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Fashion Buyer Resume Sample

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Jackie M. Sullivan

Fashion Buyer

Committed, motivated business expert with retail expertise in fashion. Detail-oriented creative thinker with a love of clothing and accessories. I'm looking for a career in fashion buying to help me build my organizational and creative talents.


Fashion Buyer
Efashion Paris, Aubervilliers, Paris
  • Identified vendors, and agreements for product fulfillment handling and arranged supplier communication.
  • Processed orders and the stock was correctly dispersed.
  • Participated at trade fairs and seminars to remain up to date on industry norms.
  • Facilitate the tracking of sales and margins by negotiating with vendors and taking advantage of marketing possibilities.
  • Every year, join market trips to pick products for 151 stores around the nation and abroad.
  • Create purchasing plans that involve sending suppliers units every season and per delivery.
  • Generate sales tabloids that highlight the most recent trends in a certain region to target military families both on and off-site.
  • Coordinate monthly photo sessions and attend trade exhibits and fashion events to showcase the firm.
  • Produce suggestions for clients and collaborate closely with suppliers to design and procure products.
  • Discuss with the team the budget and the products for each season and construct new business acquisitions.
Fashion Buyer
Ralph Lauren, Paris
  • Assist in budgeting and allocating cash for new outfits.
  • Investigate and compare different fashion suppliers in contexts of pricing and fashion-forwardness.
  • Reduce corporate costs by locating lower-cost, higher-quality wholesalers.
  • Establish a good relationship with a significant fashion distributor.
  • Get a 17 percent discount on apparel on average.
  • Construct a trend forecasting system that increased revenue by 55% in two years.
  • With fresh layout concepts, we enhanced the store's visual appeal.
  • Reduced material expenses by 22% by obtaining better offers and negotiating terms.
  • Collaborated with suppliers to reduce lead times by 25%.
  • Maintained supply chain adherence with our initiative to purchase in smaller batches while decreasing inventory expenses by 29%.
  • Settled a 20% cost decrease on all inbound shipments with shipping providers.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Paris School of Business, France

91, rue Nationale

75006 PARIS                     

Interpersonal skills
Materials sourcing
Fashion design
Inventory management
Plexis POS