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5 Best Practices for HR to Recognize Remote Workers

We live in a constantly changing and evolving work landscape. With the increasing prevalence of remote work arrangements, HR teams must become familiar with effective methods of acknowledging and appreciating these employees to ensure that they feel appreciated. Giving proper recognition to your remote employees can have long-term benefits such as higher morale and job satisfaction, leading to improved productivity, incentivizing team growth, and creating a sense of community within the organization.

To help you address this challenge, we’ve put together five effective practices that any Human Resources department can implement when recognizing the achievements of their remotely based staff. So let's get started!

Establish an online platform where remote employees can easily access recognition

Image for part: Establish an online platform where remote employees can easily access recognition

With the rise of remote work, it's easy for employees to feel disconnected and undervalued. That's why it's important to establish an online platform such as the Terryberry employee recognition platform where remote workers can feel valued.

By providing a space for employees to receive recognition for their hard work, companies not only boost morale but also show their appreciation for the contributions of remote workers. This platform can take many forms, whether it's a Slack channel dedicated to employee recognition or a digital bulletin board where managers can publicly acknowledge outstanding work.

Regardless of the specifics, making recognition accessible and visible to remote employees is a crucial step toward building a positive and engaged workforce.

Encourage peer-to-peer recognition with meaningful awards and incentives

When it comes to recognizing and appreciating your colleagues, nothing beats the power of peer-to-peer recognition. It's a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. However, it's important to note that not all programs designed for acknowledging and appreciating employees are of equal value.

To truly make it meaningful, it's important to offer awards and incentives that resonate with your team. Whether it's a thoughtful gift or a personalized message, these rewards go a long way in fostering a positive and supportive work culture.

So why not encourage your team to recognize each other with meaningful awards and incentives that truly showcase their value and contribution to the team?

Create a virtual suggestion box to collect ideas from remote workers

With the rise of remote work, it can be challenging to gather ideas and suggestions from all team members. But creating a virtual suggestion box can be a great way to collect valuable input from your remote workers.

This tool can provide a platform for employees to share their ideas, no matter where they are located. It can also help employees feel more connected and engaged with their team, knowing that their opinions and ideas are being heard and valued.

By implementing a virtual suggestion box, you can foster a sense of collaboration and innovation within your remote team, leading to improved productivity and success.

Have regular check-ins with remote employees to ensure they are feeling appreciated and valued

Working remotely can be a great way to get things done, but it can also be lonely and isolating. That's why it's important to have regular check-ins with your remote employees to make sure they feel appreciated and valued.

These check-ins should be more than just a quick chat about their tasks for the week. They should be an opportunity to connect and show your appreciation for all the hard work they are doing.

Whether it's a weekly Zoom call or a quick check-in text message, taking the time to show your remote employees that you value them goes a long way in building a strong and positive team culture. So stay in touch and keep communicating, and watch your team thrive!

Make sure to include the HR manager resume when compiling best practices for HR to effectively recognize remote workers.

Celebrate special accomplishments

It can be easy to overlook the importance of celebrating special accomplishments or milestones achieved by remote workers. Acknowledging and valuing the diligent efforts of these workers can significantly boost their morale and motivation levels.

Whether it's a big project completion or a work anniversary, a small gathering or social event can go a long way in showing remote workers that they are valued and appreciated.

Offer rewards that recognize excellent performance

At its core, recognition is one of the most powerful motivators in the workplace. And while a simple "thank you" can go a long way, there's no denying that tangible rewards can be incredibly effective at driving excellent performance. Whether it's a gift card to a favorite restaurant or an extra day off to recharge, these small incentives can make a big impact.

Not only do they show employees that you value their contributions, but they also provide a concrete way to measure success and progress. Encouraging your team to aim for higher accomplishments can be accomplished by giving them rewards that are both significant and pertinent, thus establishing a culture of excellence.


In this era of remote work, corporate recognition programs need to rise to the occasion and keep up with virtual workforce demands. Employment satisfaction has proven to be directly tied to employee recognition, giving companies a great incentive to invest in such policies.

By strategizing with the five best practices listed above, HR departments can ensure that they’re properly recognizing their remote employees and creating a happier, more productive workplace.

Moreover, companies should never forget that even small gestures of appreciation go a long way in motivating and engaging their staff—whether it's an online message board full of high accolades or simply celebrating a job well done over Zoom.

This type of effort in recognition will show your team you have taken the initiative to stay connected and most importantly—that you genuinely care.

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