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How to write an impressive CV

Consider your CV to be your professional proposal - a sales pitch that addresses all of the employer's inquiries about you. The extent to which you provide the viewer with the details they need to form an educated assessment might influence whether or not you receive that interview call. Your resume must also pass any preliminary ATS software that discovers qualified applicants depending on the usage of relevant keywords.

Customize your CV for every job role you qualify for by emphasizing valuable perspective and removing irrelevant information.

It covers why you are looking for this position, with this specific company, and in this sector. Also, how can you contribute to the company, and if you have what it takes to succeed in the job?

How to format and create an Impressive CV

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  • Contact information - Begin with the fundamentals, like your name, mobile number, email account, and LinkedIn profile URL.
  • Professional statement - Outline your relevant experience in 4-5 lines. This synopsis should showcase your worth and assist you in differentiating yourself. Rather than explaining what you want from your future employment, emphasize what you can provide. Employ keywords from the job requirements to help an ATS discover a match.
  • Skills  - Outline the techniques, abilities, and qualifications essential to the role you're seeking. Include keywords from the job posting in this section as well.
  • Achievements - Next, mention your significant career accomplishments, backed up by facts, figures, or references. Remember that this is an overview designed to capture the recruiter's attention by showcasing your ability to bring value to the business.
  • Work experience - It is the most extensive area of your CV, with positions provided in reverse-chronological order, starting with the most current. Also, add the names of the employers, as well as their jobs and primary contact information. It is critical to measure your achievements. Rather than just outlining your tasks, concentrate on the quality you provided in each position. This CV section should convey the tale of your distinct abilities and successes. Consider your most promising features for each job and offer clear, measurable proof for each. Using action verbs like "directed" or "supervised" might help you with this. These verbs compel you to concentrate on what you accomplished and your outcomes in each job, demonstrating the worth of your experience. Prevent using overused clichés in your CV since they might take up precious space. However, give samples of your work to show off your abilities. Keep in mind that the evidence is in the outcomes. We also recommend that you avoid gaps in your job experience. For instance, if you took a year off, worked on a temporary job, or traveled for three months. You joined or ended a position might also raise red flags, so don't simply mention only the years putting "2015 - 2016" might be regarded as a job from December 2015 - January 2016 except if you specify differently.
  • References - The hiring manager asks for references if your interview goes well or if it is stated in the job description. Otherwise, there is no need to provide references.
  • Document format & structure - Because most companies will put your CV into their system, ensure that it is in a generally accepted form. Since a creative CV may seem excellent, images and unique typefaces might be challenging to parse for an ATS.
  • Educational qualifications — Make it short by mentioning the degree received, graduation year, the name of the university, and a one-line description.
  • Grammar/spelling checks - Make sure to check for any grammar errors in your document, as it's the first impression your future employer will have about you, so make it count. If feasible, have someone review your work for spelling, formatting, and typing problems. 

Lastly, if desired, include or send your CV and cover letter. Unless otherwise specified, you are not required to submit proof of credentials, certifications, or recommendations. 

Points to know when Preparing your CV

Image for part: Points to know when Preparing your CV

By the time the hiring manager reaches the end of your CV, they have decided to include or not add your CV on the interview list. Here are some more pointers to assist your CV to get the employer's attention;

  • Customize your CV for every job position - Your resume must indicate that you meet most or all of the job requirements to receive the interview call. Tweak your resume for every role you apply for by emphasizing relevant experience and removing unnecessary facts. You should also prove that you are excited about this opportunity.
  • Provide concrete results -  As previously said, giving proof to back the statements you put on your CV brings it to life and proves the worth you might provide to the viewer. But, not every position provides for the type of assessment that permits you to display your competence. Including links to your LinkedIn page and online professional portfolios can also enable readers to form a complete image of your skills.
  • Incorporate keywords from the job requirements - Your CV must also pass an applicant tracking system (ATS) that finds specific applicants depending on the utilization of relevant keywords in their CV. As a result, make sure you integrate keywords from the job posting so that a scanning algorithm recognizes you as a perfect fit.
  • Don't polish your employment gaps -  If you've taken time away from your job to explore or educate, don't polish it or try to conceal it in your resume. But, describe how you utilized that time to add significance to other aspects of your life or expand your professional expertise.
  • Precision and accuracy -  Making a determined attempt to maintain your CV is glitch-free sends another indication to the employer that you might be the qualified candidate for the position. Most of all, proofreading will create the impression in the viewer's mind that you pay attention to detail. The truth is that a small error might result in your job application get disapproval, therefore review your CV at most once before submitting it. Always double-check your structure, spelling, and grammar and verify that all of the hyperlinks are working.

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