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Construction Manager Resume Sample

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David V. Boyer

Construction Manager

Excellent expertise in managing new building and restoration projects for large enterprises and industrial builders. Thorough knowledge of construction and safety rules, standards, and assessment compliance. Proficient in cost estimation, building designs, and drawings.


Construction Manager
Central Arizona Project, Phoenix, AZ
  • Offered project planning, budget predictions, and cost analyses.
  • Checked logs, prepared reports, and approximated recovered soil volumes.
  • The digging timetable and operations were executed and supervised.
  • Competence to assign contractors and on-site workers in a variety of challenging and sometimes hostile work environments by making important decisions when necessary to minimize project delays.
  • Weekly and monthly reviews with full development estimates and before and after images of individual units are sent to purchasers and investors.
  • Engaged in 2-3 more capital development projects for the L&K Residential property. Receiving and assessing different offers for new chiller, furnace, and underground reserve tank replacement operations at various locations.
  • As the project develops, conducted plumbing and building assessments.
Construction Manager
Intel, Phoenix, AZ
  • Facilitated viability and proposal tours for Building Contractors, and the job was allocated suitably.
  • Construction designs were evaluated and revisions were made as needed. Conversed with ABC businesses about the plans and confirmed that all building prerequisites were included.
  • Established an accident investigation procedure to minimize the repetition of occurrences and to provide a quick reaction to incidents across many sites.
  • Initiated and administered on-site assessments and assessments of all sites' performance.
  • Participated with regional security advisors and management on workers' compensation matters, fast claim resolution, and direct application of health and safety measures.
  • Top management received documented assessments and updates on operational outcomes.
  • Generated and cultivated a culture that reflected a dedication to an injury- and illness-free working environment


Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ


Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

4151 Dye Street

Tempe, AZ 85281                     

Problem Solving
High-Budget Projects
Commercial Construction
Financial management
Risk management
Residential Construction