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Google interview questions for Product Marketing Manager

  • Why would you like to be a part of Google?
  • What do you understand about Google's products and methodology?
  • What will you tell at the Google AdSense product conference?
  • Who are Google's opponents, and how is Google dealing with them?
  • Did you ever try the applications or technologies of Google like Gmail?
  • What's an innovative way to advertise Google's trademark and product?
  • How will you promote Gmail to attain 100 million clients in six months as a product advertising manager?  
  • How much revenue do you believe Google generates from Gmail advertisements each day?
  • Suppose a marketer receives $0.10 each time a user clicks on their advertisement. About 20percent of the people visiting the website press on their advertising. How many users ought to enter a marketer's platform to generate $20?
  • Predict the number of senior college students who attend a four-year college and graduate with a career in the U. S. each year.

Google interview questions for Product Manager

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  • How can you maximize the Gmail customer base?
  • What's the most useful approach to get a million integers?
  • How will you relocate Google's products to address Microsoft's competitive risks?
  • Describe the databank to your eight-year-old kid in three words.
  • How many periods per day do the handles of a clock overlay?
  • You've got to move from point A to b. You don't know how to get to point b. What actions will you take to navigate?
  • Suppose that you've got a complete jam-packed wardrobe. It's tough to locate a shirt. So, what would you do to arrange your clothes for a quick recovery?
  • When you watch the clock screen and the time is 3:15, what's the position between the hour and the minute hands? 
  • Describe the technological challenge you've faced and how you fixed it.
  • How can you construct a basic search tool?
  • Construct a San Francisco contingency package.
  • There's an issue regarding latency in South Africa. Detect and assess it.
  • What are the three long-standing problems facing Google?
  • Identify three non-Google online platforms that you regularly visit and enjoy. What were the best features of the application and the functionality of the website? Pick one of the three webpages and vote on what latest concept or idea on which you'd want to focus. How are you going to build it?
  • How can you modify the lift's style if there is only one? What if there's just two of them?

Google interview questions for Software Engineer

  • A guy drove his car to a resort and destroyed his wealth. What do you think happened?
  • Give a general overview of "dead beef."
  • Develop a C program that tests the pace of a framework transfer on the Linux machine.
  • Identify the depth-first graphical presentation traversal protocol.
  • Develop a collection of courses for developing card games.
  • How are cookies transferred through the Hypertext internet protocol?
  • Plan the repository models of SQL for a rental car system.
  • Create a usual statement that fits an email account.
  • You've got eight spheres of the same amount. All others weigh the same, but one of them weighs a little more. How are you going to find the heavier ball?
  • What is the C-language order to establish a link to a global server over the web?
  • Create a query to view the ten repetitive terms in a document so that the application can be useful in some intricacy test.
  • Plan the stack. We like to move, burst, as well as in regular frequency, get the minimal element.
  • In the form of a series of currency denominators, calculate the average portion of coins to make a specific quantity of change.

Google interview questions for Software Engineer in Test

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  • Successfully propose three stacks in a single array.
  • Considering the range of integers that is indexed spherically, how would you locate a specific integer?
  • Write a script to determine the complexity of the binary search tree excluding recursion.
  • Seek the full rectangle for the region below the graph in linear time.
  • Now smartphones have complete keyboards today. Before that, three characters were assigned to a number press. Explain how you're going to incorporate spelling and word recommendations as users write.
  • Define the iterative merge-sort and its execution time. Code the recursive edition in C++/Java/Python.
  • How to decide whether anyone won a tic-tac-toe contest on a panel of any scope?
  • How to model a search tool? If each text comprises a series of phrases and paired with a numerical value, how can you create indices?
  • Provided that there are two documents with a series of phrases, one per side, write a script to display the overlap.
  • What type of data format would you utilize to indicate anagrams of terms?

Google interview questions for Quantitative Compensation Analyst

  • What is the annual average deviation of the stock provided the regular average deviation?
  • How many job applications did Google get for software engineers per year?
  • Where will you launch a new Google workplace, and how will you find out how to pay all staff in this workplace?
  • What is the possibility of splitting a stick into three parts and making a triangle?

Google interview questions for AdWords Associate

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  • How to deal with a marketer who did not recognize the advantages of the AdWords partnership due to weak conversion?
  • How to communicate with an upset or irritated marketer on the phone?

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