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5 Tips on How to Write a Student Resume

A well-crafted student resume can make all the difference when it comes to landing that dream job or internship. However, putting together a resume can be a daunting task. That's why we've compiled 5 valuable tips to help you create a winning student resume.

What to include in my resume if I don't have experience

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You don't have to flinch at the phrase that not all employers consider applicants without experience. First, you can indicate that you were in the army or had training. Secondly, you will discover many useful skills by digging into the depths of your memory.

Was a class or group leader? Be sure to mention this fact because it speaks to your leadership skills.

Was helping the kids in your neighborhood with their homework? That's great! Then you have experience in tutoring.

Have you done pro bono work at animal shelters or nursing homes? Include in your resume a line about volunteering because it characterizes you as a person who is not only responsive but also stress-resistant, communicative, and responsible.

Be sure to list (if any) such items as participation in competitions and case championships, courses and training programs, internships and diploma/course projects, and knowledge of foreign languages. They will set you apart from other young candidates who don't pay attention to self-presentation. Have you studied influence tactics on your own? Necessarily indicate them in your student resume!

5 tips on how to write a student resume

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Don`t lie on your resume

In the American sitcom “Friends”, Chandler taught Joe not to lie on his resume. The same applies to you. Don't write that you've mastered different recruiting tools, understand SEO, or speak French if you have only a passing knowledge of these skills. The principle is like in court: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Lies are uncovered quickly. Sometimes, a test assignment is enough. Professional HRs conduct interviews and know how to scan the person sitting in front of them.

Pay attention to the contact email address

Email addresses like "chamomile@..." or "noreply@..." should be avoided. The employer can conclude that you're not serious. The best option is to use your last name as a nickname: "alex.27.02.2005@...", "weber_thomas@...".

Add photos to your resume

Many students publish resumes without photos. But recruiters look through hundreds of applications daily, and those with a portrait of the applicant automatically catch their eye. The main thing is to choose the right photo—no pictures from parties and beaches, dark glasses, glasses of red wine, or hookah. Business style and a relaxed, friendly expression are appropriate.

Proofread your resume before saving it

You should proofread your resume before saving it and responding to the job. Spelling mistakes and annoying typos are not the best way to make a first impression. You can turn to Essay Tigers as they have broad experience editing different documents.

Write several resumes

Suppose you plan to intern in the legal department and simultaneously work as a part-time promoter/animator/courier. In that case, creating two (three, four) resumes with different headings makes sense. When parsing the responses, the employer primarily pays attention to the relevant applicants.

If you have no time to write resumes, you can hire an expert. Resume writing services or Entry level resume writing service can help you create varying resume formats for you to choose from. These professionally created resumes can increase your likelihood of being shortlisted for an interview because yours stand out from the rest.   

When applying as a student, write a cover letter

Show your interest to the employer and send a cover letter in addition to your resume.

You should not use generic wording such as "Please consider me for the position..." or "I'm the professional you're looking for...". Both options don't demonstrate your interest in the company and don't describe you as a professional. On the contrary, they indicate a formal approach. And the employer can conclude that this will manifest itself in the work. 

You should write individual cover letters. When responding to a particular position, carefully examine the requirements for applicants. In the cover letter, briefly highlight your qualities or knowledge that will demonstrate to the employer that you can perform the duties listed in the job opening.

By the way, some employers do not consider a resume without a cover letter. Some employers arrange applicants a kind of attentiveness test: they indicate a code word in the job description, which should be mentioned in the cover letter or the response. So you should be attentive when reading job descriptions.


A well-crafted student resume can be a powerful tool in your job search. Following the tips outlined in this article, you can create a resume that effectively showcases your skills, experiences, and achievements and positions you as a strong candidate for any job or internship. 

Remember to keep your resume clear, concise, and tailored to the specific job or industry you're applying for. And don't forget to proofread and edit your resume before submitting it to potential employers.

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