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Ronald A. Aguinaldo


An enthusiastic data-driven individual looking for a job with ABC Corp. as a Marketing Associate to function with a dynamic team in implementing specific tasks and initiatives and establishing performance evaluations based on defined standard metrics. Offering three years of marketing expertise and knowledge of MS Excel for monitoring large amounts of data.


Nixon Peabody LLP, NY
  • Facilitates in the creation, writing, and delivery of marketing efforts, advertising recaps, artistic briefs, project proposals, and presentations.
  • Successfully supervises and maintains market strategies, initiatives, and projects that are strategic resources to the company and all customers.
  • Evaluate marketing and competitive information and unify insights to encourage the development of local and national marketing strategies.
  • Manages a repository of more than 1M key contacts, such as customers and applicants, in collaboration with a direct marketing supplier.
  • Collaborates in routine planning sessions and creates new projects and strategies to further the objective of the corporation.
  • Executed performance and cost-cutting initiatives that reconfigured the editorial, manufacturing, and sales methods for three publications, resulting in a 15% increase in profitability in four months.
  • To build the brand impact, I stayed up to date with the current publication advertising campaigns and created new social media initiatives.
Spectrum, NY
  • Helped customers with their business plans, purchases, brand recognition, ad campaigns, remodeling, and promotion, growing total revenue from $10,000 to $35,000 in ten months.
  • Enhanced social media subscribers by 150 percent in three months, giving rise to $57,000 in higher online sales due to a considerable increase in brand recognition.
  • Launched a sequence of marketing strategies via email, print, digital, and social networks. Concept and content creation for direct mail initiatives, and blogs.
  • Social networking and mobile marketing strategies accelerated business revenue by more than 15%.
  • Working with the sales staff to introduce new markets resulted in a 25% increase in profits.
  • Focus groups and website surveys were used to add value to corporate strategic direction.
  • Online and offline tools were used to effectively organize business events.
  • Identified, negotiated, and protected new rapport with various local organizations, leading to the release of six new journals with yearly profit increments ranging from 10% to 20%.


Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Long Island University, NY


Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
Google Ads Marketing Certification

4883 Hardesty Street

Albany, NY 12207                     

A/B Testing
MS Office
Email Marketing
Creative Thinking Skills
Marketing analytics
Google Analytics
Brand management