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Warehouse Worker Resume Sample

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Darryl S. Mandell

Warehouse Worker

Enthusiastic and dependable warehouse worker with previous expertise in transportation and receiving. On stock and supply management, accomplished a 100 percent precision rate. Competent of working in dynamic surroundings with various product categories.


Warehouse Worker
Senox Corporation, TX
  • Accountable for handling massive quantities of data and accurately entering details in the system to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Employees are being trained on a regular basis in order to increase production.
  • Created new processes that resulted in fewer mistakes.
  • Collaborated with the internal warehouse manager to make sure that all device was in good working order.
  • Maintaining a hazard-free working atmosphere resulted in fewer accidents.
  • Every day organized over 300 consignments by department and material form.
  • Evaluated order slips and went via the storeroom to collect items for shipments.
  • To discover products for clients and finish orders, a computerized order fulfillment system was utilized.
  • Confirmed that not only my designated area was supervised and up to passing standards, but I also kept an eye out for everyone else to ensure that no staff member was left behind.
Warehouse Worker
O'Reilly Auto Parts, TX
  • Obtained in business shipment stock to be restocked afterward all across the storage facility Every day, I was in charge of 400-500 parts of inventory.
  • To maintain customer loyalty while adhering to corporate policies, guarantee that any inadequate product is broken out of the store inventory.
  • Inspected, confirmed, and audited goods, and entered data into a remote information terminal.
  • Assured that the merchandise acquired was not destroyed or flawed.
  • Other relevant tasks and responsibilities were instructed.
  • Warehouse job paperwork and records were recorded and retained for submission to managers.
  • Matching volumes and products dispatched with the invoice.
  • Volunteered to serve committees to assist staff members in better understanding worker requirements and making recommendations for improving the work setting and performance.
  • Ensured a safe workplace via a clean working space and routine device assessment.


High School
Ronald Reagan High School, San Antonio, TX


Standards Professional Certification (CStd)
Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
Operator Certification
OSHA Safety Certificate


Class D driver's license

766 Cinnamon Lane

San Antonio, TX 78258                     

Record Keeping
Cleaning Equipment
Attention to detail
Forklift certification