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Is it preferable to send a resume in Word or PDF

When you are prepared to send a digital edition of your resume, you have two choices: link your resume as a Text file or as a PDF. Although both are appropriate, it is essential to recognize the distinction so that you can pick the optimal file type for your requirements. In this post, you will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using a PDF or Word file when submitting your resume digitally or adding it through email.

Should you send your resume in PDF or Word format?

Many businesses will accept either a Word doc or a PDF file, so the choice is yours. However both file formats have advantages and disadvantages, PDF is generally the best option. Submitting your resume as a PDF preserves the formatting and ensures that the file appears precisely as you expected. Review the hiring manager's specifications before sending your resume. Some companies will indicate the type of file you must send, and in that scenario follow their instructions. Submitting a PDF when they requested a Word document may give them a bad image of your willingness to follow instructions.

When should you use a PDF file format?

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In most cases, you must send your resume or CV as a PDF. An exception to this principle is if the company expressly requests a precise file form, like a Text file. Mostly, the job advertisement will make clear the format in which you must send your resume. If you are completing a digital application that requires you to add your resume, you can see guidelines that illustrate which file formats are appropriate, including the use of a PDF editor if necessary. If you cannot discover that the company has any priority regarding the file format, then sending a PDF is the better option. But, if at all feasible, indicate that you are ready to submit a Word doc if that is more convenient for them. However, there's not matter that even if your CV is loaded within Word (doc or docx) format, you can easily convert it into PDF by using an online Word to PDF converter. You can navigate to the free Word to PDF converter which lets you convert MS Word file to PDF document without any quality and layout distortion. 

When you should use a Word document?

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Submit your CV as a Text document if the recruiter requests it. Some businesses still choose Word docs, and they have valid purposes for doing it. They could be utilizing an ATS application that only fits with Word documents. In that sense, submitting a PDF may risk your opportunities since the ATS technology may not recognize the key phrases in your resume. Big companies tend to use an ATS, so verify to view if they do before submitting your resume. 

Advantages of PDF file

PDF formatting is suggested for designers and artistic specialists because it allows them to make their curriculum vitae graphically unique.

  • Easy availability. Because a PDF structured resume can be opened on any virtual machine or browser, the company is likely to access your curriculum vitae from anywhere. The ease of formation is one of the chief factors for the PDF format's wide acceptance nowadays. A large percentage of apps allow you to save your existing file as a PDF, enabling you to easily copy, share, or transmit the PDF file anywhere. 
  • No risk of virus. PDF is suitable for organizations that do not want to download attachments because it minimizes the risk of viruses. There should never be ties to outer attachments when sending a curriculum vitae in PDF format.
  • iOS and Windows integrations. Irrespective of the operating system used by the prospective employer, the PDF resume will make your resume easily readable with no gaps.
  • Flexible. PDF resumes can include visuals, distinct formatting, and stylish fonts without interfering with the recipient's default layout.
  • PDF format looks exactly as expected. When you save a curriculum vitae in PDF format, it presents in the same format that you stored the file in. In brief, once you've finalized your resume, you can't make any unplanned or intentional changes to it.
  • Professionalism. The PDF file has a very professional image too. Consider about all the instances you would have to present a report somewhere or submit your resumé, received some crucial documents from somebody, or uploaded an invoice from a company. There's a high likelihood that all of these were in the Pdf file. It is mainly due to all of the reasons mentioned above, which make the PDF appear to be a professional instrument in use.

Disadvantages of PDF file

  • ATS Incompatibility. Because ATS does not recognize key phrases in PDF format, your resume is unlikely to be regarded as applicable.
  • Mistakes in software. In a PDF file, ATS software skips over unique structure and innovative graphics, resulting in a broken resume.
  • Inaccessible Readability. Since your hiring manager requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to access or even confirm your credentials on a Pdf document, it may be flagged as spam if the previous software is not available.

Advantages of Word Document

A resume formatted in Docx format is best suited for any job application. Most normal hiring processes and candidate data import applications, like ATS, accept the global form of MS Word formatting.

  • Universal Integration. The normal resume layout, Word file, is compatible with electronic devices such as smartphones and computers.
  • ATS Regulation. Resumes created in MS Word files are easily obtainable by ATS software to discover relevant accomplishments and skills necessary for the job provided.
  • Limited Flexibility. With a text document, you can stylize your resume with various fonts and font layouts such as bold and italics.

Disadvantages of Word file

Multiple variations of the file may render it unreachable. Word resumes do not maintain the creator's layout unless the creator's edition of MS Word is similar to the receiver. When resumes are opened on iOS, the same law applies as when they are introduced on Windows.

  • Virus threat. Word resumes may be turned down because email attachments are not favored by all hiring managers due to the high danger of contracting digital viruses.
  • Involuntary deletions. It is probable for the recipient to adjust and modify your resume document in doc format, either intentionally or accidentally.
  • No flexibility. Word provides various fonts and visual options for formatting your resume, but you don't have the artistic freedom to involve graphics because it screws up the resume framework.

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