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Comparison chart for top resume builder tools 2020

Resume builders are dynamic online resume templates that enable you to add in data and develop a comprehensive resume. Follow these steps and tips to create a resume using a resume builder:

  1. Select a resume maker you prefer. (find our Resume builder comparison chart below) 
  2. Ensure your documents, for example, your resume and the job requirements of the position you are applying for, are available. 
  3. Follow the instructions from the resume creator tool that you pick.

List of top online resume builder tools

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These are the top resume builders that you can access online;


HipCV is an online resume builder application with a lot of tried and tested resume templates and functions that accelerate the writing process. HipCV is an easy, responsive resume creator that makes resume writing simple. It's quick and easy to access our resume maker. We're going to ignore the section where we say we're giving you loads of suggestions and pre-written phrases that you can choose to include. Also, our templates are employer-friendly and industry-related. Our pricing is very reasonable with regards to other resume builder tools. When you subscribe to the pro plan, an additional feature to upload a photo is available.


You can build your resume, as they offer a lot of pre-made designs from which you can pick, and those templates probably have all the consistency needed to create the CV. It's pretty easy to access, and they have tools to support you in every aspect. There are several alternatives for the layout, but very few make better use of the space available for your details. Decorative resume layouts with multiple columns drastically cut down on your keyword-enhancing material and your contact details.


Their tool provides support for resume building. You can also construct curriculum vitae and cover letters, aside from resumes. The range of templates is small, and yet, they are customizable, meaning there are many choices, and you can select from their templates. Industry-specific templates are missing in their software. The free version of Zety lacks any download features. Many of the Zety designs have columns, unusual patterns, ability evaluation star or bar scores, and other design defects that might mislead an ATS scan.

My Perfect Resume

Their resume maker is a simple-to-use application with pre-written sentences, and it contains a built-in spelling check. They offer alternatives for customization, and downloads but they are minimal. Their editor does not provide images in any of the templates. And, also Industry-specific templates are missing in their application. 

Here is our guide on what is the best resume builder?


Are Zety and Resume.io free?

You can create your resume or cover letter via their designs, but you will require to pay $2.70 for a 14-day trial period if you want to download the final version of the cover letter or resume. Resume.io tool works well, but they let you create a resume and a cover letter at a price.

Which resume builder is better?

MyPerfectResume and Zety provide the same pricing options, like cover letter samples and pre-written material, and also the functionality. Both tools often lack designs unique to the industry. That's why you can try HipCV, as we have a reasonable pricing structure as compared to other resume builders. And we offer industry-specific resume templates.    

How much does the HipCV resume builder cost?

HipCV resume builder tool has free trial and offers a 3-month subscription for only $24 as well as an annual subscription for $48.

How do I contact HipCV?

You can email us at support@hipcv.com.


Resume Builder tools are useful for arranging the data and understanding more about what is standard on resumes. Since resumes vary by country, it is essential to note whether a tool prompts you to include relevant details. For job hunting performance, resume builders can be a perfect jumping-off platform, so carefully choose a resume builder tool when designing your resume for a job position. Check out our blog post on HipCV resume builder.

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