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How to use pull marketing in job search

You've likely noticed the analogy: a job hunt is a marketing tactic with you as the product. Your job-hunting approach is your promotional tool, and your professional communications techniques are your marketing leverage. A competent campaign zeroes in on particular goals with focused marketing messages centered on a potential career brand and supported by unique verifiable points.

Do you prefer to be "approaching employers" when seeking a job, or have hiring managers pursuing you? The response is simple: if you had an option, you'd prefer having companies chasing you! Yes, you have an option, and you can make this happen. You can undertake the job hunt in a manner that companies are fascinated with and begin the process by contacting you. Take into account all of the conventional ways of promoting yourself in the job hunt by submitting resumes, applying for positions digitally, participating in career workshops, uploading your updated resume, contacting employers, and networking.

There are two options to communicate your message in the marketing industry. One strategy is to submit or "push" your assets to your targeted audience explicitly via product samples, on-site mockups, and email. The other option is to naturally persuade your target audience via "pull" techniques such as in-store sales, online giveaways, and Fb "like" initiatives. Promotion, newsletters, YouTube videos, and blog entries are used to achieve this.

Push marketing

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The push/pull marketing distinction also applies to job hunts. If you are like many job applicants, you are acquainted with and even convenient with push job hunt advertising, which is the process of directing your promotional materials to your intended market through hiring managers and potential employers;

  • Using job listings or corporate websites to post resumes for available positions.
  • Apply on the company's website to submit job applications.
  • Submitting emails to hiring managers about your candidacy.
  • Connecting with employers and hiring managers on LinkedIn.
  • Without a particular introduction, reach a target company with tailored career communication platforms.

Pull marketing

Pull marketing in a job hunt entails meeting your target audience where they operate and enticing them to review your social media account, asking a resume copy, or contact you. Rather than guessing interest in you, you develop it and offer avenues for people to gain knowledge about your brand. 

  • Developing referral connections with headhunters by promoting other applicants for roles that the search professionals are looking to fill.
  • Creating keyword-rich LinkedIn profile posts two to three times per week.
  • Starting your blog or contributing to company blogs.
  • Since push marketing is more straightforward, it is also exaggerated to saturation. Pull marketing is much less specific and undervalued, making it an excellent way to generate enthusiasm in your applicant in the chosen industry.

Importance of pull marketing in job search;

Build online networking with brand descriptions

Hiring often can feel like seeking a needle in a bunch. By disseminating your brand via proper social media, you establish brand "outposts" that can direct hiring managers and organizations to your brand "HQ".

Improves your Google search ranking

Hiring managers use Google to find or research applicants far more regularly than most job applicants understand, so achieving a best-ten ranking for your brand is a huge accomplishment. It's also useful if your digital identity is tainted by negative links or is mixed up with somebody else.

ATS is utilized to screen out incoming applicants

As 50 percent of resumes posted through job listings and official websites are evaluated and never seen by a human. Pull marketing methods enable you to attract the attention of employers and hiring managers in value-added aspects while also distinguishing yourself from thousands of other applicants.

Introduces interviews and job conversations at a greater level

When you submit a curriculum vitae for a job, you have instantly concentrated the conversation very soon in your acquaintance, You might not have the chance to speak about other positions in which you could help that recruiter. Pull marketing expands the discussion at the outset, allowing you to interact with employers and hiring managers before narrowing your emphasis to particular titles or positions. It can aid you to gain access to conversations about the kinds of positions that'd best utilize your skills, expertise, and qualifications.

When the employment market is tight, competition for positions rises exponentially

In this case, pull marketing can help you stand out in a populated environment. When the job market is tight, businesses must work harder to find qualified applicants. In this scenario, pull marketing can facilitate new possibilities by positioning you as the applicant to beat. Pull job search marketing is simple to understand, core activities can be digitalized to assist you in achieving a broader impact in your initiative when you only have a short period to find a different job.


Pull marketing is an excellent method for encouraging potential employers by utilizing channels like LinkedIn, blog posts, and social networking sites. Pull Marketing is regarded as associated with a promotional campaign but it serves a unique goal- job hunting- as opposed to the formed hiring process in which the prospective employee uploads their resume to job boards or businesses for hiring. Your interpersonal skills will determine how effective you are with the campaign. Using the pull marketing tactic raises the potential worker's recognition and trustworthiness in the industry. Several job candidates use industry forums to leave comments or write pieces that will capture the attention of a prospective hiring manager. Hiring managers and businesses use Google search to find the ideal candidate. An applicant whose name appears in the leading candidates of the search feature will be outlined as a viable applicant. Networking offers inspiring network recommendations that can be used to approach companies and hiring managers for upcoming job openings. The network connections could come from anybody, from peers to supervisors to work colleagues. Your resume is also submitted in a pile of job applications. Though, several resumes posted via job boards go unaddressed and unrecognized by the human being. As a result, it is preferable to apply Pull Marketing methods to get noticed and recognized by businesses and employers.

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