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Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

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James V. Wilson

Electrical Engineer

Skilled individual with strong attention to detail and the competence to understand and comprehend electrical designs. I'd want to use my experience as an electrical engineer to provide engineering expertise when necessary.


Electrical Engineer
  • Coordination of the development and delivery of production plans at many work sites.
  • Supervision, instruction, and growth of field electrical and instrumentation professionals were presented. Trained properly 30+ staff. 
  • To satisfy quality standards, I evaluated and revised site drawings, redlined them, and generated handmade site designs.
  • Revamped machine configurations for increased efficiency. Operating efficiency improved by 45% over the prior structure.
  • Led the creation of an electrical grid for a new camera, surpassing budget and size constraints by creating a small PCB that resulted in two new copyrights for the firm.
  • Periodically, educate 4+ new workers, verifying compliance to safety protocols and the high-quality performance criteria demanded by management.
  • Detect and fix defective parts by utilizing digital test tools to uncover flaws in short periods of time, obtaining speed-related incentives for eight consecutive quarters.
Electrical Engineer
  • Develop, analyze, and verify audiovisual solutions for consumer devices in collaboration with the chief electrical engineer, optical/audio architects, and developers.
  • Utilized equipment and software skills to guarantee that product electrical parameters comply with regional and global legislation and satisfied the high requirements of the firm.
  • Reviewed constituent samples for compliance to design criteria and gave technical support in hardware efficiency improvement and troubleshooting.
  • Archived every element of the panel bring-up procedure for future access and study.
  • Hired, employed, and coached seven engineering college interns, five of whom were employed as full-time engineers after graduation.
  • Electrical systems that are intended to function in conjunction with natural illumination or in other techniques to reduce the need for electrical energy.
  • Created project plans to procure new apparatus and make significant repairs as appropriate.
  • Technical designs and topographical charts were created to guarantee that projects met rules and client requirements.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Stanford University, CA


Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP)
Engineer In Training Certification (EIT)
AutoCAD Certified Professional
Certificate in Practical Electricity

3603 Meadowbrook Mall Road

Pomona, CA 91766                     

Eclipse IDE
Math skills
NFPA Standards
PCB designing
Circuit designing