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Data Analyst Resume Example

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How to write a data analyst resume

Data analytics is an extensive discipline with numerous job prospects. Data analytics professions might involve the acquisition of particular abilities and knowledge. If you're looking for a job as a data analyst, you should put together an impressive and stellar data analyst resume to enable hiring managers to acknowledge your application. This guide will discuss the job of a data analyst and what should be present in a data analyst's resume.

What is a data analyst's resume

A data analyst resume is a file that includes a potential data analyst's academic and job history, and any other details that may be useful in obtaining a job. If you're composing a data analyst CV or resume, you may add information about your bachelor's degree, any previous employment experience, appropriate hobbies, and qualifications that show you'd be a suitable applicant for the job. A resume can be forwarded on its own, with or without a cover letter, or with an organization-specific job application form.

Things to include in a data analyst resume 

Include the following details on your data analyst resume may enable your application to stand out;

Contact details

This section allows hiring managers to contact you. If they believe your credentials are appropriate for the position, they may reach you for an interview, so add email address and contact number.

Professional summary

A professional summary is a short statement summarizing your qualifications for the job. Generally, this statement is brief but highlights the most significant one or two factors that make you an ideal applicant for the role. For instance, you may mention a professional data analyst with four years' extensive knowledge at ABC Financial institution and a master's degree in data science. It might instantly catch the recruiter's attention and convey that you can perform the job well.


In this section, you may go into greater detail regarding appropriate job experience and explain how it qualifies you for the position. You could mention your last three jobs in those companies and your responsibilities. Even if your past positions didn't involve data analytics, outline them and acknowledge any transferable abilities that might benefit you as a data analyst.  You might also include a section for voluntary work or co-curricular activities.


In this section, you can describe your education, beginning with the latest. For instance, if you have a master's degree, you might list it first, followed by your bachelor's degree. Provide information about the school, university attended, grades, and specialized courses that you think will assist you in your profession as a data analyst.

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A few individuals combine the certifications resume section with the education category, but you might want a different section of your resume that specifies all of your certifications. These certifications might be programs you completed online. If you are putting together your resume and don't have any applicable certifications, you may consider taking online training first.


You may have referred to related skills somewhere else in your resume, but now is the time to highlight the main ones that will benefit you to be a qualified data analyst. Here is a list of data analyst resume keywords for skills;

  • HTML
  • ‌Microsoft Excel
  • ‌Javascript
  • ‌Python
  • ‌Statistical programming languages
  • ‌A/B testing
  • ‌Data visualization
  • ‌Omniture
  • ‌Web analytics
  • ‌Collaboration
  • ‌Project management
  • ‌Critical thinking
  • ‌SQL
  • ‌Machine learning
  • ‌Data warehousing
  • ‌Research
  • ‌Attention to detail
  • ‌Problem-solving
  • ‌Data prep
  • ‌Statistics
  • ‌Verbal and written communication skills
  • Time management
  • ‌System Administration
  • ‌Organization 
  • ‌Risk assessment
  • ‌Database design
  • ‌Tableau
  • ‌SharePoint
  • ‌Regression analysis

Data Analyst Resume Sample

A Data Analyst gathers, functions, and performs a statistical study on the company's different information. Database system, requirement assessment, application development, database efficiency, database security, data upkeep, composing and rewriting database overviews, troubleshooting errors, keeping data storage, designing real databases, and data mining are all part of the Data Analyst job requirements. A Data Analyst's job is to transform simple numbers into plain letters, demand for the position is always high because it can conveniently match into a variety of other areas such as operation analyst, financial analyst, and Data analyst officials. For an entry-level data analyst job, a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is necessary although, a few recruitment industries will take into account a degree in disciplines such as Statistics, Math, or skills associated with this field.

Data Analyst Resume Example

Data Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Talented and qualified Data Analyst with five years of industry experience with excellent analytical skills, organizational skills, and data rendering expertise.

Data Analyst Resume Skills

  • HTML
  • ‌Microsoft Excel
  • ‌Javascript
  • ‌Python
  • ‌Statistical programming languages
  • ‌A/B testing
  • ‌Data visualization

Data Analyst Resume Job description

  • Cleaning and modifying enormous amounts of information into something valuable and profound for particular teams.
  • Generate interactive interfaces and updates for organizational teams.
  • Expertise in keeping track of receipts for transactions and filing for future data references.
  • Utilized Microsoft Publisher to develop new price tags with product information and reports.
  • Obtaining all necessary details and specifications for retail and advertising goods.
  • Interacting with all coworkers on matters of concern via meetings, official communication, and methodologies.
  • Offered technical and procedure user support, and also software instruction to employees.
  • Experience managing and maintaining the advancement and content schedule.
  • Increasing e-commerce transition and sales by maximizing website information and marketing messaging.

Sr. Data Analyst Resume Example

Sr. Data Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Data Analyst capable of tracking, evaluating, and assessing data in a dynamic setting. Extensive experience in boosting appropriate data compilation and distribution channels.

