The approach in which you finish the phone interview can lay the groundwork for a face-to-face interview and make sure to end up on a positive note. Appreciate the interviewer for taking the time to talk and request them for the next move in the recruitment process.

Tell clearly, that you are the ideal fit for the job role, and you are happy to be a part of the organization. Check for the interviewer's e-mail address to send them a thank you message, and reiterate your enthusiasm for the position. You can include details about some of your credentials that you didn't have an opportunity to discuss throughout a phone interview. Make a note of all the questions the interviewer asked when given a chance for a face-to-face interview, ask your queries. Best of luck!

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