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Go Developer and Other IT Specialists Salaries: a Comparative Analysis by Country and Continent

Did you know that startup businesses and large enterprises are looking to hire Golang developers more than ever? This is because of the fast-paced and exponential growth in the number of Golang programmers over the past five years. This upward trend in the growth of Golang developers is sure to continue, which is why a lot of employers are constantly asking about Go developer salary.

Are you considering hiring a Golang programmer and pondering about the Golang developer salary? Are you wondering if now is the right time to begin learning it? If you have these questions in mind, then you can use this helpful guide to get an idea of the typical Go programmer salary and a list of the variables affecting the Go language developer salary.

Golang Developer Salary By Location

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If you are looking to hire a Golang developer, you need to consider the location of the developer. Some locations are friendlier to companies that are looking to cut hiring costs. At the same time, there are locations that are also great for companies that do not want to spare any expense. Estonia has a low cost of living which means that the cost of hiring there will be lower than that found in western countries. Even though Estonia's hiring costs are lower, the country still boasts of technological advancements and talented developers.

Now, let us look at a good Golang engineer salary on a country-by-country basis. The salary for a junior developer in the USA is about $79,000. A mid-level developer will charge about $107,000, and a senior Golang developer salary in USA will be $130,000 annually.

The salary for a junior developer in Estonia is about $45,000, and a mid-level developer will charge about $75,000. A senior developer will charge $98,000.

In the UK, a junior developer will charge $72,000, while a mid-level developer will charge $105,000. A senior developer will charge about $121,000.

In Hungary, a junior developer will charge about $40,000, while a mid-level developer will take about $69,000, and a senior developer will charge about $91,000.

Based on Experience, What Can a Go Developer Earn?

If you are looking to hire a Go developer, it is also a good idea to hire based on experience.

Junior Developers

A junior developer is usually the least experienced in the field. Although they may have earned a certificate or certification in computer science or software engineering, they have not held a professional programming position. They are frequently just beginning their careers and are still getting the hang of being a part of an engineering team. A junior developer can earn anything between $79,000 to $130,000 in the US. Click here to learn more about Junior developers.

Mid-level Developers

This level of developers has a few years of development up their belt. They are also sometimes specialized in an area of development and can use multiple programming languages on different platforms. A mid-level developer knows how to deploy their applications in production environments successfully. They can also build tests for their code effectively. Mid-level developers also tend to be more knowledgeable about industry best practices. So, when it comes to creating new software products or reworking ones that already exist, they can keep your company from breaching any legalities. One of the advantages of hiring a mid-level developer is the fact that they won't be needing the same kind of micromanagement as junior developers. However, it is still a good idea to keep an eye on them as they work. The usual salary range for mid-level Go developers is between $110,456 and $142,902 annually. Click here to read more about mid-level developers.

Senior Developers

Senior developers are like the black belt masters in Kung-fu. They are called senior developers for a reason. A senior developer doesn't need micro-management and has a tremendous amount of experience working with different programs on different platforms.

Senior developers are required to possess exceptional leadership qualities, robust problem-solving capabilities, and in-depth knowledge of the technology they are working with. Additionally, they are frequently the most in-demand developers because they bring a wealth of expertise to the table and have no trouble managing challenging projects. Their salary range falls in the range of $135,000 and $264,000.


As Golang programming makes more inroads in the tech world, the need for experienced Golang programmers will increase. So, if you are looking to hire a Golang developer, having an idea of a Golang developer salary is definitely where you want to start. Thanks to outsourcing, you can always hire capable hands from countries where the developer rates are affordable.

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