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Tips for declining a job offer

Although you applied for the position in the hopes that it might fit, often a job offer won't work. Or maybe you're in a situation where you have two opportunities presented to you at once. And it's never simple, there are instances when you must reject a job offer. It's great to receive a job offer, which is a pleasant confirmation that your abilities and qualities match the needs of a certain organization. However, before you jump at the opportunity to accept it, consider whether it fulfills your requirements. As it's crucial to understand if the new position isn't a good fit for you and to grasp how to politely decline a job offer.

Conduct one quick assessment

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It's worthwhile to take one last second to be completely assured that you are not keen on the position before you provide your final response. After all, if you decline a job offer, there is no turning back. A recruiter will likely move on and contact the next applicant they have in mind the instant they hear "no." A company is unlikely to recruit you after you have just declined their offer. Rejecting them and then changing your decision gives the impression that you aren't committed to the organization long.

Avoid ruining professional relationships

Several warning signs may make you unsure of the position or the company. Unpleasant worries can be raised by a disjointed hiring process, hazy promotion opportunities, or the idea of a long trip to the workplace every day. And occasionally, listening to your inner voice is beneficial. Whatever the reason for your consideration, you have already demonstrated a keen interest in working for the organization, therefore you are in the uncomfortable situation of having to decline the job offer. The interview process is a two-way assessment stage, so keep that in mind. Each applicant that is interviewed won't receive a new employment offer from the organization, so don't feel bad if you decide a position is not a good fit for you. However, the secret is to know how to turn down a job offer such that your reputation as a specialist is unaffected. You don't know when you might run across the prospective employer again, and at some point in the future, you might have a different perspective on the business and decide you still want to work there. So it's wise to avoid ruining relationships.

Clear up any questions

It could be worthwhile to discuss any questions you have with the recruiter before you reject a job offer. There's no reason to feel awkward or guilty about it. The employer would likely prefer to take a little longer to locate a long-term worker instead of having to find someone to substitute for you if you left the company soon after joining it.

Respond fast

Prevent holding out the process if you're convinced that you want to reject the offer. Even worse, don't let the recruiter wonder if you're eager to accept the position or not. When you've made up your mind, inform the organization right away that you want to reject the offer. By making your goals clear early on, you give the employer the option of moving on to the following applicant or starting the application process over again.

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Be polite

Even though you might feel awkward about declining a job offer, doing it courteously will do wonders for your image. If you decide to appreciate the recruiter for the chance and for taking the time to speak with you and write an email, then do it.

Be brief

All it needs to reject a job offer is a few written words or a quick discussion. It's unnecessary to go into great detail as to why you're declining the position. It is sufficient to say something as straightforward as "considering where I am in my job at this time, I have chosen to turn down your offer." Mention that you have accepted another job offer that is appropriate to your career aspirations if you have obtained a better one. In any situation, refrain from criticizing the corporation, the recruiter, or the position.

Keep in touch

Offer to connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn or through other business channels, shows that you are still interested in the organization. Alternatively, if you and the employer talked about upcoming occasions, such as an industry event, during the interview, you might want to add that you look forward to reuniting with them at the event. The crucial thing to remember is that even though the position might not be ideal for you right now, you might work with the organization sometime in the future, so it's essential to maintain cordial relations. Addressing it in your rejection letter is the first step if you truly want to maintain contact with a business going forward, but it's usually not enough. Likely, the consultant won't remember you if a job becomes available in the next six months without any more communication from you. You must put in more effort if you want to truly stand out in their minds. You might wish to send a follow-up email or text after declining the job offer to reiterate your interest in the organization, list the roles you could be open to in the future, and indicate when you might think about going through the interview process again. This will encourage them to consider turning to you.

Turning down Job Offer Email Example

Dear Mr. Krasinski,

I appreciate you considering me for the post of Social Media Manager at ABC Company. I've determined that at this moment, this does not align with my career aspirations.

I genuinely appreciated our discussion and the conversations with your team. I've been grateful for the chance to apply and be interviewed for this position. Wishing you future success as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Clara Marshall


Rejecting a job offer is a significant and possibly stressful decision. But when it boils down to it, everything revolves around how you manage your relationship with the organization. If you adhere to the suggestions above, you should be able to decline the offer while still maintaining excellent relations with the business.

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