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US resume format

The significant number of jobs in the US demand to send a résumé along with your application. While resume requirements in the United States may differ from those in other nations, all resumes generally include contact details, a summary of your best abilities, an overview of your education, and details about your employment record. When applying for jobs, understanding what to put on a U.S. resume might make you distinguish yourself from recruiters. In this guide, we describe what is a U.S. resume and suggestions for writing one.

What is a U.S resume

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A U.S. resume is often a single-page record outlining your professional experience and academic credentials that you provide to hiring managers when you apply for a position. Usually, the resume format is in reverse chronological order. Your contact details must be on your resume, but you typically don't have to provide any further personal data like your gender or marital status.

Things to consider when writing U.S resume

Here are a few guidelines for writing an effective American resume;


You must leave a margin of between 0.5 and 1 inch on both sides for a normal American resume. Reduce it to one page, unless you have a lengthy experience portion in which case two pages could be suitable.


The upper left corner of the resume should contain your contact details. You can then add your summary, education, employment background, and talents section in that sequence. If your official employment history is more extensive, you can put your experience section before education. But if you've just graduated, you should usually put your education ahead. Additional specialized details, like your papers or volunteer experience, may be included in some resumes. If appropriate, you may also incorporate a section on your hobbies or your honors and accomplishments. You can put any of these extra parts after the skills section.


To make your resume easily readable, try to use the clearest and most straightforward language feasible. If you can, stay away from jargon and abbreviations as well. While prospective employers might be able to grasp them, it's possible that during the scanning method for your resume, ATS software will be searching for certain keywords and might not be able to read abbreviations or buzzwords.


Black and white resumes are the norm in the United States. But, many individuals, particularly those in more creative fields, decide to add a splash of color or integrate visuals to render their resumes more attractive and distinguish themselves from others. For instance, a graphic designer may add some visual components to their resume.

Things to include in a U.S resume

The following sections should be in your American resume;

Contact details

Your name, contact details, and email address are all acceptable forms of contact details on a U.S. resume. If you'd prefer, you can also give your postal address. Think about putting a business email address and a voicemail-equipped mobile number. Your contact details may be used by recruiters and talent acquisition teams to leave messages for any future inquiries or to seek an interview. If appropriate, you might also place the URL of your own website, digital portfolio, or social network account beneath your email address.

Professional Summary

One or two lines that provide a brief introduction to you and a description of your level of expertise make up the professional summary section. Usually, this section doesn't focus specifically on any one position you've held. Instead of saying that you produced 45 new gowns for the 2019 spring premiere, you may say that you are a pioneer in fashion design. Add your present work title or the title of the position you're looking for in the summary, along with some of the most significant qualifications you have.


Your education category must include the schools you attended, any credentials you have, the date you graduated, and any certificates you have obtained. If appropriate, you could also highlight your research or dissertation in your area of expertise. If you're a college grad with no real work experience, a few companies could ask you to mention your GPA here as well. Write your educational achievements in reverse-chronological order, with the most latest qualification displaying first, if you have advanced degrees or other honors.

Work experience

The name of your employer, your official title, and the dates you held the job must all be listed in your employment background section. The most latest position should be included first, followed by other pertinent responsibilities or job titles within the last 15 years. Include bullet points for every job outlining the main responsibilities you had for that role. You can also list numerical accomplishments that demonstrate how you benefited your firm, like "Developed new advertising content for organization 's website, increasing page views by 25%."


Any appropriate hard and soft abilities you possess must be listed in a bullet list in the U.S. resume's skills portion. Hard skills could involve any software applications in which you have experience. You might list any illustration, typography, or design applications you have used and are skilled in if you are looking for a position as a visual artist. You might list communication, collaboration, creativity, or problem-solving as examples of your soft skills. Keep in mind any skills you provide are appropriate for the position you're applying for. For instance, if you are seeking a job as a veterinary technician, you could list Microsoft Outlook, recordkeeping, and interpersonal skills as your key talents.


Hobbies might enable you to establish a relationship with the prospective employer by revealing something about your personality and personal life. Rather than just stating one hobby, describe any accomplishments connected to it and give some context.

Key Takeaways

If you adhere to the recommended instructions, creating an excellent US resume is simple. You must convince the hiring manager in your writing that you can aid them to accomplish their organizational goals. The purpose is to attract the recruiter's attention just enough for them to ask you for an interview. It's simple to read and has a flow when you use the US resume's specified structure and layout. It's crucial to outline your credentials in the relevant area at the beginning of the page. Your CV will be more intriguing and assist the company to know how you can benefit them by mentioning statistics wherever possible.

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