Sr. Data Analyst Resume Skills

  • Python and R
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Data Collection
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Data Visualization

Sr. Data Analyst Resume Job description

  • Applied excel performance to collect, assemble, and interpret information from pivot tables, and to construct graphs and charts. 
  •  Analyzed any errors in claims data in records or dashboards.
  • Responsible for directing the company initiatives to accomplish CQL accreditation and for requirement analysis, configuration, screening, verification, and authorization.
  • Created an innovative Excel spreadsheet to help caseworkers collect information from clients.
  • Devised charts and figures in Microsoft Excel for tracking research results, and completed all necessary analyses to send the research to a journal article.
  • Information gathered from several organizational claims references was explored, assembled, examined, and disclosed.
  • A thorough study of the main trends and outcomes was conducted, and the findings were summarized and displayed to supervisors.

Data Analyst/ Business Intelligence Resume Example

Data Analyst/ Business Intelligence Resume Professional Summary

Insightful and solution-oriented Data Analyst with an education in computer science and expertise in developing, documenting, and delivering processes and technologies. Method-oriented and adept at modifying business policies into more cost-efficient solutions and enhanced productivity.

Data Analyst/Business Intelligence Resume Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Attention to detail
  • Data analysts
  • Data collection
  • Data storage

Data Analyst/ Business Intelligence Resume Job description

  • Data interpretation and communication of outcomes to adequate groups.
  • Extricate, clean, convert, verify, or describe data to understand or draw findings from it for decision-making reasons.
  • Assessing the company's distinctive concerns and requirements to develop appropriately.
  • Assist in the automation of procedures and the creation of numerical business intelligence.
  • Generating and implementing questions to offer business data from diverse data sources.
  • Identify relevant patterns, conduct additional analysis, and create visualization tools in the shape of charts and tables.
  • Develop processes and scrutinize data to improve team effectiveness, expandability, and profitability.
  • Creating dashboards to detect performance and speed up issue resolution.
  • Gathered data and list formation for marketing efforts and customer communications.
  • Engaging in the configuration and development of relational databases for data collection.

BI/Data Analyst Resume Example

BI/Data Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Data analyst with seven years of expertise. Extensive experience evaluating and assessing data to boost development for a healthcare company. Operating costs were decreased by 18%. Provide the information, data management, and business intelligence necessary to make decisions.

BI/Data Analyst Resume Skills

  • Data Science Research Methods
  • Research Data Management
  • Statistical Computing Methods
  • Experimental Design & Analysis
  • Data Structures
  • Regression Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Technologies

BI/Data Analyst Resume Job description

  • Offer valuable assessments to our members to assist them in making decisions.
  • Scrutinize and locate business data to determine interrelation and trends between different data points.
  • Develop and produce data reports with reporting techniques to assist corporate executives in making decisions.
  • Make informative clinical studies available to network clinicians and supervisors.
  • Document variations in application, clinical research, and patient contentment.
  • Cooperate to assess the clinical outcomes of various quality enhancement and cost-cutting initiatives.
  • Analyze patient attributes that are linked to specific health outcomes or prospective use.
  • As necessary, perform thorough inspection and performance reviews.
  • Team up with data systems to create and implement reporting tools that meet a wide range of needs.

Lead Data Analyst Resume Example

Lead Data Analyst Resume Professional Summary

Data analyst with over nine years of professional experience acquiring, coordinating, evaluating, and distributing numerous kinds of statistical numbers. Enthusiastic and confident communicator capable of disseminating data in a clear, cost-effective, and beneficial manner for end customers. Innovative in solving problems and establishing changes for ideal utilization of organizational data.

Lead Data Analyst Resume Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Math skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Data Warehousing
  • Advanced-Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Lead Data Analyst Resume Job description

  • Gather information from the sales, advertising, and accounting departments to aid in the formation of a corporate structure.
  • Arrange, quantify, and visualize information throughout departments for use in determining the achievement of existing technologies.
  • Provide comprehensive feedback on the significance of obtained information to representatives of management and assist them in identifying circumstances based on changes in the data.
  • Upper management was given bi-monthly data processing observations to utilize when making corporate decisions.
  • Collaborated with colleagues on data collection, organization, and interpretation.
  • Utilized enhanced calculations to reach inferences about data results.
  • Helped superiors describe data and compile it in a structured way.
  • Every quarter, detailed information was addressed to upper management.

Senior Data Analyst Resume Example

Senior Data Analyst Resume Professional Summary

IT specialist with over eleven years of experience as a Data Analyst and software execution assistant. Looking for a challenging role where I can put my demonstrated database assessment, problem-solving, and effective interpersonal skills.

Senior Data Analyst Resume Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Relational databases (MySQL)
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Pattern and trend identification
  • Data mining and data QA
  • Database design and management

Senior Data Analyst Resume Job description

  • Documented analytics objectives and utilized advanced Google Analytics functionalities to obtain customer data, evaluated social media to decide, recognize, and translate client behavior, and conducted extensive study and assessment of all available data.
  • Using Microsoft Excel, prepared and formed analytic findings on client perspectives like user geographic venue, and age groups.
  • Results were reported to top management to help guide critical product judgments and enhance brand awareness and client base.
  • Data management expertise is essential to describe results in a manner that sounds reasonable to end users.
  • Create forecasts for a range of situations to aid departmental specialists in determining future choices about the organization's success.

Key Points

  • Include your data analyst qualifications, education, and experience.
  • Keep in mind that you need to be capable of paying close attention to minute details if you are composing a data analyst resume.
  • Remember you recheck your data analyst resume and cover letter thoroughly.
  • The main conclusion is to customize your data analyst resume to the job requirements.
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