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How to write a contractor cover letter

Devoting too much time to fine-tuning resumes and overlooking providing a cover letter as a piece of their application is a common error by job seekers. As a job applicant, you must never overlook the importance of a cover letter. Cover letters are usually the most underused tool in a job seeker's toolbox. Knowing how to prepare an ideal general contractor cover letter is just about as significant as knowing how to write an impressive resume.

Since you might despise the idea of not writing one, your cover letter offers an excellent chance to summarize, particularly what makes you the best candidate for the job you want. It is here that you can explain to your prospective employer why you are a better match for both the position and the corporation - where you can reveal your character and offer the recruiters a sense of you as an individual, not just your abilities and talent. 

Outline for writing a contractor cover letter

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Here is an outline when writing a general contractor cover letter;

  • The cover letter must be optimized to be read by the prospective employer advertising the position.
  • Demonstrate that you have properly reviewed the job description, regarded it, and recognized what is expected of you as a job applicant.
  • Be succinct and well-formatted, precisely integrating your experience to the criteria of the advertised job.
  • Keep the length of the to no more than 3-5 paragraphs.
  • Be optimistic and confident, and you'll entice the viewer to look over your job application and communicate in the recruiter's language.
  • Include a call to action that encourages the prospective employer to reach you to set up an interview.

Pointers for writing a contractor cover letter

Below are some of the pointers to follow when preparing a contractor cover letter;

Address the hiring manager

Wherever possible, personalize your cover letter, you could be compelled to employ a variation on 'To whom it may concern' as your opening sentence. But there is no proper method to demonstrate your inclination for the job in the organization than by investing some time to discover who marketed the role and acknowledging the letter straight to them. You can typically find the recruiter's details on the job posting generally in the 'contact us' section or try searching on the industry's career site or through your Linkedin platform to see who has listed the position.

Introduction paragraph

The cover letter is the initial point of contact a hiring manager has with you, long before they check your resume. So when writing the contractor cover letter, introduce yourself and provide the recruiter with a context of who you are and, more specifically, why they recruit you for the position. Spend some time emphasizing your crucial experience, taking special care to describe your proven skills and how they correspond to the job description's criteria. Illustrate how your qualifications and experience fit what the company is seeking and how you differ from other candidates. Also, add strong action words and keep your letter's general tone confident.

Second Paragraph

One of the most common errors when drafting a cover letter is making it all about yourself. However, to stand out from the crowd is to do extensive studies on the corporation you want to join and pepper your cover letter with details that only someone acquainted with the organization may know. Visit the business's website and look for the most recent company news. To begin, go through the careers page on the company's website and discover what distinguishes them apart as a brand.

Closing paragraph

The final paragraph in your cover letter should be a powerful call to action, influencing the hiring manager to review your resume and call or email you to set up an interview.

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Mistakes to avoid when writing a contractor cover letter

Here is a checklist of things to remember when constructing a general contractor cover letter;

  • Examine your cover letter for spelling and factual errors. Utilize spell check before sending your cover letter, and have a friend or colleague you trust review the letter.
  • Don't copy and paste text from the resume into your cover letter.
  • A cover letter is a chance to highlight your character, whereas your resume is more authentic, so ensure your tone and terminology express you as an individual, not just your knowledge and abilities.
  • Make sure that the hiring manager reviewing it doesn't have the time to read a lengthy letter, so keep it brief and concise.
  • Don't indicate any other jobs you've applied for. Many job hunters apply for multiple positions at the same time, but it is critical not to say this in your cover letter as you are attempting to persuade this corporation to recruit you.
  • Once you've spent the time writing your initial cover letter, it may be enticing to reuse it for all potential job applications. Your cover letter should demonstrate that you recognize precisely what the manager expects from you as a potential applicant and that your experience and competencies fit those listed as criteria in the job posting. Because no two job listings are alike, the terminology in your cover letters must always represent these differences.

Contractor Cover Letter Example I

Dear Employer,

As an experienced and dedicated contractor with over 9 years of experience supervising the workforce through project life cycles, from beginning to end, I am capable of making a significant impact on your organization.

My experience includes managing all components of a project for a broad range of business and housing construction projects while adhering to defined legislation and customer needs and constantly staying on time and under budget. I am ready to proactively boost your team because I have developed and targeted my competencies in quality checks, strategy development, and team management.

My credentials involve the following;

  • Managing the achievement of repair and restoration projects worth up to $3.6 million for both business and residential customers; specifying project perspectives, cost estimates, objectives, and deadlines; and accomplishing continuously high degree of consumer satisfaction.
  • Purchasing and supplying materials, acquiring required permits, making sure building standards comply, assessing costs, and arranging bids are all part of the job.
  • Organizing and monitoring subcontractors successfully, inspiring workers to offer exceptional reliability and high-quality products and services while keeping them on task and compliant.
  • To ensure the achievement of residential and business projects, work efficiently with architects, contractors, city representatives, designers, and vendors.
  • I have displayed top-notch organizational and communication skills.

With my commitment to accomplishing unmatched project success, and my outstanding time management and interpersonal skills, I think I would be a great asset to the team as your next contractor. I'm looking forward to talking more about the role with you. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Yours Sincerely,

Steven M. Smith

Contractor Cover Letter Example II

Dear Employer,

I'm writing to apply for the position of General Contractor at your corporation. I've been in the construction sector for over fifteen years and have heard nothing but wonderful things about your commitment to quality jobs and craftsmanship. This is why I am applying to your company to learn new skills and share my expertise to boost your performance.

After examining my resume, you will notice that I have worked as a General Contractor for AHK Consulting Group for the last 10 years, managing a diverse range of big projects for enterprises and personal residences, and in collaboration with state and local large scale projects. I have a Construction college education from Iowa State University and am well-versed in a range of commercial and residential techniques, devices, and materials.

With exceptional managerial and delegation skills, I have skillfully monitored teams of over 150 people. I am an excellent negotiator with excellent interpersonal skills who consistently deliver high-quality results on time. I am confident that your construction company is the right fit for my qualifications and experience. I look forward to speaking with you in detail about the job.

Yours Sincerely,

Steven M. Smith

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