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What are the signs of a good resume

If you're beginning your job hunt or require a significant revamp, the key to a successful job search is an excellent resume. Although, writing one is not a simple task because many job seekers realize that catching the hiring manager's attention takes much more than an outstanding CV. Recruiters will notice your CV or resume if you include these points. Here are some signs to check whether your resume is good or not;

Describing your achievements

Image for part: Describing your achievements

Recruiters aren't interested in what you believe about yourself. They want to see outcomes. If you are a problem solver or a team leader,  show it by providing statistics to back up your statement. Accomplished, trained/mentored, supervised, developed, addressed, contributed, persuaded, increased/decreased, negotiated, revenue/profits, and succeeded are a few keywords and descriptors that attract potential employers. 

Qualifications, certificates, and abilities

Image for part: Qualifications, certificates, and abilities

If you have any credentials, affiliations, or awards related to your employment, listing these on your resume will show the company how competent you are for the position. Make sure to highlight key achievements in a concise, prioritized manner, such as summarising your credentials and years of relevant experience in your profile statement. You can further provide detail in your education/skills portion or point out honors awarded to you based on your job or corporation.

Image for part: Providing a link to further resources

Hiring managers can discover more about you if you add information on your website, LinkedIn profile, or online portfolio, without messing up your resume by wanting to fit a lot of information into a confined space. Add only the crucial details and employment records relevant to the position in your resume. And save secondary data, for instance, irrelevant volunteering opportunities or individual project work for your digital platform, implying that there is much more to understand about you as a potential employee.

Circumstances and achievements

Image for part: Circumstances and achievements

If you are working for a large organizations, you would want leverage on that status and prevent recruiters from misunderstanding your performance for that of a small business. Providing a framework for your knowledge and successes, such as business size, market influence, or revenue growth, helps explain to hiring managers the scope of your experience and if your achievements will transfer well to their business type, culture, and objectives. It also positions you as a lot more competent job prospect, which is a big plus.

Excellent use of space and content

Image for part: Excellent use of space and content

An employer spends less than 8 seconds on a resume, and a solid piece of information on the document is more prone to be skimmed than reading, but bullet points and snippets are more likely to be viewed. Even your bullet list must be a minimum of two to five details in each section. It will provide a more all-round view of your employment, with equal weight placed on each job. And the beautifully written structure of your resume will enable simple readability, which can grab the attention of recruiters.

Keywords for job descriptions

Image for part: Keywords for job descriptions

 As job applicants submit online job applications nowadays and it goes via ATS that evaluates resumes before passing them on to employers, it's critical to ensure that the ATS will validate your resume. It is a process to save hiring recruiters time and prevent reading unnecessary applications, but it may also screen out yours if you don't fit the qualifications. Add keywords from the job posting in your application and spray them in every section of your resume. It will ensure a natural, appropriate CV that displays well and integrates you with the corporation's preferences and priorities.

Adding numbers and statistics

Image for part: Adding numbers and statistics

Including statistics, analytics, and facts in your CV, instead of simple words, is one of the ideal ways to make it shine out. Adding data draws attention to the resume, making it more intriguing and, as a result, more certain to be read thoroughly! And you don't have to be in marketing to put numbers. It's something that you can do in any field and profession. Assume you work for a law firm and are in charge of its accounts on social media. It has nothing to do with marketing, but you might create bullet points like;

  • Increased online followers by 102 percent
  • Maintained a weblog that was read by 1 million people every month.
  • Posted 5 articles every week

Customize your resume for the job role

Image for part: Customize your resume for the job role

It is one of the essential aspects of what constitutes an outstanding resume. Despite this, job applicants ignore it, and they don't receive the interview call. Recruiters are reviewing your CV with their unique job criteria in mind. And if you are not tweaking and customizing your resume depending on the job requirements, you may be missing out on interviews. If you aren't receiving job interviews, then you may have to rectify it right away.

Proofread your resume

Image for part: Proofread your resume

 You may also not get interviews if your CV has mistakes or glaring faults. Ensure you edit it thoroughly or ask a friend or family member to assist you. If you are doing it on your own, here are editing tips;

  • Briefly alter the font to anything out of the ordinary. It aids in the detection of mistakes. 
  • Rather than beginning at the top, reread each sentence from the bottom up.

Elegant and professional resume

Image for part: Elegant and professional resume

Ensure to design your resume in a current, proper manner. Don't go crazy with colors and design features to the point of making it confusing, but it must look as if it is state-of-the-art. If your design appears outdated, or if you're still utilizing an out-of-date typeface like Times New Roman, it's time for a revamp like a Calibri font.

To-the-point resume

Image for part: To-the-point resume

You must be able to clarify and defend why every item on your CV is relevant. How does each bullet point assist a recruiter in determining if you'd be a better match for the position or a competent employee? Every statement should persuade the hiring manager that you are the ideal applicant for the job. Although there is no set number of pages for a resume, it should not be any more than necessary to present the essential facts that would compel a recruiter to consider you. If you add too many details or fail to cut the document down to the most relevant aspects, the recruiter may disregard your resume or not review it with interest.

While it may appear that creating your resume is a lot of work, but the considerable time and effort necessary will be well valuable when you are identified as a fantastic prospective recruit and can begin the recruitment process smoothly.

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