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Financial Advisor Resume Sample

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David M. Russel

Financial Advisor

Responsive Financial Advisor and can interact with both commercial and personal customers with spectacular results. Promotes success by always extending one's technical knowledge foundation, without burning bridges with any form of interaction, and always having a responsible attitude. Offers to communicate with others and to resolve their difficulties.


Financial Advisor
Deloitte, GA
  • Performed equity analysis on firms to identify inexpensive investments with decent long-term development potential.
  • Coordination of portfolio evaluations with customers to analyze an investment's efficiency towards meeting established long-term financial objectives on a regular basis.
  • Customers and potential clients were given investing and financial planning workshops.
  • Developed new clients through a personal, in-person strategy that stressed personal attention to the specific investor and established trust.
  • Discovered existing and prospective clients in search of financial advice, then proposed investment alternatives tailored to each individual.
  • Supervised an office setting by coordinating with an assistant to keep the workplace running smoothly.
  • Once a week portfolio modifications were sent to the senior portfolio manager for execution in client accounts.
  • Contributed to the creation of a technique for tracking the team's own investment strategy and company management indicators.
  • Functioned in a variety of cutting-edge wealth management system products, including Thompson One, and client connection technology, like Salesforce.
Financial Advisor
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A, GA
  • Supported high net worth customers with targeted modeling techniques to decrease costs, beta, and inconsistent risk while increasing alpha.
  • Designed and built portfolio alternatives for top-level corporate leaders at Fortune 500 firms, involving bespoke investment monitoring and stock option awards to advisory activities.
  • Devised new investing models and asset allocation methods for client accounts.
  • Strategic decisions for existing assets and loan services, and qualifying plan options, and corporate 529 programs, were proposed to small and mid-cap enterprises.
  • Thorough portfolio evaluations were conducted to examine goals and predicted investment efficiency.
  • Authorized marketing activities such as website upkeep, newsletters, print advertisements, and client events.
  • Periodic retail and corporate workshops for clients and prospects spotlighted a guest speaker.
  • Clients' queries concerning the goals and specifics of financial plans and strategies were acknowledged.
  • The sorts of operations to be offered and the duties to be assumed by the private sector have been specified and recorded for clients.


MS in Financial Planning
University of Georgia, GA
BBA in Finance
Georgia Southern University, GA


Personal financial specialist (PFS)
Chartered financial analyst (CFA)

1673 Elk Creek Road

Alpharetta, GA 30201                     

Economic Assessment
Trend Forecasting
Resource Management
Market Analysis
Portfolio Management
Profit Optimization