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Paralegal skills: Resume and cover letter

While not going to law school or qualifying as a paralegal, becoming a lawyer can be a rewarding job opportunity in the legal sector. To assist law companies, governmental entities, private companies, and nonprofit groups with their legal requirements, such experts employ diverse abilities. When you apply for paralegal employment, discovering more about the expertise this career involves will help you strengthen your application, increase your talents, and create a strong resume. This section outlines paralegal competencies and provides details of useful paralegal skills.

What are paralegal skills

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When operating in a supporting capacity in the legal industry, workers with paralegal qualifications are more likely to thrive. In addition to assisting lawyers with case organization and record keeping, paralegals also assist them with research study, customer and court coordination, and legal record preparation. A paralegal's job may demand a wide range of abilities, from knowledge of legal terms to multitasking prowess. Since they complete the majority of their activities on computers, many paralegals succeed at communication and possess a solid understanding of technology. Most paralegals collaborate closely with lawyers, conducting research and evidence analysis to support legal claims. These experts may possess superior abilities that allow them to manage the administrative requirements of cases concerning interpreting legal papers.

Paralegal skills

The following abilities could be beneficial to list on a paralegal resume;

Organizational abilities

Generally, paralegals assist attorneys in maintaining case management. They might manage electronic and paper filing methods, update customer data, monitor time and charge clients, schedule appointments and activities, and make travel arrangements. Those who are precise and appreciate organizing things into systems may succeed in this area of their work.

Paralegals must be well-versed in the legal procedure and also in standard legal jargon and protocols. They will be better able to comprehend requirements from lawyers, decipher legal papers, interact with the court, and clarify details for customers if they can accomplish this. By evaluating the facts and replying to discovery requests, being familiar with fundamental legal ideas can assist you in creating documents like agreements, motions, and pleadings and getting ready for depositions and hearings.


Solid communication and writing abilities may help paralegals succeed in their jobs. Since paralegals communicate with numerous individuals, including clients, employees, and lawyers, they must be able to ask pertinent questions and convey complicated ideas simply. To make sure you're competent, you might also improve your active listening and reading proficiency abilities. Good language skills are helpful because these individuals are in charge of preparing legal communication such as letters and pleadings. Providing your customers with immediate phone and email replies can also improve the way you support them.

Time management

Paralegals may need to have strong time management abilities. The multiple dates imposed by the court are normally followed by these specialists. A paralegal may have to manage several instances and initiatives at once, so being able to establish and convey priorities is essential. The capability to recognize which activities are essential may enable you efficiently meet the requirements of the law companies since paralegals sometimes support numerous professionals managing numerous clients. It's advantageous if these specialists can effectively organize other people's time as some lawyers organize conferences, phone calls, and interview appointments.

Technical skills

Tech-savviness might help you stand out as an applicant for paralegal positions. Legal program is often used by paralegals to keep track of customer data, produce reports, and charge for time. You might be able to compose papers and letters by following court rules if you can edit papers and transfer files. Paralegals must be proficient in applications including word processing programs, data handling software, and email systems.


Professionalism is the most crucial quality of the best paralegal. All across the world, paralegals are working to obtain the job, as are regional and national paralegal organizations. A strong background of professionalism is required for a successful paralegal job. A paralegal can fulfill their responsibilities to a high standard by comprehending the value of professional and moral capabilities.


Paralegals need to be able to identify, record, arrange, and manage everything an attorney needs if their employment involves working with a lot of documents. Competent paralegals allocate a lot of effort to structuring and creating thorough duty assignments to streamline their productivity. Paralegals need to be flexible with their commitments if they want to maintain organization. To complete all elements of a work, being professional occasionally requires juggling multiple personalities and stepping beyond your safety zone.

Tips for enhancing paralegal skills

Here are some pointers that could aid you in developing your paralegal abilities;

Take a job as a legal assistant

Several individuals begin their careers as legal receptionists or assistants before moving on to the position of paralegal. You complete administrative duties as a legal assistant by making notes during meetings, writing client letters, handling attorneys' schedules, keeping archives of discovery papers, upgrading client data, and producing reports. A number of these duties are similar to those of paralegals, so taking on this entry-level position can assist you to become more acquainted with the legal sector.

Do some legal research

Look for materials that teach fundamental legal principles to improve your knowledge of the court process. You can learn more about subjects including discovery, depositions, petitions, and sentencing by studying publications and articles on the law, joining educational seminars, and speaking with legal experts.

Obtain a paralegal education course

You can prepare for a job as a paralegal by enrolling in one of the many training courses offered by institutions, universities, and technical colleges. You may study several aspects of law, such as torts, criminal law, and family law, along with the steps that court proceedings require. Most of the fundamental tasks of the industry, including preparing legal papers, utilizing technologies, and conducting research, are often included in such programs.

Understand ways to use applications

By reading educational materials, viewing tutorials, and getting practice with standard legal systems, you can learn in-demand technological expertise on your schedule. To improve your skills using applications including word processors and email, you might make use of free materials. You may want to think about enrolling in an online school to qualify you for more difficult legal degrees. The presence of formal qualifications on your job application may indicate to hiring managers that you are capable of taking on the duties of the position with less training.

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