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The income and salary is growing along the progression of the careers. In our time of digital marketing, the career path in various fields are emerging around and the salaries are also different in various fields. The Salary Calculator can be great source for finding your income and the salary in matter of seconds. Business and commerce are offering the best career opportunities for fresh graduates. A business professional can pursue a career in many fields like marketing, sales, accounting, Human resource management (HRM), and digital marketing experts. It can prove to be a good source of income for them, the online assistance can be great in finding your monthly income The Salary Calculator is a good option for calculating your monthly salary. In this topic, we are discussing and the various fields and the competitive salaries.

Marketing Manager

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The marketing manager is critical for the growth of an organization, their role is to implement the key marketing strategies an organization, wants to get revenues. Use the Salary Calculator to find your salary and the extra income of the marketing managers. The marketing managers are responsible for the advertising and the comparative marketing strategies of a company. The marketing managers are actually the face of an organization and they are well-paid people in the organisation. The employee data indicates business professionals get the highest median annual salary calculation as compared to other professions. The average salary of marketing managers typically falls between $99,638 and $130,364 annually. It can be varying in various parts of the world,but it is around this range.

Financial Manager

The financial manager takes care of the financial problems  of an organization. The whole accounting process and the daily traction of the ledger are controlled by the financial manager. The financial managers have usually experienced accountants and have experience in balancing the ledger of the organization.  They also foresee the goals and revenue projections for the organization. Their role is critical as they advise the organization, on how they can cut their expenses and improve their profit margins. The online salary calculator indicates, they are earning a handsome amount of income annually and monthly. The financial managers also give their expert opinion to various organizations, to manage their financial issues, and they charge separately for it. The Financial manager salary is around $112,432 and $141,933, when calculated by the Salary Calculator.

Human Resource Managers

Human resource managers are also responsible for creating the Job description and Job specifications of different jobs. They are actually recruiting employees and are critical for the progression of an organization. They are also defining the salary and compensation package of various jobs. They are also defining the responsibilities of employees and creating new job positions when the organization is progressing. The Job description and Job specification are vital documentation about a job. The average salary measured by the Salary Calculator is around $59,953 per year or $28.82 per hour in the USA.

Public Relationship Manager

Public relationship managers are important for creating an image of the organization in the business world.  The public reaction managers are developing relations with lenders and various organisations to get more financial benefits. They are also finding new clientage for an organization. The Salary Calculator can predict what are their future predicted income, they can also use a salary calculation to manage their personal expenses. You can calculate the income by salary calculator of public relationship managers by the Salary Calculator. The average salary of the public relation manager is around $82,985 per annum. You can choose the public relation manager job as it is one of the most progressive jobs around. This job is enforced by the emergence of social media and the digital world.


The changing business world is creating new job opportunities for job seekers. But it is required that you get the relative education and the knowledge of a particular job. The business offers the best career opportunity for students, there is no point in being static, try to boost your knowledge by doing a professional diploma in different business fields like Import and Export or Digital marketing management.

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