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Data Analyst Resume Sample

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Kathy M. Davis

Data Analyst

Methodical and task-oriented data analyst, with extensive understanding of database systems, research methodology, and big data acquisition, filtering, manipulation, and visualization. Provide analytics, statistics, and business information to aid in the development of opportunities, process improvement, and business expansion.


Data Analyst
Pearson, Raleigh, NC
  • Assessed survey statistics on the UI panel to check that the survey software was successfully deployed and that abnormalities in the data were examined and rectified in a timely way.
  • Investigated the German mobile media industry to update German mobile studies, confirming that the relevant polls were updated to represent the highly dynamic mobile market.
  • To increase overall survey reliability, I transcribed the questionnaire form, replies to open-ended questions, and feedback in German edition web polls and subjectively examined the data.
  • Interacted well with multinational teams from the United Kingdom and Canada to create new poll methods and designs.
  • Completed statistical analysis to use the findings to support brand decision choices and survey improvement.
  • Simplified reports and eliminated paper permission forms to streamline the case report type billing approval procedure.
  • Supported principle researchers and study organizers globally with computerized data input.
  • Merged with diagnostic test teams to create and manage clinical research data gathering and processing databases.
Data Analyst
Vanguard, Charlotte, NC
  • Formulated and constructed statistical research algorithms on massive data sets, such as Teradata, that increased internet sales by up to 15% for every product and reduced cart abandonment by 23%.
  • An 18% decrease in transportation expenses results in a $1.8 million yearly savings.
  • Increased demand forecasting resulted in a 19 percent reduction in backorders to store partnerships.
  • Specific group and BI studies were performed, resulting in a 20% increase in sales.
  • Utilized statistical evidence to have a better knowledge of client behavior, demographics, and lifecycle. Data was provided to assist drive the company's actions, which has already garnered $1 million in early investment.


MS in Data Science
North Carolina State University


IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
Amazon AWS Certified Data Analytics
Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate
Cloudera Certified Associate

2333 Diamond Street

Asheville, NC 28801                     

Microsoft Excel
Machine Learning
Data Visualization
SAS Enterprise Miner
Google Analytics